Blue Nose Pitbull Puppies (Video)


Anyone who reads my posts regularly knows that I have a preference for large dogs. I love my Boxers, Janice and Leroy, to distraction, and I absolutely hate the way that some people tar large breeds with the “viciousness” tag.

In fact, in Should You Get a License for Your Dog, I suggested that, sometimes, people are out to get your dog for no good reason. I don’t get too much discrimination with my Boxers, but I do get it from time to time. My friend Neila feels that she’s always having to protect her Rottweilers from people who want to see them banned or killed.

And then there’s the Pitbull.

Oh, those poor dogs!

They’re very popular, and yet so misunderstood. Often, what’s believed to be a Pitbull isn’t actually that kind of animal. Dogs that are heavy-chested and flat-headed are often believed to be Pitbulls when in reality, they could be Boxer mixes, or just about anything else that is short and stocky. Many so-called “Pitbulls” aren’t even Pitbulls at all!

So, what about the Blue Nose Pitbull?

It’s Not a Breed!

When is a breed not a breed? When it’s targeted. When it’s determined to be undesirable. When it’s determined to be vicious despite all evidence to the contrary. This is true of Pitbulls in general, and the Blue Nose in particular.

The term “Blue Nose Pitbull” has come to mean any dog that has pitty-like characteristics, and has gray or silver fur instead of the usual brown or black, and has a slight grayish tinge to the nose. It’s nothing strange or exotic. It’s just a recessive trait that gives a bit of a different color to the coat and the nose.

That said, Blue Nose Pitbulls are not as commonplace as other varieties of Pitbulls. It doesn’t mean that it’s rare, though; you could probably compare it to human genetics. More humans have brown eyes than they do blue eyes. There are more Blue Nose Pitbulls than there are Pitbulls with other color configurations. If a breeder tries to tell you that you’re getting a “rare” dog because the Pitty he’s trying to sell you has a bit more blue in him than another color, walk away. You’re being scammed.

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The Nose is Not the Defining Trait

Okay, so you’re wondering, if a Blue Nose isn’t a wonderful thing, why is the breeder touting it?

It’s just an anomaly, and nobody really knows why it occurs. A Blue Nose Pitbull is no more valuable than any other Pitbull. It is going to cost you a whole lot more, though; you might pay up to $5,000 for a Blue Nose Pitbull puppy. That’s a lot of money just for the color of the nose.

Can You Say “Puppy Mill”?

Here’s my take on Blue Nose Pitbulls: you’re going to be spending perfectly good money on something that has no more value than any other Pitbull. It’s a scam, and it’s no different than buying from a puppy mill. It’s a cash grab, pure and simple. These dogs are not “exotic.” They’re not “rare”, but breeders will tell you that they are.

Buy a Good Dog from a Good Breeder

Any good Pitbull will cost you a bit of money. But if you’re buying for nose color, pardon me, you’re an idiot, and you’re buying into something that isn’t going to do you any good. A dog’s temperament and health have nothing to do with the color of his nose. Find a good breeder with good puppies. Then make sure that your puppy has the right health clearances.

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The Final Word

I love Pitties. They’re tough dogs that take no crap. However, if you think that the color of its nose has anything to do with the nature of this dog, you’re very much mistaken. Don’t get suckered. Buy a good Pitty from a good breeder, and make sure that you have one that is properly socialized, has a good brain, and the ability to be a great companion. If you want him to have a Blue Nose, fine. But don’t make that your reason for buying. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter.

Pits have a reputation; they’re believed to be bloodthirsty, ruthless and unstable. Nothing could be further from the truth, but that’s why a lot of communities want to see them banned.

Be a good Pit owner. Get a good dog, and don’t worry about the color of his nose. Love him. Socialize him. And make him the good canine citizen you know he can be. Blue Nose, red nose, black nose, friggin’ polka dot nose – it doesn’t matter. What matters is the nature of the dog.

You don’t need an exotic breed. You need a good dog that will be an ambassador when people come out and say “You shouldn’t have a pit bull.” Never mind the nose. It’s not about the breed; it’s about the dog.