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4 Best Hands Free Running Leashes

I know that staying fit is important to a lot of people. In fact, I have a number of friends at the dog park who are very much on the fitness wagon. Debbie and Chuck (my fat friend and her fat beagle that I told you about in Step Away From the Dish, Doggie, You are Way Too Fat) are two examples.

Personally, I’ve kind of stopped caring. Janice and Leroy think that I am the most beautiful person in the entire world, and they couldn’t care less how much I weigh. So I am what I am and I don’t care.

Debbie’s pretty intense about the fitness thing, though. So she’s been looking for running leashes, and has been asking me if I have any recommendations.

No, I don’t. Because. I. Don’t. Care.

But I Google for my friends, dammit.

So, I guess if you’re going to go out running with your dog, you have to have the right gear. Or so they tell me.

Here’s what I’ve learned. Oh, and by the way? I really do care. Not about my weight, but about the importance of getting the right running leash for your dog.

4 Best Hands Free Running Leashes On Amazon

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Roadrunner Running Dog Leash
Stunt Puppy Hands-Free Leash
Wagz Hands-Free Jogging Leash
Comfort Action Hands-Free Running Leash

What Should You Look for in a Running Leash?

Apparently, there are a lot of things that you should consider when choosing a running leash for your dog. You want something that’s comfortable for the dog and for you, as well. Oh, and if you have a “running style”, apparently that’s important too.

What this means is that it matters if the leash is commensurate with your height. Apparently, if you’re a shrimplet, a long leash isn’t going to work for you. And if you’re tall, you probably don’t want a tall leash.

Go figger.

From what I’ve been given to understand, if you’re tall, a short leash is going to cause you to pull your dog up. If you’re short, you’ve got a whole other set of problems because the leash is going to be so slack that the dog will get ahead of you.

Does this sound like rocket science to you?

No, me neither.

Like, maybe you could adjust the leash?

Some leashes can be adjusted. Others not. Or, you could just tie a knot in it, if you want to take the lazy way out.

Okay, let’s get into different types of leashes.

Button Leashes

Some leashes can be controlled with the touch of a button. That’s really all I need to say here.

Durable Leashes

You really don’t want your dog to be pulling and jerking. The leash could snap, your dog could end up off leash and running into traffic, and there would be no good outcomes. So, it just makes sense to buy a good leash that’s not likely to snap, right?


Well, I suppose this is something you could consider. It’s likely a good idea to have a visible leash.

Hands Free vs. Not?

I expect that if you want to run with your dog and have him off-leash, a hands-free leash would be a good idea. In fact, it’s pretty much a no-brainer!

Now let’s look at the best hands free leashes.

Roadrunner Running Dog Leash

The Roadrunner Running Dog Leash is great if you want to run while bringing your dog along without having to worry about him keeping up.  It’s strong and lightly woven, with a quick-release mechanism, and you can adjust it for just about any waist size. It also has LED lights which are great for running at night.

Quality on a Budget Hands Free Jogging Leash

The Quality on a Budget Hands Free Jogging Leash is a great deal if you’re looking to spend under $20, but still want all the features you’d find in a more expensive jogging leash. The length adjusts from 53-68 inches, and the leash will fit waist sizes up to 46 inches. There’s also a removable bungee insert that will ease the impact if your dog jumps or pulls. The reflective stitching is a very nice touch, too, and the next best thing to LEDs when it comes to visibility.

Stunt Puppy Hands-Free Running Dog Leash

The Stunt Puppy Hands-Free Leash is another very good offering in that it’s light, very easy to use,and there will be no need for you to change your running style. It’s also available in a variety of attractive colors, so you’ll always be able to see your dog when he’s running at night.

Comfort Action Hands-Free Running Leash

This is an amazingly light running leash that will work for just about any size dog. The Comfort Action Hands-Free Running Leash can extend to 55 inches, so you know that it won’t hurt your wrist or arm. You can also attach it to your belt, if you like.

We figured we needed to include this one because it’s such a great belt to have when you’re out on a walk or hiking in the woods.

Even better, it has a pouch in the front so you can stash your smartphone without having to worry about it coming to harm, and you can also stow those all-important dog treats.

The Final Word

Hands free running leashes are so wonderfully useful; they let you run where you want and when you want, while still keeping a modicum of control on your dog. It’s usually best if you keep the leash in your hand, but you can also attach one to your waist and still not cause distress to your dog. If you can’t feel safe allowing your dog to truly run free, then hands free running leashes are the best solution. Give one a try!