13 Ways to Kill Time When Your Dog Is at the Vet


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I don’t know about you, but when my dogs have to be overnight at the vet, I obsess like crazy. If you’re anything like me, your dog is your life, and any time he’s away from you, you feel like you’ve been cast out at sea without a life jacket, an anchor, or even a boat!

So, what do you do when your dog is at the vet clinic? If you’re anything like me, you probably obsess, and pace, and maybe even cry. You just want your best buddy home, and you’re waiting for the phone call telling you that you can do that. In the meantime, you wonder, is he sleeping okay? Is he eating? IS HE OKAY?????

You know what?

Calm down.

I’ve been down this road so many times, and I know it’s not easy. But you can get through it.

You need to kick back and find ways to pass the time before your best buddy can come home. Here are some suggestions.

1. Cue Up Netflix

I have a number of different shows that I like to watch on Netflix. My current favorites are “Supernatural,” “Once Upon a Time” and “Walking Dead.” There are other great shows, though, so if you haven’t got a favorite yet, scroll through the offerings and find something to watch. Binge watching a good show can help to keep your mind off the fact that your dog is at the vet.

2. Tuck into Bed and Read

Choose a book. Not one that has a fast-paced plot, but just something that’s interesting enough to lull you to sleep. Have you ever wanted to read a classic (in other words, a boring book) like Les Miserables, or Finnegan’s Wake or Atlas Shrugged? Now’s the time. It will take your mind off your dog, and probably put you to sleep.

3. Play Games on Facebook

There’s nothing for killing time like playing Facebook games. Most of them are highly addictive, and you can kill hours. You might be surprised to find out how soon the time passes when your dog is at the vet, when you’re playing Candy Crush or Bejeweled Blitz.

4. Move Stuff Around

How many times have you thought about re-arranging your furniture, but not bothered? Now you have the time.

5. Bake

My grandma always used to say that when she felt stressed, the best thing to do was bake something. Did you buy a bread maker a million years ago, but never learn how to use it? Do it now! Or you could make cookies, or haul out a cake mix, and just get something in the oven. You might also check out recipes on line. You’ll love the smells, and they’ll take your mind off the fact that your dog is at the vet.

6. Sing!

Haven’t you ever wanted to just blast out your favorite songs and sing along? Well, do it now! You can do this for hours, just playing your tunes and singing. You don’t have to sound good – that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you’re making a happy little noise with yourself!

7. Create Something

Okay, so this might mean that you have to get a bit nuts. But here’s what you do – pull out your paints, or your sculpturing clay, or even your crayons, and make something! You don’t have to make anything outstanding; you just have to have fun, and do something to take your mind of the fact that your dog is at the vet.

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8. Learn Something

You have time, so why don’t you pick up a new skill? There must be something that you’d like to learn how to do. Maybe it’s playing the piano, or sewing, or refinishing antiques. You can learn all these things online, so investigate some sites and find something to do.

9. Have a Drink or Two

Okay, I’m not really recommending this as the best solution. But if you just can’t function without your dog, and you don’t know what else to do, then you might consider grabbing a beer or a glass of wine, or mixing a drink. Not enough that you can’t go pick up your dog, but enough to sort of chill out.

10. Do Crafts

Do you like to knit, or sew, or do other crafts? Pick up your supplies and make something while your dog is at the vet.

11. Call Friends

If you have friends that love you, and love your dogs, this might be the time to call them. There’s nothing wrong with asking for a bit of support.

12. Hang Out with Your Partner

This could be the perfect time to do something with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Light some candles, pour some wine, make a nice meal and have a little bit of romance.

13. Sign Up on a Dating Site

No boyfriend or girlfriend? Why not check out some dating sites? Seriously! You’re alone, and you have nothing else to do. Maybe investigating dating sites won’t do a thing for you. On the other hand, what if doing it results in you finding the love of your life? Give it a shot.

These are just a few ideas for what you can do when your do is at the vet. Do you have other ideas? Leave a comment.