Are Blue Nose Pitbulls Good Guard Dogs?


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Although many think that the pit bull is mean, they are actually one of the most loyal, loving dog breeds you can find. They make great pets and will be faithful to you and your family, often becoming protective of you. This makes them wonderful guard dogs, although some may be too friendly and simply want to play with intruders!

The rest of this article will go into what makes them excellent guard dogs and why.

History of The Blue Nose Pitbull

These beautiful dogs came into existence during the 19th century when the bulldog and the terrier were cross-bred.

The blue nose pitbull and the red nose pitbull are both bully breeds bred in Europe. This cross-breeding resulted from breeders trying to promote athleticism in dogs and keeping a muscular stature.

This was done so that the dogs could be used for bull-baiting and bear-baiting, and later, would be used for more blood sports.

In the 1800s, these baiting games were outlawed, and they were put to work on farms. Over time, animal cruelty laws were put in place to ensure that today’s pit bulls do not suffer as they have in the past.

The blue nose pitbull is the same as a regular pit bull, except that they have a slight blue pigment on their nose and their signature blue coat.

Although they have an aggressive reputation, many pit bulls and other bully breeds have a long history of adapting into loving households and being excellent with children.

Unfortunately, because of their reputation as fighting dogs, a large majority of animal shelters are full of these beautiful, kind dogs.

What Type of Pitbull Is The Blue Nose Pitbull?

The blue nose pitbull is part of the American pit bull terriers breeds. The other two kinds of pitbull are the Staffordshire bull terrier and the American Staffordshire terrier.

Pit bulls are not one type of breed, but many. The kind of pit bull will entirely depend on the dog’s genes.

Why Do Blue-nose Pitbulls Have Blue Noses?

Bluenose pit bulls have blue noses due to genetic issues that cause a black color dilation in the skin. This is what causes the blue coloration.

Unfortunately, these genes also allow for the blue nose pitbull to have a variety of health issues that come with it, including hair loss and a poor immune system.

How Large Can A Blue Nose Pitbull Get?

An adult blue nose pitbull can grow to around 21 inches tall. Females can be approximately 19 to 20 inches! Healthy blue nose pit bulls can weigh from about 30-100 pounds.

Although they can be relatively short, these dogs are so heavy due to all that muscle they have on their body. So they are not a small dogs by any means!

Are These PitBulls Dangerous?

The blue nose pitbull is not dangerous, despite what their reputation may say. They actually tend to be very loving, loyal dogs.

These dogs are very energetic and seldom intentionally hurt anyone, and unless they are bred to be mean, they are not aggressive.

That being said, these are huge, muscular dogs who were originally bred for blood sports. If they are not adequately socialized or mistreated or abused, they can become dangerous.

It is important to note that, like many dogs, this will only happen if the dog is abused or shown poor treatment.

Bluenose Pitbull Lifespan

A healthy blue nose pitbull can live from eight to fifteen years of age! A Staffordshire bull terrier can live from twelve to sixteen years of age.

Height of A Blue Nose Pitbull

Healthy American pit bull terriers will range in height from around 1.5 feet to 2 feet tall. They can get taller if they are mixed with a larger breed, such as the American bulldog or boxer.

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Traits of A Blue Nose Pitbull

Bluenose pit bulls are wonderful pets that will love you for their entire lives. Here is a list of some of their best traits!


Bluenose pit bulls are very athletic, thanks to their muscular build. They love to run, explore and play, making them excellent pets for those who want active dogs that will play with them.

These dogs have so much energy that it is so important to give them proper exercise, as they will become restless otherwise.

These dogs are also known for their fantastic jumping skills, jumping multiple feet in the air with ease.

Though this is impressive, you should make sure to teach your pet not to jump on furniture and people so that they do not injure them. These dogs can be giant and sometimes do not know their own strength!


The American pit bull terrier is so affectionate from the time they are puppies throughout adulthood. They are considered by many, despite their reputation, to be one of the most loving dogs in the world!

These dogs absolutely love to cuddle with their owners and are absolutely fantastic with kids. However, as with any dog, it is so important to keep an eye on them when they are around young kids, as they could get too affectionate, or children could hurt the dog, ending in the injury of both.

The pit bull has actually been known as nanny dogs, as they would always keep an eye on children while their parents were busy!

Healthy Dogs

The blue nose pitbull is a very healthy dog. Although there are some medical conditions that you must be careful of, they are generally very healthy, which may also result from how much exercise they get!

Grooming Blue Nose Pit Bulls

Bluenose pit bulls are so easy to groom! Unlike other dog breeds that require extensive grooming daily, these dogs do not need baths often and do not require brushing often since they have a short coat.


These dogs are brilliant! They are fast thinkers and can pick up training and commands ver easily. They are very determined dogs; they often set their minds to something and finish it.

Unfortunately, this also comes with a negative, as some will start to get anxiety from their intense emotions. To help them, they can be given CBD oil.


The blue nose pitbull is one of the most loyal dogs you can find. They are so devoted that they will protect you and your family and make such good guard dogs.

That being said, blue nose pitbull owners should always make sure that their pets are adequately socialized, as if they are not, they can become too aggressive with others, putting others in danger.

Do They Make Good Guard Dogs?

The blue nose pitbull has an aggressive reputation, but even the most loyal pit bulls may want to play with a threat before defending the home!

This is because, despite their reputation, they are friendly, loving, affectionate dogs when raised correctly. They are lovely with children and are incredibly active and energetic.

They are great family pets.

Types of Pitbulls

There are so many types of pit bulls, but the only true pit bull is the American pit bull terrier. The terminology used in grouping the breeds together is actually a detriment to the breed since it adds confusion to those who do not understand them.

It also has been known to inflate the number of dog bite-related fatality numbers used by those belonging to the anti-pitbull lobby. This is because any dog that falls under any of the ‘pit bull’ breeds will be grouped together, despite the only actual pit bull being the American pit bull terrier.

This is used to enact breed-specific legislation in different towns and cities.

Other pit bull types include Staffordshire bull terriers or Staffordshire terrier, red nose pit bulls, blue pit bulls, brown nose pit bulls, and more. Although these are all different types, they are not a separate breed.

For example, the blue nose pitbull is not recognized by the American Kennel Club as a separate breed.

Adopting A Pitbull

When looking to adopt blue nose pitties, it is so essential to go through a reputable breeder. This way, you make sure that you adopt a healthy dog treated right and is not cross-bred.

Responsible breeders will let you know if the dog has had any health issues in their bloodline.

Do They Make Good Family Pets?

The blue-nose pit bull makes terrific family pets! They are gentle and loving dogs and love to be around their humans. They are incredibly wonderful with children and are very loyal.

Pitbull owners will find that their blue nose pitbull wants to curl up with them at all times. Although they can be very protective, they will probably not be the most vicious guard dog.

Socializing Blue Nose Pitbulls

As stated above, it is important to socialize with your blue nose pitbull. Bluenose pitbull breeders will more than likely start the socialization process, and if they are good breeders, they will make sure that you continue it.

Here are some ways to start the socialization process.

Start Slow!

Make sure to start to slowly socialize your blue-nose pitbull puppy.

Pushing your blue nose pitbull puppies to socialize more than they want may result in scaring them, which could have the opposite effect of what you want- it could make them more aggressive towards others.

Going on Walks

One of the best ways to make sure that your pit bull is socialized is to go on walks with them. This will ensure that they are getting the exercise they need while meeting other dogs and people.

During a walk, pitbull owners can show them how to act around other people and other animals, as well. They can also reward their dogs for good behavior.

After some time, they will learn how to act around other dogs and humans.

Some things can lead to stress for your dog. If you find this happening, take them away from the situation, and make sure they are comfortable. If you don’t, they could end up being aggressive in order to try to protect you and themselves.

Rewarding for Good Behavior

Reward your pitbull puppies for good behavior. This could be by petting them or giving them a treat! They will learn that good behavior is essential, and since they are such loyal, intelligent dogs, they will work hard to try to please you.

Reputation vs. Fact

Although the blue nose pitbull has a violent history, it does not mean that they are violent dogs. In fact, although their loyalty can make them good guard dogs, they may want to play with the threat more than scare them.

The ugly history of bullying breeds worldwide includes other dogs such as boxers, bulldogs, and even mastiffs. All of these breeds originate from the old English bulldog, which was also used for blood sports and bull baiting.

Despite this, violence is not something that any of these dogs have in their nature. Pit bulls can pick up aggressive traits much like any dog can!

The violent history was due to humans using and abusing these beautiful, wonderful dogs for their strong, powerful bodies. Unfortunately, their intelligence was their downfall, as they were easily trained and manipulated by owners.

When raised in a loving family, this dog will not likely become aggressive at all, and will actually be so incredibly loving all the time, that you may get annoyed by their constant need to cuddle! That being said, they are very large and very strong dogs, and they could pose a threat if they are not careful with their affection!

Final Thoughts-Are Bluenose Pitbulls Good Guard Dogs?

Although the blue nose pitbull can be fiercely loyal and can, in theory, be a great guard dog, they are also incredibly goofy, loving dogs that are more likely to want to cuddle intruders than fight them.