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13 Adorable Ways to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding (Video)


Hey guys, I’m back with another story from the dog park. I know that’s where all my stories come from, but what can I say – it’s an interesting place. Recently a friend of mine named Anthony got married. He’s never had a dog so when I say friend, I mean that we know each other from an old job I used to have. I heard through the grape vine that he was getting married, and sent out the obligatory Facebook congratulations. And that’s when he did the oddest thing – he begged me to meet him and his fiancé at the dog park.

As it turns out, his fiancé has a dog. A very cute, very energetic Boston Terrier named Carter. The fiancé wanted Carter to be in the wedding, but Carter’s main trick was to run away when told to lay down, and to sit when told to shake. In other words, the dog wasn’t the most well-behaved, and the wedding was only a few weeks away. Plus, everyone they knew who would normally dog sit was coming to the wedding. Worried that this dog would totally ruin their wedding, but wanting to give his fiancé what she wanted, Anthony asked me if there was any way that they could still have the dog in the wedding at all.

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We’ve sort of talked about this before on the blog. My co-host Franklin gave you guys a few tips on getting a dog ready for a wedding, such as getting a handler or what to do during the reception. But what Anthony and his bride-to-be really needed was a way to get Carter involved without resulting to the standard ring bearer role, because…well, frankly, there was no way the dog would be ready for that in time. So that got my noggin thinking, and here’s what I came up with. These are ways to get your dog involved in a wedding outside of that traditional role.

(1) Get Them Involved in the Pictures

There are always so many pictures involved with weddings, before they even start. Engagement pictures and save the date pictures come to mind right away. It can be a lot of fun to get your pet involved with these, and makes a great way to include them without having them at the actual event. You can make a sign yourself or find a cool handcrafted oneonline to make your pictures special. And while you’re at it, why not have the dog sitter bring your pet to the photo shoot after the wedding so that your dog can get involved with the fancy family shots as well?

(2) Have the Ring Bearer or Flower Girl Walk With Them

Want your dog in the ceremony in that traditional sense, but don’t want them in charge of something as important as the ring? Pair them up with your ring bearer or flower girl instead. Simply get your dog on a classy looking leash (a plain white one works great for a bridal feel, or something like this with flowers could work perfectly as well) and have them escort the wedding party member down the aisle. This works best if that member of the party is a bit older than the toddler flower girls and ring bearers you often see. Once down the aisle, have someone designated at the end of a front row who can keep your dog out of the way and close to an exit should they need to be removed.

(3) Let Your Dogs Be Part of the Thank You

One thing that that you’ll always need after a wedding is thank you cards to send out. Many couples use photos from the wedding as the image on this card, but don’t let that stop you. Why not use your first “real” family photo as man and wife, complete with your fur-kid? This could be a great way to have your dog be part of the final bit of your wedding, without worrying about them being there to jump on your gown during the ceremony pictures.

(4) Invite Them into Your First Dance

Look, I’m not here to judge you. If you love your dog so much that you think of yourselves as “the three of us” instead of “the two of us”, then why not? When it’s time for that first dance, invite your dog to come onto the dance floor with you. They may just wander around you while you dance, but you’ll probably get some cute photos out of it. If you plan to do this, it’s a fun idea to make sure they have their best fancy collar on.

(5) Include Them in the Décor Details

If you want to include your dog without them truly being there – bless their rowdy little souls – then maybe a great way to include them is to just add some doggie details in your wedding décor. A cake topper featuring the two of you and your dog, for example, or party favors that include a special thank you from your dog for attending his humans’ wedding, could be a fun way to keep the whole family involved in the affair.

(6) Bring Them to the Bachelor Party

Here’s a fun way to get Spot involved with the wedding events: Let them hang out with you at your bro-only bachelor party. They’ll have fun tossing a ball around with the guys or lounging on the couch while you watch a game for a more laid back event. If you’re going out, look for pubs that allow dogs – you’d be surprised how many there are.

(7) Round Out Your Wedding Party

Here’s a way to kill two birds with one stone. Do you have an uneven wedding party with an extra bridesmaid or groomsman? Let your dog fill in the spot. As the wedding party comes down the aisle, that extra person can be paired up with your dog. Don’t forget to have this person be someone who is comfortable with dogs. They may want to carry some extra treats in their pocket to keep your buddy occupied through the vows.

(8) Let Your Guests Interact With Your Dog

It’s always fun when couples really think about their guests’ enjoyment at a wedding reception. Things like fun photo props can turn it into an event that everyone wants to be at. You can let your dog be a part of that. Encourage your guests to snap a picture with Fido and turn him into the wedding VIP. It’ll be fun for them, fun for your attention-loving dog, and also ensures that everyone pitches in to keep an eye on him so he doesn’t get to the cake.

(9) Go for a Just Married Walk

Once again, I’m not going to judge your love for your dogs. After all, Janice and Leroy are my equivalent of human babies. Instead of driving off with a “just married” sticker on your car and some dragging cans, you can walk off with your pal for a first walk as a legally official family. This would make for some great pictures, especially if you live in a really picturesque area or have a pretty park nearby where you can do this.

(10) Let Your Pet Propose for You

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this one, but I bet some people out there would find it adorable. Maybe you know from the bottom of your heart that your pet just would not do well at your wedding in any capacity. You can still make them part of the magic by using them to propose. Tie the ring around their collar, get them to wear a sign with the big question, or get them to deliver a secret message to your beloved. Be sure you’re nearby, of course, to finish off the moment.

(11) Set Up a Fancy Feast for Fido at the Reception

Are you having a very fancy sit-down meal at your reception? Why not have your buddy chow down with you? You can set him up a fancy meal as well with a fancy raised dog bowland his regular serving of kibble. Toss one of your linens under the bowl to make him look like he’s part of the table settings, and you’ll be all set. This is a good way to keep him busy while the guests eat and toast to your newlywed status.

(12) Put Your Pet to Good Use Pre-Wedding

Are you getting those pre-wedding jitters already? Pets are known to reduce anxiety. Why not spend a few minutes snuggling with your dog before the event, or even take them outside to toss around a ball for a bit. It’ll make you feel better before you have to deal with the anxiety of the big day, and it’ll reassure your pet that the craziness of the day isn’t going to last forever.

(13) Get Ready Together

If your dog is a cute little purse pooch who likes to come along, and won’t get in the way too much, have them be a part of that classic “getting ready” moment with the bridal party. They’ll look adorable in the pictures of the bride putting on her makeup and wearing the gown for the first time, and it’ll be something fun to keep the mood light as the entire party gets ready.

Know Your Dog

At the end of the day, it’s very important that you know what your dog can handle and what will make them comfortable. Be sure that you aren’t just shoving your dog into the event because you want them there. If it will make your dog anxious to be there, it’s no good for anyone. A barking, peeing, cowering dog won’t make the event fun for those around, and it certainly won’t make your dog happy. Maybe your dog would be okay there as long as someone they know keeps them close, or maybe they’d just be happier at home. You make the best decision for your dog.

A Few Practical Tips

There are definitely some practical things to keep in mind when your dog is involved in your wedding. Be sure to designate someone to bring and carry some doggie waste bags, just in case. And of course, be sure that your venue will allow your dog inside or on the grounds before you make your plans.


You may want to have someone, such as a reliable teen or a family member you trust, bring along a quiet toy that can distract your dog if they get restless. Something like a KONG filled with kibble or a simple rope toy will work great.

Another thing you’ll want to be sure someone has along? A lint roller! Your dog is very likely to brush against your nice tux or gown before or during the event, and you’ll want to ensure that you look your best. Having someone in charge of keeping the lint roller on hand will save your pictures.

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The Final Word

I know that if I were to ever get married, I’d want Janice and Leroy there – but I can’t say that I know what I’d do if my dogs were like Carter. In the end, Anthony and his fiancé had Carter in some last-minute photos that they used for thank you cards, and left the little cutie with a trusted boarding facility for the big day. It turned out to be the best compromise for them, because they had a lovely wedding with tons of gorgeous moments to savor, and didn’t have to stress out either themselves or Carter with lots of expectations for his behavior. And I got one of those thank you cards in the mail and can attest to the fact that they are the cutest cards I’ve ever seen from a wedding.

The bottom line is knowing your dog and getting creative with your ideas for including them in the wedding. As long as you are willing to think of your wedding as one huge event starting from the moment you propose to the moment you send out thank you cards, you can find dozens of ways to include your furry friend – even if they aren’t the best dog to bring to a fancy event.




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