Dog People and Cat People – They Really Are Different!


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Do you class yourself as a dog person or a cat person? Did you know that these two types of people have a number of real and perceived differences in personality traits?

Various research has pointed to different personality characteristics between the fans of these two species. For example, it’s thought that dog lovers tend to be more positive and friendly, while cat owners have higher levels of intelligence and creativity. It could even be the case that pet owners build their identity around the animal they choose to house.

Continue reading to find out the difference between dog people and cat people, and explore what your pet preferences say about you.

Are Dogs Or Cats Your Preferred Pet?

Are you a typical “dog person” who loves socializing and being around people? Or do you possess the more sensitive and reserved nature of the average “cat person” who values their own company and enjoys taking time out?

If you’re the latter, you might find yourself in the minority. The average study identifies more than half of participants choose dogs, with only just over 10% identifying as cat lovers.

How Are Cat And Dog People Different?

If we compare both research and perceptions, we can see a couple of critical ways dog people are different from cat people.

Dog People Are More Energetic

A dog owner is more likely to be social and outgoing and enjoys regular outdoor exercise. Dogs are perfect companions as they will happily accompany them to the local park or walkway for some exercise.

In contrast, cat people are more likely to enjoy some time out. Cats are easier to maintain and don’t require the same high-energy lifestyle but will happily curl up on your lap for a cuddle when you’re looking for a slice of affection.

Cat People Are Non-Conformists

Dog people are friendly and find it very easy to get along with others. For these reasons, they are far more likely to conform to a group and follow the rules laid out by the society around them.

In contrast, cat people are far more likely to hold unconventional beliefs and live their lives according to their values and standards. In addition, people who prefer cats are more open-minded than those who prefer dogs, which makes them more likely to question things rather than accept what they are told.

What Are The Characteristics Of Dog And Cat People?

Online surveys suggest that dog owners are 11% more conscientious than cat owners, meaning dog people tend to be more self-disciplined, plan more thoroughly, and have a strong sense of duty. However, these same results also suggest that dog lovers are 15% more extroverted than the average cat owner and 13% more agreeable.

In contrast, for example, cat lovers tend to be more open. A cat person is 11% more likely to be creative, artistic, and curious than those who prefer dogs. And they may be more prone to neurotic disorders, as they’re 12% more likely to experience stress and anxiety than dog people.

Personalities of Dog People

  • Self-disciplined.
  • Possess dominance related traits
  • Confident and outgoing.
  • Agreeable

Personalities of Cat People

  • Open minded
  • Non-conformists
  • Creative and artistic
  • Sensitive and Neurotic

Are Cat People Smarter Than Dog People?

Not everyone displays the same personality differences, so we cannot say that cat lovers are more intelligent than dog lovers in every instance; there are often other factors that come into play.

However, research conducted by an associate professor of psychology at a Wisconsin University suggests that, on average, a cat owner will score higher on an intelligence test than a dog owner will.

Why Are Cat Owners Smarter Than Dog Owners?

Why? The introverted and curious nature A cat owner’s cat owner means that they are curled up at home, reading a book and learning new things. In contrast, dog owners tend to engage more with others at social events and may not have so much time to dedicate to learning.

Is There Any Research On Cat People And Dog People?

Yes, the topic of cat owners and dog owners’ personality traits have fascinated university students and researchers for decades. Early research, using a personalityUsingdog people showed highly research her dominance and aggression than female cat people.

Still, such tests could be just as much to do with gender differences as pet species preferences. So over time, other researchers have picked up this preliminary research to determine if there are differences between cat people and dog people.

Research conducted by the University of Texas discovered a link between pet ownership and personality traits. They concluded that dog people are more likely to be extraverted, agreeable, and conscientious, while cat people are more likely to be open and neurotic.

Another study demonstrated marked differences between competitiveness and social dominance orientation in self-identified dog people. These researchers believe that dog people prefer to choose dogs because their soft temperaments allow their owners to express more dominant traits.

Does All Scientific Research Agree?

However, other research has attempted to discredit these findings, claiming that real and perceived differences aren’t the same, and many of these studies rely on individuals labeling themselves.

How Do Our Pets Fit In With Our Personalities?

Dogs provide a loving and energetic companion to the sociable and friendly nature of their owners, while cats take a calmer approach to life, just like their owners, who enjoy taking time out to reflect on their thoughts.

Dogs are playful pets who love the great outdoors and will happily keep you company for a walk or jog in the local park. In comparison, cats are the king of the cuddles with a soothing purr that allows their owner’s stress and anxiety to melt away.

Final Thoughts

Animals possess unique traits that may say something about their owners. Dog people and cat people will both argue that their animals are best, but both dogs and cats make excellent pets, and no one species is better than the other.

Dog ownership may indicate that you’re more outgoing, loyal, and energetic than the average cat fan. But if you choose cats, you’re more likely to possess fierce independence with a touch of unconventional thinking and higher levels of intelligence and creativity.


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