23 Dog Themed Drinks for the Holidays & Beyond


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’Tis the season to be jolly, so we thought we’d help you liven things up with an assortment of dog-themed drinks for the holidays. You don’t have to be a dog lover to appreciate these delectable libations, but wouldn’t it be fun to create a dog-themed party for all your dog-owning friends?

Of course, it doesn’t have to be Christmas, or New Year’s, or whatever else you might celebrate at this time of year. You can enjoy these tasty drinks any time – they’re great for a Fourth of July picnic at the dog park, a Halloween get-together where everyone dresses up in doggie outfits, or even just a relaxing evening with the main dog lover in your life!

We’ll start off with basic dog-themed drinks for the holidays and other occasions, and then give you an assortment of breed-specific offerings. Perhaps there’s a great drink named for your breed of choice!

You may be tempted to over-indulge, and it’s not our job here to lecture you on drinking responsibly. If you do happen to get carried away and drink more than you should, we’ll help you out with that, too. In this post, you’ll also find a selection of hangover remedies!

A word of caution before we proceed – please make sure to keep alcoholic drinks well out of reach of your dog. No amount of alcohol is safe for a dog to consume, and the last thing you want is to have to make an emergency trip to the vet.

The recipes that follow can be tweaked to your liking. If you don’t like vodka, for instance, you can substitute white rum or tequila for recipes calling for vodka. You can also vary the amounts called for if you want a more robust drink, as long as you keep the proportions essentially the same.

Now, make some ice, grab some glasses, measuring devices and cocktail shakers, and get started. Enjoy!

Basic Dog Themed Drinks for the Holidays

1. Big Dog

Can you handle the Big Dog? It’s fairly heavy on the alcohol content, so sip slowly! To make this drink, take an ounce of coffee liqueur and an ounce and a half of vodka. Pour over ice, and then add four ounces of milk and just a splash of Coke, Pepsi or other cola drink. Stir and enjoy it!

2. Devil Dog

Some people claim that tequila makes them feel a bit devilish, and the Devil Dog is sure to deliver! This another alcohol-heavy drink, and it’s very simple to make. Just take 3 ounces (yes, we did say 3 ounces!) of gold tequila, and 5 ounces of grapefruit juice, and pour over ice. You can use sweetened grapefruit juice if you prefer, but we find that this dog-themed drink has a little more bite with the unsweetened variety.

3. Black Dog

We’re not really sure why this is called a Black Dog since it calls for white rum and vermouth – there’s nothing black about it, except for the garnish! It’s sort of a variation on the classic martini, but with the rum substituted for gin (you could use gin, though, if you prefer). So, take 3 ounces of white rum (or other white spirits) and half an ounce of dry vermouth. Put the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with some crushed ice. Shake it all up, and pour into a glass. Toss in a black olive, and enjoy!

4. Dirty Dog

With this recipe, we’re dialing down the alcohol content a bit (but not by much!) Take an ounce and a half of vodka, and an ounce of cognac, and place in a shaker along with crushed ice. Add an ounce of cranberry cocktail and 5 ounces of orange juice. Shake, strain and serve.

5. Blue Dog

This offering is simplicity itself. Just fill a glass with ice, and add 2 ounces of vodka and 5 ounces of grapefruit juice. Cheers!

6. Mad Dog

Light drinkers with a taste for something out of the ordinary will enjoy this beverage, with a low alcohol content – it contains just an ounce of vodka. Add an ounce of cherry juice, and a drop of Tabasco or other hot sauce. Serve over ice.

7. Fuzzy Dog

Getting back to something for more experienced drinkers, this drink offers a burst of flavor in an alcohol-soaked concoction. Combine an ounce and half each of coconut rum, amaretto almond liqueur and peach schnapps. Pour over ice in a large glass.

18 August 2018, Germany, Berlin: A pug sits on a chair at the 9th International Pug Meeting on the premises of the association Youth and Dog and looks at a cup of beer. The highlight of the event is the pug race with electronic timing. Photo: Paul Zinken/dpa (Photo by Paul Zinken/picture alliance via Getty Images)

8. Salty Dog

Take a wedge of lemon and use it to dampen the rim of a wide-mouthed glass. Scatter about a quarter teaspoon of salt on a plate, and rotate the rim of the glass in the salt until the salt is all used up and the rim coating. Add ice, and pour in an ounce and a half of vodka or other white spirits. Top with 6 ounces of grapefruit juice.

9. Red Dog

For this colorful concoction, you’ll need 2 ounces of rye whiskey and half an ounce of orange vodka. Place the spirits in a cocktail shaker with crushed ice. Add an ounce and a half each of orange juice and cranberry cocktail. Strain, and pour into a chilled glass, and then top with 3 ounces of ginger ale.

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Breed Specific Dog Themed Cocktails for the Holidays

10. Salty Chihuahua Cocktail

Salt a large glass in the same way as you would for the Salty Dog, and then fasten your seatbelt because this is an alcohol-laden ride! Put some ice in the glass, and add 2 ounces of tequila and an ounce of orange liqueur. Top with grapefruit juice and if desired, garnish with a grapefruit slice.

11. Golden Retriever

Here’s an easy to make drink that’s not too heavy on the alcohol. Simply fill a glass with ice, add an ounce and a half of vodka and 4 ounces of apple juice. Garnish with an apple slice.

12. Regal Beagle

Place crushed ice in a cocktail shaker, and add half an ounce each of rye whiskey, peach schnapps, and sweet & sour cocktail mix. Shake and pour into a glass.

13. Greyhound

Pour an ounce and a half of gin over ice. Add 6 ounces of grapefruit juice. Wasn’t that fast? Just like a Greyhound!

14. Italian Greyhound

To the basic Greyhound drink, just add half an ounce of Campari bitters. Even faster!\

15. Whippet

Looking for another cocktail that’s really quick to make? Try this one – you’ll whippet up in no time! Um… sorry… just couldn’t resist, LOL! Just take an ounce of vodka, 4 ounces of orange juice and a squirt of raspberry cordial. Pour over ice, in order, and garnish with a slice of orange or raspberry – or both!

16. Pomeranian Cocktail

Presumably, this cocktail takes its name from the pomegranate juice, of which you will need one ounce. Place the juice in a cocktail shaker along with crushed ice, and add 2 ounces of white rum, half an ounce each of triple sec and lemon juice, and half an ounce of grapefruit juice. Shake, strain and serve.

17. Bichon Frise

This cocktail earns its name from the French elderflower liqueur. Get out the cocktail shaker again, and fill it with crushed ice. Squeeze in the juice of a quarter lemon. Add an ounce of vodka, 2 ounces of red grapefruit juice and an ounce of St-Germain elderflower liqueur. Shake, strain, pour and garnish with a grapefruit or lemon slice.

18. Great Dane

For a drink named after a really big dog, this potion isn’t really all that strong. Just take an ounce of Aquavit, half an ounce each of orange bitters and cherry brandy, and a dash of cranberry juice. Shake it up with crushed ice, and pour.

19. Bloodhound

This is a bit of a variation on the martini, but with a bit more vermouth than usual. Take half an ounce each of dry vermouth and sweet vermouth. Add an ounce of gin, and shake it all up with crushed ice. Strain and serve. A strawberry makes a nice garnish!

20. Pink Poodle

Okay, so this is kind of a “girly” drink, but what else would you expect from something called a Pink Poodle? You’ll need an ounce and a half of vanilla vodka, a quick splash of grenadine (just tip the bottle up and tip it down, and you’re done), and some 7-Up or Sprite. Pour the vodka and grenadine over ice, and then fill the glass up with the soft drink.

21. Portuguese Water Dog

Fill a glass with ice. Pour in an ounce of vodka and an ounce of sweet vermouth, and top it off with four ounces of cranberry cocktail. This concoction is a bit sweet, but still has enough “tart” to keep it from being cloying.

22. Colorado Pug

If you do like your dog-themed drinks for the holidays a bit on the sweet side, the Colorado Pug will definitely deliver. Take an ounce each of coffee liqueur and Bailey’s Irish Cream. Pour over ice, and add 4 ounces of club soda. Stir and enjoy it!

23. Yellow Labrador

Have you heard all the jokes about how Labrador Retrievers are pretty simple? It’s not actually true – Labs of all colors are actually highly intelligent dogs. But there couldn’t be anything simpler about this drink – it’s just an ounce and a half of gin and 4 ounces of apple juice poured over ice. You can garnish it with an apple slice if you like.

Have you tried all these dog-themed drinks for the holidays? We hope you haven’t done them all today, or even this week! But if you did over-indulge a bit, keep reading. You probably have a hangover!

Hangover Cures

You wake up in the middle of the night after having too many dog-themed drinks for the holidays. Your tongue is stuck to the roof of your mouth, and all you can think is “Water… I need water!” So you stagger to the bathroom and fill up a glass, and add a couple of Tylenol to treat your pounding headache. You swallow it down and then run another glass of water.

Here’s the thing – don’t stop there. You’re badly dehydrated, and you need to keep on drinking water beyond what you think you require. Once you’re satisfied, take at least ten more swallows. And then ten more.

Water is the best hangover cure ever. In fact, it’s great for preventing hangovers. So when the party is over, drink at least two 8-ounce glasses of water before going to bed. You won’t have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night to pee – your dried-out body is going to use up all that water!

Start with water, and then if you still feel like a monkey slept in your mouth, try other hangover cure drinks. Here are a few that can be highly effective.

1. Bone Broth

Hangovers affect different people in different ways. You might be just fine with a lot of water, ready to get out of bed, have breakfast, and face the day. Or, you might feel nauseated and not ready to consider solid food.

Do you make bone broth for your dog? If you do, think about having some yourself. It will give you a lot of liquid as well as the nutrients from simmered bones, ligaments, and tendons – phosphorus, calcium and magnesium, all nutrients that will help to get you back on your feet.

2. Coffee

Coffee contains caffeine, which works to open up the blood vessels in your brain and help deliver blood flow that counteracts the headaches that can come with a hangover. It’s also believed that coffee can work to repair damage to your liver that’s caused by alcohol consumption.

3. Pedialyte

Yes, it is for babies. But it’s also rich in electrolytes, and when you drink, you lose electrolytes. So baby yourself with a dose of Pedialyte if you’ve had a few too many dog-themed drinks for the holidays.

4. Coconut Water

So, did you just drink, or did you drink and purge? If you vomited after consuming too many dog-themed drinks for the holidays, your electrolyte balance may be in serious jeopardy. Pedialyte can help, but so can coconut water. It’s very high in electrolytes and doesn’t contain much sugar. It’s also easy on the stomach – and your stomach has already been through more than enough!

So, that’s what you should drink if you’ve over-indulged. However, you should try to eat, too. With that in mind, let’s talk about the best foods for a hangover.

Hangover Foods Following Dog Themed Drinks for the Holidays

If you’re a party animal, and you hang out with other party animals, you’ve probably heard more than a few people say “I gotta get to McDonald’s and get some grease to soak up my hangover!”

Umm… NO. The last thing you need is grease. You need good, solid nutrients like potassium, calcium, and even salt. These are all things that have been depleted while you were partying!

Also, the last thing you need is “hair of the dog” – in other words, more alcohol to make you feel better. Will it help?

Well, yes, in the short term. But that’s only because you’re getting drunk again. You’re just staving off further misery and dehydration.

What you need to do is pull up your socks and do something to correct what you’ve done to your body. So, drink a lot of water, and eat some of these foods that will help to restore you to good health.

1. Avocado

Those “greenie” types aren’t entirely wrong when it comes to the benefits of avocado toast. The thing is, avocado is just loaded with potassium, which helps to correct the muscle weakness and dizziness that go hand-in-hand with hangovers.

2. Bananas

Bananas are also rich I potassium, which will have been depleted during your binge. The fruit is also easy to digest, which is a plus when you think about how wonky your stomach is going to be after the party. A peeled banana is also easy to hold when your hands are shaky!

3. Salmon

Salmon is an oily fish that delivers a lot of B and C vitamins that you’ll need after depleting them the night before. If you eat a bagel with smoked salmon “the morning after,” you’ll benefit from these nutrients as well as the salt that’s used in the curing process – your sodium levels aren’t going to be in good shape post-party, and smoked salmon will help.

4. Eggs

A lot of people, post-party, crave eggs, and with good reason. Eggs are loaded with Vitamin D and calcium, both of which work to break down alcohol. If you like, you can fry your eggs, but you’ll just be adding grease that you really don’t need. You’re better off to scramble them in a bit of water or boil them.


We hope you enjoy partying down this holiday season! We also hope that you don’t over-indulge, but if you do, that you know how to take care of yourself afterward. We all tend to go overboard when it comes to the holidays, so if you do, don’t beat yourself up. Just take care of yourself afterward.

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