I’m the Runt of the Litter – Dallas’s Story (Video)


Remember me telling you about how getting the runt of the litter wasn’t such a bad thing? I talked about it in So, You Got the Runt of the Litter.

It seems as though there are people – well, DOGS, okay? – who have very strong opinions on what it means to be the runt of the litter.

I go on and on here all the time with my opinions, but I think this time, I’m going to hand you over to someone who has the best possible perspective on what it means to be “the runt of the litter.” Now, this little guy needs a bit of help with keyboarding and stuff like that, but generally speaking, he’ll do just fine on his own.

So, without further ado, I give you DALLAS.

Oh, What, Me? Now? Okay!

Hi! My name’s Dallas, and I’m the RUNT OF THE LITTER! At least, I used to be, but my mom picked me anyway!

I put “runt of the litter” in capital letters because I’m proud of it. I was born small, but then I got big! Really, really big! In fact, I just outgrew my last collar; it was a 24-inch collar, and now I’m in a 26! My mom can’t believe how big I’ve grown!

Anyway, I’m sorry; I think I was kind of digressing, like my friend Ash does sometimes. Ash is my mom’s friend. My mom is Neila.

I love my mom. I like Ash, too, because Ash comes to visit me and brings treats and toys and plays with me!

I wouldn’t trade my friend Ash for anything!

So, I guess I was trying to make a point. You’ll have to bear with me, because I’m still just pretty much a puppy, and puppies can’t always stay on topic. I think what I was getting at, though, was that if you think getting the “runt” of the litter is a bad thing, you could be wrong. I was a runt, and my mom and my friend Ash don’t have any problem with that.

How Did I End Up Being a Runt?

I remember being in a nice, warm place, and there were other puppies there, too. Some of them were there at the same time as me. Others kind of came in later. That’s because, at least as near as I’ve been able to figure it out, not all puppies happen at the same time!

I know, go figger!

But here’s how it works: my mom (I mean my birth mom, not Neila Mom) wanted to have babies and she found a nice boy to have babies with. They spent a lot of time together – about a week, actually. And because they had so much fun together, I happened! And that was so cool!

Other puppies happened, too but not at the same time. What that meant was that some of my brothers and sisters happened before I did, and after I did. We were all born at the same time, but some of us just “happened” earlier and that’s what made them bigger! And me smaller.

Does that mean smaller isn’t good? No! It just means I was made last.

So, anyway, my Neila Mom knew that I was last, and that didn’t bother her.

And you know what else?

I grew, and grew and GREW! And I ended up being the biggest puppy in the whole bunch! That was good, wasn’t it?

I know I’m just a dog, but it seems to me that choosing the puppy that’s right for you should have more to do than with whether he’s big or little! You should take a look at the litter, and think about what’s there, and then make your decision accordingly.

I think we’re all pretty cute, and when you look at us, you’re probably going to think “Pick me!”

It’s hard to decide, but I think what you should do is take a look at us when we’re between six weeks and eight weeks old, when you can see us just being puppies, running around and exploring our environments. That’s when you see us being ourselves. Take a look at where we’re sleeping, too.

I’m a very lucky dog. My “for then” mom made sure that I had a nice place to sleep and a big place to play. She cared about me, and about my brothers and sisters. She made sure that we were happy.

I feel bad for puppies that don’t have that: puppies in what Mom Neila calls “puppy mills,” where puppies don’t get to play and have fun or even be with their birth moms. I’ve always been happy, and I feel so bad for puppies who don’t get to feel that way. So I believe that any time you’re thinking about buying a puppy like me, you should make sure that where he comes from is good.

Do we have a big enough place to sleep? Do we have clean water? Can you see us playing? Does the pen smell bad, or does it smell like warm, soft puppies? It should smell like warm, soft puppies!

Do the puppies look healthy? Are they round and soft and cuddly? Are their coats smooth? Do their ears look healthy?

Do they look like me, with my wonderful mommy Neila?

If they don’t, there’s something wrong.

You know what I like, too? I just love being handled! There’s nothing I like better than being picked up and cuddled! Just try scooping me up off the floor and see how it goes – I’ll love it! And I can tell you right now that if a puppy doesn’t love that, there’s something wrong!

So, That’s Me

That’s me. I’m Dallas. I love being cuddled and hugged. I just love people! I’m a BIG dog, too. And there’s nothing I want more than being cuddled and hugged!

I’m so glad that my friend Ash let me talk to you!

Okay, Dallas

There’s my friend, Dallas. I hope you enjoyed his story. He’s a good dog. One of the best. I feel very honored to have been allowed to share his story with you.