3 of the Best Dog Training DVDs and Videos


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I gotta tell you, I’m “old school.” I only discovered Netflix a couple of years ago, since I was resisting streaming, telling myself that I’d much rather have DVDs. Not BluRay; DVDs were just fine, thank you very much! And besides, I still had a lot of VHS tapes that I hadn’t gotten around to watching, so I’d go through them before I got into online media.

Before you ask, yes, I do still have a VHS player. It’s still blinking “12:00” since I’ve never figured out how to program it.

A friend asked me why I was so resistant to streaming, and I pointed out that I like being able to pause what I’m watching and pick it up later – weeks later, if I choose. “But Ash,” my friend said, “You can pause what you’re streaming!” Then I grumbled something about wanting to own the shows I watch.

Finally, I agreed to give Netflix a try, and I have to say, I’m hooked. I spent part of the weekend watching a show called Precious Puppies, and I can tell you, it’s total cuteness overload!

Sorry, I think I’m digressing! To get back to the point, I’m always looking for more information about dogs, and I was surprised to discover that you can buy “virtual” dog training DVDs. They contain everything that was in the original discs, and you can download them to your computer.

Why Would You Want to Download Dog Training DVDs?

The answer to this question is simple: it’s because it’s such an easy way to learn, and as long as you make backup copies of your downloads, you’ll always own them. You can go back to them as many times as you like, but you’ll have nothing cluttering up your shelves and you won’t have to worry about discs getting damaged.

I’m not suggesting that dog training DVDs are a substitute for obedience classes, but they can work as a great supplement. You’ll be able to see real trainers working with real dogs, and you can watch their techniques over and over. The following are five of what I think are the best dog training DVDs and videos. Some you can still get “hard copies” of, but others you’ll have to search out online as downloads.


This is one of the more expensive dog training DVDS ($99.95 for the Premium package), but it’s well worth the money. It covers not just training but other issues related to dog ownership. It’s easy to buy and download, so there’s no waiting;  you can get started right away. I don’t think I’d be exaggerating if I said that this is probably one of the very best dog training DVDs you can get, at any price.

The Premium package contains six dog training DVDs. They are:

1. Alpha Dog Training (59 minutes) by trainer Brian Heward

This video goes into detail about the concept of the alpha dog, and why it’s so important in the relationship you will develop with your dog. It deals with day-to-day situations, and also explains how a dog’s “pack instincts” influence his behavior. You’ll learn why some dogs want to be the alpha, and why you have to be. You’ll also learn how to communicate effectively with your dog, how to regulate his environment, and why positive reinforcement is much better than conflict.

2. How to Stop Your Dog’s Barking (35 Minutes)

This video helps you understand why your dog barks, and how to identify what your dog is trying to say with different types of barking. You’ll build on alpha dog training, and discover techniques that you can use to stop troublesome barking. You’ll even discover ways of keeping your dog from barking when you’re not around!

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3. Stop Your Dog’s Barking Problems (29 Minutes)

Barking being such a common problem, it shouldn’t be surprising that there’s another disc in this series of dog training DVDs devoted to the issue. This DVD is mainly about aggressive barking, and how to handle an aggressive dog when he’s on lead.

4. How to Stop Your Dog’s Biting and Chewing Problems (55 minutes) by Susan Morton

This online DVD covers problems like nipping, mouthing, snapping, and aggressive biting, and explains why consistency is vital when training. It also deals with socialization, the best chew toys, how to react if your dog or puppy growls at you, and whether neutering works to combat aggression.

5. How to Stop Your Dog’s Aggression (42 minutes), by Brian Heward and Susan Morton

This video deals with different kinds of canine aggression, and what causes them. You’ll want to spend a bit of time with this video, because it’s not a quick fix. You will learn, though, how to deal with attention seeking, fear aggression, and territorial aggression. You’ll also find out how to handle aggression in multi-dog households, and how to handle aggression at the dog park.

Of course, aggression toward visitors can be a huge problem, as is aggression toward children. You’ll learn what causes this type of aggression, how to deal with it, and more about how you can become the alpha.

6. Secrets to Dog Training

This is actually a bonus DVD that you receive when you order the Premium package. It covers topics like crate training, other methods of house training, leash training, and more.

With the purchase of the Premium package, you’ll also receive:

  • SitStayFetch by Daniel Stevens. It’s a 186-page ebook that covers tons of topics about dog ownership.
  • A Quick Guide to Dog Aggression. This is a 28-page ebook on the topic of preventing aggression, and correcting it if it does occur.
  • The Dog Grooming Book. This is a 16-page ebook on basic grooming techniques and the equipment you’ll need.
  • The Security Dog Training Book. This 14-page ebook is a guide to choosing the right dog for protection.
  • All the Latest House Training Methods and Tricks. This 12-page guide takes you through the process of house training your puppy. You’ll learn about paper training and outdoor training, and how to correct some of the more common house training issues.
  • The Ultimate House Training Guide. If you need more help with house training, this 126-page ebook by Martin Oliver is comprehensive.
  • Secrets to Becoming The Alpha Dog. This 12-page guide talks about working with your dog’s instincts to establish and maintain your position as alpha.
  • 180 Gourmet Recipes for Your Dog. If you’re concerned with what might be in commercial treats and food that you buy for your dog, you can learn how to make healthy homemade treats with John Stanley’s ebook, containing more than 200 pages of great recipes.
  • Top 20 Consultations. Daniel Stevens gets a lot of questions from dog owners. Here are his suggestions for dealing with common problems like digging, barking, whining, counter surfing, and more.
  • SitStayFetch Pro. This is a software download that helps you keep track of everything that’s important in your dog’s life: when he was born, when he’s due for booster shots or worming, and much more. It’s very useful if you have a multi-dog household.
  • A Free Consultation with Daniel Stevens Via email. If you have a specific question that you can’t seem to get an answer to, you can ask Daniel. This is a great bonus, because consultations with Daniel don’t come cheap. Usually, he charges $120 for a consultation. With this bonus alone, the cost of the Premium Package is more than worth it.

For the sheer volume of advice and information you get with the Secrets to Dog Training Premium Package, I really don’t think you can do any better if you’re looking for comprehensive dog training DVDs. I’ve listed this offering first, because in my opinion, it’s the best general training package. Keep reading, though, to learn more about dog training DVDs that focus on specific issues.


Dove Cresswell is a professional Hollywood dog trainer who offers a series of seven dog training DVDs online at a price of just $39. They’re specifically geared toward puppies, although, if you like, you can upgrade to the complete package of over 50 dog and puppy training videos for $49.95.

The package includes dog training DVDs that you can view repeatedly. They are:

1. Puppy House Training

In this video, Dove tells you how to set up a house training schedule, how to deal with accidents, and how to use positive reinforcement. She also devotes a special section to dealing with toy breeds.

Puppy House Training

2. Crate Training

In this video, Dove takes the use of the crate beyond house training, and goes into specifics about how you can use the crate to make your puppy feel safe, while at the same time protecting your belongings.

3. Basic Obedience

In this video, you will learn how to teach your dog basic commands like “Sit,” “Stay”, and “Down.” You’ll find out how long a training session should last, and why body language is important when training.

4. Walking on a Loose Leash

Dove refers to this as the “informal heel.” You’ll learn simple, effective ways of training your puppy to walk beside you.

5. Recall

You want to make sure that your puppy will come to you every time you call. This is for his safety. In this video, Dove shows you how to make it happen, and tells you what tools you’ll need.

6. Good Puppy and Dog Manners

This is one of the dog training DVDs that every puppy owner should watch. Some owners of adult dogs could benefit from it, as well! In this video, Dove offers tips and techniques for dealing with behaviors like barking, chewing, and jumping.

7. Special Dog Tricks

It doesn’t always have to be work. Sometimes, you just want to have some fun with your dog! In this video, you’ll learn how to teach your dog to speak, roll over, shake a paw, wave, and more.

With the dog training DVDs, you’ll also get eight bonuses.

  • Free email consultation. This is a one-off, so use it for questions that you can’t get answered any other way. With this bonus, you can email Dove, providing her with your receipt number, and she’ll answer your question in detail.
  • Teaching Your Dog to Fetch. This is an audio lesson that will help you to learn how to get your dog to retrieve a ball or toy, and bring it back to you.
  • Train Your Dog to Play Soccer. Yes, really! This is another audio lesson that teaches you how to play a really fun game with your dog.
  • Teach Your Dog to Play Hide ‘n Seek. Here’s another cool game to play with your dog. In this audio lesson, Dove teaches you how to do it.
  • Information on Dog Sports. If you’re curious about fly ball, agility or, rally obedience, this audio lesson will tell you what you need to know.
  • Choosing the Right Toys for Your Dog. Dove knows which toys are the most amusing for your dog, and which are the safest. In this audio lesson, she shares her knowledge with you.
  • Earning Your Dog’s Respect. Of course your dog loves you, but does he respect you? In this lesson, Dove explains the importance of being your dog’s leader, and offers some exercises that will help.
  • Choosing the Right Dog Food and Treats. In this lesson, you’ll learn which foods and treats are best for your dog, and which ones you should avoid.

This is a great online course for puppy owners. It’s very straightforward, and easy to follow. You’ll learn about basic training and puppy personality.


As you can tell from the title, Karen Pryor’s Clicker Dog Training DVDs focus on clicker training. Now granted, Karen wants to sell you clickers, but that doesn’t mean that this trainer’s online dog training DVDs are without value. In fact, they’re a great value at just $4.99.

Clicker training is a method of positive reinforcement that can go a long way toward shaping your dog’s behavior in the first place, and correcting problem behaviors if they should occur.

With Karen’s online dog training DVDs, you’ll learn many of the things that you’ll learn in the more expensive courses I’ve just talked about. You’ll learn how to potty train your puppy, work on loose leash walking, effect reliable recall behavior, and also discover some fun tricks that you can teach your puppy.

You won’t get the volume of information that you will in the more expensive dog training DVDs, but this is a great introductory course. If you’re just looking for the basics, spend the $4.99. You can always purchase more expensive dog training DVDs later on if you want to increase your level of knowledge.

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The Final Word

With dog training DVDs that you can buy online and then download, you can assemble a huge library of techniques, tips, and tricks that are available to you with the click of a mouse. You can go back to them over and over, look at videos, see what the pros are doing, and apply what you’ve learned to your own dog training program.

I’d still recommend enrolling your dog in obedience classes, if for no other reason than that it’s a perfect way of socializing your dog to be around other dogs and their humans. You’ll want to practice what you learn at home, though, and dog training DVDs are a great way to build on what you’ve learned.