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29 Most Annoying Dog Breeds


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Sometimes, at the dog park, the topics of conversation can get pretty interesting. Sometimes, too, they can almost lead to warfare.

I’m thinking of a recent visit when the talk turned to what some of us consider to be the most annoying dog breeds. Al (Dad of Otis, the Saint Bernard) chimed in with, “Gotta be the Beagle!” only to swiftly clamp his hand over his mouth once he remembered that our friend, Debbie, was standing there with her two dogs, one of which is a Beagle.

It took a few more visits to the park before Debbie saw fit to forgive Al for his faux pas. At least she didn’t slug him, which looked like a distinct possibility for a minute.

Anyway, for my part, I spared a sideways glance at Joanne and her purse dog, Pierre. I told you about them in 23 Crazy or Just Plain Stupid Things Some People Think About Dogs. It was just a passing glance, though, since I have come to tolerate Pierre, and even kind of like Joanne.

Following Al’s outburst, we continued the conversation. We did, though, keep a close eye out to make sure we didn’t say anything unfavorable about a breed of dog that might be close by.

Are There Really Annoying Dog Breeds?

My take on it is that no breed of dog is inherently annoying. However, I would suggest that from my personal observations, some people are pretty neurotic, and that it often appears as though neurotic people gravitate toward certain breeds – breeds that are high-strung to begin with – and then the human’s neurosis aggravates the dog’s sensitive nature.

Annoying Dog Breeds

Back to the question, though. Are there really dog breeds that could generally be considered annoying?

Not surprisingly, there’s no real research available on the topic. You can look at studies that will tell you which dogs are most likely to bark, which ones are hardest to house train, and which are most likely to bite, to name just a few issues. But “most annoying” dog breeds are not identified by actual research. So, in an effort to try to identify the most annoying dog breeds, I’ve decided to take a look at public opinion on the matter.

I read several posts at, which is a site devoted to unfiltered discussion on many topics, and I found a wide range of opinions on the matter of annoying dogs. I’ll quote some posts verbatim. Others, I’ll just describe or edit a bit (largely in order to clean up grammar, spelling, and offensive language). I’ll offer my own take on things from time to time, too.

So, here we go. I present to you the 29 most annoying dog breeds. Some will appear more than once, so the number actually represents the number of posts, not the specific breeds. Also, counting up the actual numbers would take a while, and I’m lazy. I think you’ll be able to tell easily enough though, from the frequency with which a particular breed is mentioned, which dogs people consider to be among the most annoying breeds.

1. Any Dog

AG points out that any breed or any mix can be annoying, because people don’t bother to properly train their dogs or consult a professional if they’re having issues.

I don’t think I can find too much to argue with there.

2. Mini Dachshund

According to ceile, the Mini Dachshund definitely tops the list of most annoying dog breeds. She dog-sits for friends but doesn’t enjoy doing it, saying that the dog “drives me crazy.”

3. Any Lap Dog

smirkymonkey doesn’t like toy dogs at all, finding them yappy. This is someone who identifies, as I do, as a “big dog person.”

My readers know that I have a marked preference for large dogs. That said, I wouldn’t classify all small dogs as particularly obnoxious.

4. Chihuahua

hobbit 709 pretty much agrees with smirkymonkey, and singles out the Chihuahua as being particularly annoying. LibDemAlways begs to differ, though, saying that small, yappy dogs are not especially objectionable, unless they also bite.

5. Beagle

bif agrees with my friend Al when it comes to beagles topping the list of most annoying dog breeds. He says that his neighbor has a Beagle that never shuts up.

6. Sheltie

bif again. Apparently when bif was growing up, the neighbor had a Sheltie that never stopped yapping.

It kind of sounds as though maybe bif’s problem isn’t really with any particular breed, though. It’s just the constant vocalizing that’s a problem.

Another poster, TZ, added their voice to the argument that Shelties are among the most annoying dog breeds, telling the tale of their mother’s Sheltie and her parrot. Apparently, the parrot used to imitate the sound of the smoke alarm, and then the Sheltie would chime in and bark at the parrot.

So, was the problem really the Sheltie, or was it the parrot? Either way, I’d think that kind of racket would have to be beyond annoying!

7. Jack Russell Terrier

lost-in-nj doesn’t think much of Jack Russells, finding the hyperactive nature of the dog irritating.

8. Any Dog

Mr Coffee might want to think about switching to decaf. He’s targeting “any dog,” saying, “Anything in the whole dog family is annoying.”

Must be a cat person.

9. Jack Russell Terrier

Demoiselle claims that she finds it very hard to warm up to Jack Russell Terriers. She’s definitely a cat person, and says that she knows a Jack Russell who’s the scourge of every cat in her neighborhood. Demoiselle loves dogs, too but would rather that they left cats in peace.

10. German Shepherd

Yeahyeah dislikes German Shepherds – not, apparently, out of any real issues with the breed, though. Yeahyeah’s grandfather was a veteran of World War II, and didn’t much like Shepherds because they reminded him of fighting “the Krauts.” Apparently, that dislike filtered down through the generations.

11. Golden Retriever

Arugula Latte doesn’t much care for Golden Retrievers, considering them to be the dogs most likely to want to sniff your crotch or pant in your face. Arugula admits, though, to being a cat person who doesn’t really tolerate dog behavior in general all that well.

12. Any Dog

Here we go again with the “Any dog is among the most annoying dog breeds” thing. I’m including this, though, because I just find it interesting. Brickbat claims that “pretty much any dog” is annoying.

Brickbat has two dogs. Go figger!

13. Mutt

Common Sense Party is not fond of mutts. Again, though, this likely has less to do with the actual type of dog than it does with the neighbor’s dog, who barks incessantly.

nickinSTL also has a problem with the neighbor’s mutt, who leaves its yard to bark at nickin in nickin’s own yard!

14. Pug

HopeHoops detests Pugs, calling them “snotty little hump-your-leg” dogs.

Blue Iris disagrees, claiming never to have seen a Pug hump anyone. Perhaps BlueIris hasn’t met a lot of Pugs, since, as I’ve pointed out in Happy Harold the Humpy Husky, virtually any dog can be prone to that type of behavior.

15. Papillon

The most irritating dog The Velveteen Ocelot has ever met was a Papillon that was “hyper and jumpy and yippy and leg-humpy, and none too bright, either.”

16. Sheltie

These little guys really do seem to invite a lot of dislike. kimi claims to love all dogs, with the one exception of the neighbor’s Sheltie, who barks constantly. The neighbor keeps promising to take the dog to obedience school but never follows through.

From what I’ve been seeing so far, Shelties do seem to be pretty yappy, but obviously, the real problem here is the neighbor that can’t be bothered to do any training.

17. Blue Heeler

carlyhippy acknowledges that there must be Blue Heelers who are pleasant dogs but claims to have never met one that wasn’t mean.

yankeepants, on the other hand, rescued a Blue Heeler and says that it took some training, and some work at socializing. The main problem now, apparently, is that the dog is so people-friendly that when she meets new friends, she gets so excited that she pees.

I think carlyhippy and yankeepants need to meet one another, so that we can take the Blue Heeler off this list of most annoying dog breeds!

18. Chihuahua

Chellie doesn’t like Chihuahuas, calling them “yappy, vicious little ankle biters” that “all seem like they’re born with a chip on their shoulder.” Chellie also compares the Chihuahua’s appearance to “what would happen if Yoda mated with a rat.”

Come on, Chellie, tell us how you really feel!

19. Pug

azmouse’s grandparents had Pugs, and loved them. azmouse, on the other hand, couldn’t stand them, finding their tendency to snort annoying.

20. Labrador Retriever

It’s hard to imagine anyone disliking these exuberant, loving dogs, but WildEyedLiberal is not a fan of the breed, considering them to be over-active and prone to jumping. This contributor admits that some Labs must be pretty brainy, since they’re often used as service dogs but claims that none of the half-dozen or so Labs they’ve encountered have been overly bright.

21. Pit Bull

smalll claims that getting “killed/horribly maimed out of the blue” can be pretty annoying. smalll further suggests that the only purpose of the breed is to “fight, kill and/or maim.”

If you want to know what Pit Bulls are really like, see The Real Truth About Pit Bulls. As to smalll, I think all I really have to say is this: I call bulls***. Oh, I also think that what baldguy had to say in response was accurate and to the point: “You win the prize for most ignorant post of the day.”

smalll really earned a lot of invective over the Pit Bull post, and from where I’m sitting, it was well-deserved.

22. Any Dog

There’s “Any Dog” again, making the list of most annoying dog breeds. liberal trucker says the most annoying breed is any dog that starts with the letter “d” and ends with the letter “g.”

23. Jack Russell Terrier

Yet another vote for the Jack Russell comes from Lurks Often. This poster points to the hunting nature of the breed, and suggests that although you can suppress the Jack Russell’s prey drive, you’ll never really get rid of it.

LurksOften suggests that Jack Russells are not good for novice owners or people who can’t make sure that the dog gets a lot of exercise. I agree.

24. Yorkiepoo

Tommy Carcetti finds this cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle highly annoying, and Tommy should know, since he owns one.

25. Corgi

dropkickpa refers to his brothers Corgi as a “dumbf***,” and says that it is the most annoying dog in the world.

femmocrat disagrees with dropkickpa, and suggests that drop’s brother probably didn’t devote any time to training the dog. femmocrat has three Corgis, one of which is a therapy dog.

ding ding ding ding ding points out that Corgis are herding dogs, and claims also to have an idiot brother. Without training, ding says, the breed will take on practically every trait that’s undesirable in the breed.

26. Schnauzer

KamaAina dislikes Schnauzers, and Blue-Jay agrees, calling them “vicious, horrible beasts!”

27. Jack Russell Terrier

applegrove has dog-sat Jack Russells, and always thought they were pretty cute until they started digging up the park looking for ground hogs.

Well, it’s that Jack Russell prey drive again.

28. Chihuahua

Wolverine DG hates Chihuahuas, suggesting that they are nothing more than “barking rats.”

29. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Posteritatis hasn’t got much good to say about this breed. The poster admits to disliking “yap dogs” in general but also takes breeders to task for breeding brachycephalic dogs that are prone to skull deformities.

This is a sad truth; there are a number of defects that can affect Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. While I wouldn’t necessarily agree with Posteritatis that “their existence is intrinsically cruel,” I am troubled by what I consider to be “breeding for defects.” The issue here, as it so often is, is less about “bad dogs” than it is about bad breeding practices.

The Final Word

Are you seeing a bit of a trend here? I’m not representing any of this as being founded in any kind of science, but it does seem that if you take a group of people and throw out a topic, certain commonalities will begin to emerge. Jack Russells, Beagles. Chihuahuas, and Shelties seem to dominate here when it comes to what people view as being the most annoying dog breeds.

If you look back through the list, though, you’ll also see “Any Dog” well-represented, usually in the context of “any dog” that hasn’t been properly trained. So, are there really dog breeds that are inherently annoying? I don’t think so, but then I’m known in my neighborhood as “that crazy dog person.”

What do you think? Is there a particular breed of dog that gets under your skin? Leave a comment!

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