March 2016 - Simply For Dogs
Letting Dogs On Furniture

Should I Let My Dog On the Furniture?(Video) Oh, this is a tough question! Dogs on the furniture. There could be good outcomes here, and there could also be bad outcomes, but before we talk about your dog, let’s talk a bit about your furniture. Is it … Continue reading

Dog In Your Wedding

10 Tips for Including Your Dog in Your Wedding(Video) So, you’ve met the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. And now you’re planning your perfect wedding. You want all your friends and family with you on your special day, and even though your … Continue reading

Dog Won’t Stop Chewing

What to Do When Your Dog Won’t Stop Chewing(Training Tips Video) So, you have had a hard day at work. You come home, ready to kick off your boots and relax with a nice glass of Pinot. You come in the door and… what’s that? Why are your Manolos on … Continue reading

Spaying and Neutering

The 9 Truth’s About Spaying and Neutering(Video) So, you have a new puppy, and you’re wondering about whether to spay or neuter. Should you do it? The short answer is, yes. You should. Unless you have purebred dogs that are going to be bred to other … Continue reading

overweight dogs

Step Away From the Dish, Doggie, You are Way Too Fat!(Video) It seems as though every time you turn on your radio or open up a newspaper, you get bombarded with dire warnings about how obesity is becoming an epidemic among Americans. We eat too much, and we don’t get … Continue reading

Rescue Dog’s Fear Aggression

He’s Not Mean, He’s Scared – Handling Your Rescue Dog’s Fear Aggression(Training Video) There are few things scarier than an aggressive dog. If you have ever been up close and personal with a dog who is showing all his teeth, salivating, and looking as though nothing would please him more than to … Continue reading

Fear-Free Vet Experience for Your Dog

Creating a Fear-Free Vet Experience for Your Dog If you have a dog, there’s no way around it – vet visits are going to be a way of life, from those first shots through to neutering and spaying, then boosters and checkups every year. Some dogs just … Continue reading