Stories That Prove That Dogs Can Be Really Really Stupid


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If you’ve ever thought that dogs are stupid, you’re not alone. Here are some stories that prove it. Whether you have dogs only, wolf puppies, or a wolf in a bag, your dog probably has the same traits. And you’re not the only person who’s had a funny or hysterical experience with your dog. Hopefully, these stories will make you rethink your own thoughts on pets.

Stories That Prove That Dogs Can Be Really Really

Dogs are not always stupid – some of them are pretty darn smart. One story involves a dog that ate a bag of paintballs and pooped them out. It’s true that you shouldn’t just assume that a dog will see paintballs as grass, as one owner did, but it still happened. Lily’s dog pooped on an athletic shoe display and was ushered out the store quickly. In another story, James’ dog ate a rack of ribs, and the veterinary staff had to clean it up and make the dog vomit before it could eat any more. The dog was not injured, but he had to undergo a procedure requiring a vet visit to dissolve the glue in his mouth.

Some dogs have surprising cognitive abilities – even if they can’t read! One article published in the Learning & Behavior journal compared the brain function of dogs with those of underrepresented animals. The results surprised many people – a dog can be just as intelligent as a human. In addition, some dog breeds are naturally talented at looking like idiots. Read these stories and see if they’ll change your mind!

Dog Owners

You may have heard the saying, “Dog owners can be really stupid,” but do you really believe it? The truth is that you’ve probably been one of those people. While the majority of dog owners are decent citizens, some people are just plain bad at dog ownership. Bad dog owners can damage the reputation of an entire community and hurt everyone they come into contact with. So it’s no surprise that some dog owners are downright terrible!

Responsible dog owners spend a lot of money and time training their dogs and expect young pups to learn how to behave. This is simply not possible. The dog will inevitably learn to obey your commands, but it’s impossible to expect this behavior immediately. Dogs are naturally clean animals, but some owners try to override nature’s process. The result is an incredibly unsanitary environment.

Only Dogs

The myth that only dogs can be really stupid was born when a couple brought their two dogs to Costco. When the dogs entered the store, they ate five pounds of rice and five pounds of vegetable oil. They later vomited the rice and oil everywhere. Then, finally, they rolled in the poo and barf. Of course, the dog didn’t cause any harm, but that didn’t prevent it from looking terrible.

The truth is, dogs aren’t particularly smart. There are plenty of other species that match the ‘unique’ abilities of dogs. In fact, the University of Exeter and the Canterbury Christ Church University examined more than 300 papers on animal brain power to find the best examples. They concluded that dogs had many ‘unique’ traits, but these could be mimicked by other species. The research team concluded that dogs were no smarter than other mammals but that their “inborn capabilities” are largely comparable to other species.

Wolf Puppies

Several studies have demonstrated that dogs have surprising cognitive abilities. For example, one study in the journal Learning & Behavior looked at how dogs’ brains differ from those of other animals that are underrepresented in the animal kingdom. The study concluded that dogs’ brains are more similar to the human brain than many of us realize. This finding is interesting because dogs are not the only animals with surprising cognitive abilities. In fact, some dogs are even more intelligent than us!

One study compared dog and wolf pups to determine if they respond differently to human gestures. Dog pups responded more to human gestures and made more eye contact than their wolf counterparts. While this study was far from conclusive, the research showed that dogs respond to body language and verbal scorn. Hence, dogs are extremely smart despite their seemingly obvious stupidity.

Dog Training

Most dog owners will tell you that dogs are incredibly stubborn. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. While there are some dog training methods that work, there are a lot of cases where your pooch just doesn’t understand them. These cases may be more difficult to handle than you might imagine. These dog training stories may provide you with some food for thought. Read on if you’re looking for motivation to train your dog.

Once upon a time, Dustin’s dogs got into the pantry of a Costco store and ended up eating five pounds of rice and vegetable oil. Not only did they vomit all over the floor, but they also rolled in the poo and barf. Fortunately, there was no lasting damage. But it was an abysmal case for one of these dog training stories.

This story is just one of several that show how a dog’s intelligence can be tested. For example, to test a dog’s problem solving abilities, researchers used a test in which food was placed on one side of a fenced-in enclosure, and the animals were led into the enclosure one at a time. While wolves solved the problem in an astoundingly short amount of time, coyotes took longer to do so. As a result, many dogs stood outside the fence for several hours until they finally got the message and began to behave properly.

Other Animals

Dogs have long been considered extremely squeamish, but did you know that some other animals are even more ridiculous? One story involves a dog who swallowed paintballs, pooped oranges for days, and then tried to open his mouth in the shower. His owner rushed him to the vet, and luckily, the glue didn’t stick. The dog was treated for a few days but didn’t suffer permanent harm.

In an article published in the journal Learning & Behavior, researchers studied the brains of different animals and found that dogs are surprisingly smart. Unfortunately, these animals are also underrepresented in scientific studies, so the study was conducted by comparing dogs’ brains to those of other, less intelligent animals. In addition, the study compared the function of dogs’ brains to those of pigeons, dolphins, and other species that have been domesticated.

Farm Animals

You may think that dogs are completely harmless. However, they can be extremely stupid, especially compared to other animals. In some cases, dogs can even use humans as slaves. Here are a few stories that prove this. We may be able to identify with them when we encounter them. Read on to find out more! Here are some examples of stories where dogs have shown themselves to be incredibly stupid!

One thing is for sure: Dogs are always loyal and obedient, but those attributes have become diluted into “stupid” in our modern age. Although we usually consider dogs to be simple-minded creatures, some dog breeds have an uncanny ability to look like idiots. If you are looking for some examples, try reading this article. It will give you a good laugh!

Certain Dogs

Certain dogs are incredibly dumb. They are lazy and often spend their entire day sleeping. Then when you try to get them to do something, they ignore your commands and continue sleeping instead of doing anything. While a dog that is really dumb may be harmless, they are extremely stupid compared to other animals. Let’s look at some examples of these dogs and their behavior. Listed below are some of the dumbest dog breeds and what makes them really stupid.

Bull Terriers are also stupid. Their Chinese name means “puffy lion dog,” and they can be very possessive towards their owners, but they are generally very friendly to strangers and respond well to socialization training. In addition, the Great Pyrenees are enormous sheepdogs. They’re tall enough to hug a human by the neck. The AKC considers them extremely stupid, as they prefer playing to paying attention or doing boring work.

Dumb Moments

Just as people can have dumb moments, dogs can have dumb moments. Dumb dogs will often be lazy and spend most of their time sleeping. However, if you look at these videos in the context of other species, you will realize that they are actually quite smart. There are numerous ways you can deal with this type of behavior. Read on to discover a few common tips for dealing with dumb dogs. You can make them feel better by understanding their behavior.

Human Beings

Dogs are known to be incredibly intelligent and clever, but many hilarious stories prove that dogs can be really, truly stupid. In fact, some dogs are so smart, they can use humans as tools, including using their scent to attract food. Some dogs are even able to manipulate human beings into solving problems, such as chewing on furniture or ripping up a sofa. Here are some of these stories.

Dogs vary in their behavior, largely dependent on the breed, socialization, and life experiences of the dog. Dogs do a great job of being just plain dumb – barking at the neighbor, herding sheep, and mooching for snacks. Despite their obvious dumbness, dogs do provide companionship and love, so it isn’t surprising to hear about their dumb behavior. The fact that dogs are so often depicted as being stupid is undoubtedly due to how the public perceives dogs.

Making Hamburger Patties

When cooking for your dog, you should start by selecting the correct minced meat. Generally, 80% lean meat to 20% fat is ideal, as it’s less likely to give your dog a high sodium ion content or lead to kidney failure. You can even try to purchase leaner meats for your burger patties. Here are some tips for making the perfect burger patty for your dog:

When making burgers for your dog, always make sure that you cook it well-done. This will kill any harmful bacteria that may be present in it and reduce the risk of dog food poisoning. If you’re concerned about toxic ingredients, don’t add any condiments to the burger. Common hamburger seasonings can have harmful ingredients, such as artificial additives, which can also cause an adverse reaction in your dog.

Always remember to remove any traces of onions and garlic from the burgers before feeding them to your dog. The presence of these ingredients can lead to diarrhea. Also, as with other foods, raw meat can contain bacteria that can be harmful to your dog. Salmonella is one of these bacteria and is not a healthy food for your dog. Fortunately, making hamburger patties with dogs is easy to do. All you need is a good food thermometer and a good way to measure the amount of meat in your dogs’ food.

Eat Roadkill

A popular television show in Oregon has turned roadkill into a delicious delicacy. Roadkill has even inspired a coloring book, a cookbook, and a roadside café. And while many people may question the nutritional value of roadkill, it’s a common source of protein for pets and people alike. In addition, it’s a much more humane way to consume roadkill than store-bought meat.

If you think you’ve caught a raccoon on the road, it may be a good idea to look for a rotten carcass and remove it. There are some telltale signs of fresh roadkill, like fresh blood, eyes, and fur. If the animal had bled internally, it might be a bad idea for your dog to eat it. If your dog does eat roadkill, take note of the signs that indicate rottenness.

Little Dog

You might have heard the classic tale about Big Dog and Little Dog. Both dogs are friends, but Big Dog is a jerk, so Little Dog makes a mistake, sticking his head through a hole in the fence to save his girl. Little Dog panics and eventually loses his willpower but soon learns how to live without Big Dog. Stories like these will make you wonder if we really know what makes our pets so stupid.

There are many ways to make dogs look stupid, and one of the most common is by giving them treats. One dog owner found that her dog ate paintballs, and she could not get them out of her dog’s mouth. So, she took her dog to the vet, who administered the proper medication to dissolve the glue. Luckily, her dog did not suffer any long-term harm. While some dogs are genuinely dumb, some people would consider their dogs to be the most adorable creatures on the planet.

Neighbors Cars

A few stories have proven that dogs can be incredibly stupid, and it’s not always your fault. Some dogs have figured out how to use humans as tools. These tricks are not always effective, but dogs can use humans to get what they want. Thankfully, this does not happen to every dog. Here are some funny examples. The first story involves a dog that ate five pounds of rice and left it all over. The second story is about a dog that ate paintballs and pooped orange.

Stupid Things

In recent years, the concept of dumb dogs has taken on a new meaning. Rather than being an idiotic, useless creature, they have learned to use humans as tools. In other words, dogs use humans as their masters to manipulate them into giving them food or solving a problem. But are dogs really that stupid? In the following paragraphs, we will discuss some of the more stupid and embarrassing things dogs do. These examples should not be dismissed lightly and are definitely worth looking at.

First, dogs are often depicted as dumber than other Talking Animals. Although mice, squirrels, and porcupines are dumber than dogs, they often behave similarly to humans. And in addition to their idiocy, dogs also chase mice, skunks, and porcupines. While cats are more subtle and stealthy, dogs are often depicted as boisterous and noisy.

Border Collies

When you have a Border Collie puppy, you might be wondering if your pet is really that dumb. Well, Border Collies are quite intelligent and emotional dogs. They fight instincts to fit in with their owners and be responsible, but they are also content to sit around the house and watch television. The following are some examples of Border Collies that may surprise you. If you have ever had a Border Collie, you know it can be difficult to train.

One of the most common traits of Border collies is their stubbornness. The breed is notoriously stubborn and will attack other dogs in a herding situation. Border collies are extremely intelligent and highly protective and can be very stubborn and mischievous. They can be extremely stupid, so they’re not a good dog for small children. The best way to train a Border colli is by following these simple guidelines.

Engagement Ring

Isn’t it amazing how clever dogs can be? Well, there are stories of dogs eating paintballs and pooping oranges. One dog owner even tells of his dog eating five pounds of rice. The result was hilarious, but you have to wonder how the dog survived. Is there any permanent damage done? Or is it just fun to watch dogs be silly? Luckily, there is a solution.

One Point

While it is tempting to label a dog as stupid if it doesn’t respond to commands, that’s not necessarily the case. All dogs are intelligent in their own way. Some respond well to human commands, while others don’t. So while following a human’s orders is often considered dumb, that doesn’t make a dog stupid. It just means it’s following its own mind. Besides, a dog’s intelligence is not a prerequisite for loving him or her.

Super Glue

Super glue is a chemical substance that is made of an acrylic based resin. It is also known as cyanoacrylate and is available under many brand names. Invented during World War II to help soldiers with the war effort, superglue eventually found uses beyond being a fast-acting adhesive. Since its invention, many versions of the substance have been on the market. Dog owners, however, should be aware of the dangers and benefits of using superglue.

One of the most common uses for super glue is to seal cuts. While it is not suitable for all types of cuts, it is an excellent choice for cuts caused by paper and kitchen knives. However, it is important to keep in mind that dogs are often very stubborn and may not respond well to super glue. In some cases, you may want to seek medical attention in the event that your glue does not work or if you can feel any discomfort in the area.

Tabletop Games

If you’re looking for a fun game to play with your dog, you’ve probably seen the movie 2 Stupid Dogs, or at least the television series. The show stars a couple of dogs who aren’t particularly bright but are still quite amusing. Of course, the game itself doesn’t prove that dogs are stupid, but it’s a great gag gift. And it’s also a great way to get the dog and owner laughing together.


In a recent article, “Story of the Week,” featured three stories about dog behavior. One was about a dog who ate five pounds of rice and vomited all over the floor. Another one involved a dog who ate paintballs and ended up pooping orange all over the floor. The owner was able to usher the dog out of the store quickly, but not before the dog ended up stuffed.

Although dogs are loyal, they are also generally very dumb. In fact, many of the skills considered ‘unique’ to dogs have been matched by other species. Researchers from the University of Exeter and Canterbury Christ Church University reviewed 300 papers about the brain power of other animals to compare the cognitive abilities of dogs with other domesticated and wild carnivorans. These findings show that dogs aren’t as stupid as some people claim.


Some dogs can be very stupid, even when they seem harmless. These stories prove that dogs aren’t as smart as other animals. One such story involves a dog who ate five pounds of rice and then vomited all over the floor. The owner of the dog tried to open its mouth while in the shower, but to no avail. The vet had to dissolve the glue before the dog could leave the store.

Interestingly, some dogs actually have some surprising cognitive abilities despite being incapable of reading and writing. A paper in the Learning & Behavior journal examined the brain function of dogs and other under-represented animals. The results of this study surprised even the scientists. Considering that dogs can’t read or write, the study was an important one. The researchers concluded that dogs have a more evolved brain than cats, dolphins, and chimpanzees.


Dogs are not perfect. They will have accidents, and this is one of those times. One of the most embarrassing ones was when one of Dustin’s dogs got into the Costco pantry and ate five pounds of rice and five pounds of vegetable oil. The poor dog rolled around in poo and barf for days! This is truly a story that proves dogs can be really stupid. The moral of the story is: don’t let your dog do anything that could hurt you.

Despite the fact that dogs are usually loyal and obedient, they are still very simple-minded. During this day and age, “stupidity” has been reduced to a negative label. Fortunately, not all dogs are so dumb! Some breeds are particularly gifted at looking like idiots. So, read on to discover some interesting facts about your dog’s behavior. You may be surprised.


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