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Every so often, I like hanging out on dog boards, exchanging ideas with people who are as passionate about their dogs as I am about mine. Realistically, a person could probably spend all day, every day, visiting one dog board and another, and never completely catch up. There are boards for just about every breed, and every type of interest, and it would be impossible to even touch the tip of the iceberg in this post. So I’ve picked out a few – if I haven’t mentioned your particular breed or interest, just Google the name of your breed and “dog board,” and I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

I was at a bit of a loss for how to arrange these listings, so sometimes I’ve used the name of the board, and other times I’ve used the topic – whatever seemed to be the most intuitive. All are presented alphabetically. Enjoy!

1. Bernertalk

This site is actually a collection of forums devoted to Bernese Mountain Dogs. You’ll find photos, general information and discussion, and also a forum devoted specifically to the health issues the Bernese Mountain Dogs can be prone to. If you love Bernese Mountain Dogs and want to swap stories or exchange information, this is a great site to visit. www.bernertalk.com

2. Doberman Talk

This is one of the most popular Doberman forums. You can talk about Dobies, share pictures, get health information, learn training techniques, and even find Doberman breeders. There’s also a section on Dobermans that have served in the military and that are now looking for forever homes. www.dobermantalk.com

3. Dog and Trailer Camping Forum

There’s no doubt that camping with dogs is a lot of fun. If you love trailering and camping with your dog, this is a great forum where you can hang out with like-minded people and share stories. www.dogandtrailer.com.

4. Dog Cancer Care

Receiving a diagnosis of canine cancer is a gut-wrenching experience for any dog owner. This dog board is a place for hurting hearts, where you can talk with others about your dog’s condition, get advice and share stories. Anyone can join. The only requirement is that you have to be kind and non-judgmental. www.dogcancercare.com

5. Dog Forums

If this sounds a bit generic, it’s because it is. You can chat in various forums about dog food, grooming, training, and other topics, and you can post pictures as well. All owners and breeders of any type of dog are welcome. www.dogsforums.com

6. Doghow

This is a really friendly dog board where you can ask questions and chat about anything related to dogs. You’ll find tips on grooming, feeding, training and more. www.doghow.com

7. Dog Supplies Forum

This is actually a bit of a commercial site, offering savings on dog products and accessories that you can buy online. They have a pretty good discussion forum as well, where you can talk about just about anything your dog might need in the way of leashes, collars, accessories and so on. www.dog.com

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8. German Shepherd Dog Forums

Here you’ll find information on just about everything related to German Shepherds. If you love the breed (and who doesn’t?) you’ll feel right at home on this dog board. www.germanshepherds.com

9. Golden Retriever Forum

This board represents itself as being the largest community of Golden Retriever aficionados on the entire web, and I’ve found nothing to suggest that this is anything less than the truth. You can view messages without registering, but you will have to register if you want to post. www.goldenretrieverforum.com.

10. Go Pitbull Dog Forums

On this dog board, you can talk with other Pitbull owners, get information about training, find breeders, and share pictures. If Pitties are your passion, this site is well worth a visit. www.gopitbull.com

11. Japanese Dog Forum

This dog board is devoted to people who love Japanese dog breeds. Its purpose is to raise awareness of Japanese dog breeds, and features a number of different sections and categories focusing on the six native breeds – the Akita Inu, Kishu Ken, Iai Ken, Hokkaido Inu, ShibaInu and Shikoku Ken. www.nihonken.org

12. Maltese Forum

You don’t have to own a purebred Maltese to participate in this forum. If you’re not sure of your dog’s background, but believe that he has Maltese in him, you’re welcome here. The moderators point out that you are welcome to argue about matters related to the breed, training, feeding, etc. but personal attacks will not be tolerated. Malteseforum.com

13. Pet Forums

If you have pets other than dogs, you’re more than welcome here – you can also talk about your horse, your cat, your bird, your fish, your rodent, your reptile… well, you get the idea! You can read without registering, but if you want to post, you will need to register. www.petforums.com

14. Pit Bull Forums

Here’s another Pit Bull forum, this one devoted to preserving the Pit Bull as a companion, game dog and competitor in conformation and weight-pulling events. Visitors will be able to view most posts and features, but in order to post, you must register. www.game-dog.com

15. Protection Dog Forum

This dog board is devoted to matters of training for obedience and protection. If you’re a guard dog trainer, this is definitely the forum for you. Anyone is welcome, though. In order to post and participate, you will have to register. www.protectiondogforum.com

16. Spoiled Maltese Forum

Back to the Maltese, here’s another forum for fans of the breed. You can talk about your Maltese, share pictures, discover training secrets and discuss health issues. Your Maltese doesn’t actually have to be spoiled for you to participate, but you’ll probably find that most members of this forum have no qualms about admitting that their dog is, in fact, spoiled. www.spoiledmaltese.com.

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As I pointed out in the beginning, this is just a very small sampling of the dog boards that are available. Check them out, and then you might want to go in search of other forums that best reflect your own interests. I know you’ll have fun doing it!

Do you have a favorite dog forum that I haven’t mentioned here? Leave a comment!