April 2016 - Simply For Dogs
Got The Runt Of The Litter

So, You Got the Runt of the Litter (Video)

http://traffic.libsyn.com/simplyfordogs/soYouGotTheRuntOfTheLItter-Completed.mp3 Remember me telling you about my friend Neila, who was trying to introduce a Rottweiler puppy into her already pretty full household? Well, I’m happy to say that things are looking up. Lucy, the adult female, is almost ready … Continue reading

Travelling With Dogs

Flying the (Pet) Friendly Skies – What You Need to Know About Travelling With Your Dog(Video)

http://traffic.libsyn.com/simplyfordogs/flyingThePetFriendlySkies-Completed.mp3 Sooner or later, whether they like it or not, most dog people are going to have to embrace the idea of air travel with, or for, their dog. If you are going on an extended vacation and don’t want … Continue reading

Dog’s Death to Your Child

Explaining a Dog’s Death to Your Child(Video)

http://traffic.libsyn.com/simplyfordogs/explainingADogsDeath-Completed.mp3 A beloved dog’s death is hard on everyone. Adults say things like, “It is so unfair that dogs don’t live long,” and, “I wish I could have given him some of my years.” They also say, “I don’t know … Continue reading

Dog Can’t Stop Coughing

What Does It Mean When Your Dog Can’t Stop Coughing?(Video)

http://traffic.libsyn.com/simplyfordogs/whatDoesitMeanCough-Completed.mp3 Let’s start off this time by taking it as a given that fur-moms obsess over their babies just the same way human moms do. He throws up, and you don’t assume that he’s just eaten something that disagrees with … Continue reading

Dog Bite Statistics

The Truth About Dog Bite Statistics(Video)

http://traffic.libsyn.com/simplyfordogs/truthAboutDogBiteStats-Completed.mp3 Here is the truth about dogs. They sometimes bite. I know, imagine that. Now, here is the truth about dog bite statistics. They are not always accurate. In fact, they are hardly ever accurate. They are not based in … Continue reading