Can Dogs Eat Turnips?


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Experts say your dog’s diet must contain at least 10% veggies and fruits. No doubt ready-made dog food is usually a complete diet for the dog, but if you are a dog owner who feeds the dog regularly on meat, consider adding vegetables to their menu. You don’t need to feed dogs vegetables daily, but it makes a good snack for them once in a while.

Some vegetables pose toxic effects to the dogs; it is better to check beforehand whether that particular vegetable you are going to feed to your dog is safe or not. On the list of some of the most nutritious veggies for dogs, turnips have an excellent rank overall. Dog owners often ask whether dogs can eat turnips. Yes! Their rich nutrition not only makes the turnips safe to eat for the dogs but also a healthy vegetable for them.

These and other veggies are rich in phytonutrients that are not found in meat; these phytonutrients are essential for the dogs to fight off cancer and improve liver function, gut health, and overall dog’s metabolism.

Can Dogs Eat Turnips’ Roots?

Turnip is one of the widely eaten root vegetables. They can be eaten by humans and by pets; the dog is not an exception. Turnip roots include the round globe-shaped part that is purple to dull white in color. The apparent color is its skin color; the flesh of the vegetable is white.

Adding this root vegetable to your dog’s meal can provide numerous health benefits. Turnip doesn’t pose any harm, but still, it’s a good idea to consult your pup’s vet before adding a new meal to your dog’s food list.

Can Dogs Eat Turnips’ Greens?

Turnip Greens include the dark green leafy portion of the turnip. Many people usually dislike it because they often taste bitter even when cooked sufficiently, while many people know their benefits and consider turnip greens a beneficial diet.

It provides the same benefits in dogs too. If your dog doesn’t eat it because of its bitter taste, you can reduce its bitterness by seasoning it. But make sure you only use spices that are safe for dogs. Moreover, keep the quantity small as too many spices are not safe for dogs.

Leafy greens mostly contain calcium oxalates, which can cause kidney disease like kidney stones if consumed in higher quantities. However, the turnip leaves have fewer oxalates quantities than collard leaves. Therefore, these leafy greens are safe for your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Japanese Turnips?

Japanese turnips or Tokyo turnips are known as Hakurei and are good for your furry friend. They contain the same nutritional values as do other turnips. However, their greens are, in fact, more healthy and beneficial.

The only difference is that they are completely white in color and don’t require any peeling. When served raw, Japanese turnip is a better option.

Can Dogs Eat Pickled Turnips?

If you love dogs and don’t want to harm these pure souls, it’s best to keep them away from pickled turnips. The major reason behind this is the ingredients used in the preparation. The pickle is usually seasoned with garlic, onion, and many spices that are not safe for dogs in any way.

Is it Safe to Give Dogs Skin and Flowers?

Turnip skin has many nutrients that help protect the body against damage, fight off some cancer threats, and boost heart health. Feeding turnips with their skin on is safe for dogs. But most dogs don’t like to eat the skin because of its bitter taste.

Turnip flowers that are used to decorate soups are edible. Besides their beautiful yellow color, they are rich in nutrients as well. Although both the skin and the flowers don’t cause any threats, it is advised not to feed them with too much of it for their digestive system’s better and proper functioning.

Moreover, wash the vegetable carefully, as the dust on the skin can carry harmful bacteria, making your dog sick.

Why are Turnips Healthy for Dogs?

Turnips are rich in phytonutrients, vitamins, dietary fiber, amino acids, minerals, and many other nutrients, which make them a superfood for dogs. Although turnips do not add too many calories to your dog’s diet, it is highly nutritious. Sulforaphane in turnips can prevent the formation of cancer. In addition, the turnips act as a natural diuretic, which means it assists the kidneys in reabsorption more water, construction of urine, and thus helps in kidney function.


Turnips are abundant in vitamins, especially folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin K, and vitamin A. Vitamin A prevents blindness in dogs. Vitamin C stimulates your dog’s immune system against the damage resulting from free radicals produced by microbes. Vitamin K aids in blood clotting after some injury and is also important for healthy skin. Rich quantities of folic acid stimulate the production of new red blood cells, increasing the total blood cell count.

Calcium and Phosphorus

Calcium in turnips strengthens bones. Some people think that milk is the only way to keep your dog’s bones healthy, but it is uncalled for; calcium-rich vegetables like turnips can also do the job. Calcium is also very necessary in the conduction of impulses from the nervous system to muscles and other organs and ultimately in the control and coordination of the body organs.

Phosphorus is an important component of ATP, an energy molecule, thus plays an important role in energy storage and conversion. It is also part of DNA and RNA in the cell. In addition, phosphorus contents stimulate kidney function by removing harmful wastes.

Magnesium and Iron

In all animals, including dogs, magnesium is essential for the transmission of nerve impulses, neuro-muscular coordination, and maintaining a healthy nervous system. In addition, it is one of the most important minerals needed in several enzymatic reactions.

Turnips are rich in iron which is very important in the oxygenation of body tissues as a constituent of hemoglobin. Iron not only improves thyroid function but also prevents anemia.


Fiber-rich diets like turnips are related to reduced incidence of digestive issues. In addition, dietary fiber in turnips can help relieve colitis and also makes bowel movement easy, thus helping with constipation.


Antioxidant lutein present in turnips reduces the risks of eye diseases in dogs. In addition, glucosinolates have an excellent cancer-fighting ability; they stimulate the cells of the immune system to destroy cancer cells in the body. Some antioxidants are also anti-inflammatory in nature.

High Water Content

The high water content of raw turnips and green leaves promotes healthy kidney function and keeps your dog hydrated.

How to Serve Turnips to a Dog?

Humans eat turnips in two ways, raw and cooked, so they often ask whether dogs can eat turnips the same way. So let’s see which is a better option to add to your dog’s dinner bowl.

Raw Turnips

Raw turnips are a boon for healthy dogs. They can provide all the health benefits mentioned above, making them a healthy raw diet. You can sprinkle raw turnips in his regular food or can let him enjoy bite-sized pieces of raw turnip on its own.

Cooked Turnips

It’s a better idea to cook turnips and steam turnip greens for your dog. You can finely chop the turnip flesh and can enliven its taste with a peppery flavor. In addition, a dog can eat and digest it more easily as compared to raw turnips. Many dogs love it as their dinner.

While cooking for your dog turnips, don’t add too much salt, garlic, or onion, as these spices and seasonings can turn a healthy diet into a fatal one for your canine companion. Moreover, turnips are already a good source of sodium; adding more salts can cross the adequate limit and become the cause of many complications.

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How Much Turnip is Safe for a Dog?

No matter if dogs eat raw or cooked turnips, it’s good to know how much you can serve them. An old maxim says excess in anything is bad. The same rule is applicable while deciding the quantity of food that can be fed to the dog. Serve your dog with a moderate portion of turnip, as feeding him daily with a large amount of it will not bring advantages anymore.

If your dog is suffering from any thyroid issue, it’s best to avoid turnips as they can suppress thyroid function. Moreover, the vegetables passed through a food processor are bad for dogs with thyroid conditions.

What if a Dog Eats Too Many Turnips?

If you failed to keep an eye on your dog and he has accidentally eaten turnips more than he can digest, take him to a vet immediately. It can cause many complications that can put your dog’s life at risk if not treated timely.

Overeating turnips can make your dog’s stomach upset and lower the blood pressure levels affecting the function of a healthy heart.

Other vegetables similar to turnip, such as mustard, broccoli, collards, brussels sprouts, have the same benefits and the same downsides of overeating on the dog’s health.


Turnips, just like other vegetables, have many advantages and keep your dog in good shape. However, while choosing serving, cooked ones are better than raw turnips. You just have to be careful not to let them eat too much of it. Moreover, keep your dog away from it if he is suffering from any thyroid condition.