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3 Best Boston Terrier Toys

I am exhausted. Completely and utterly exhausted. Why, you ask? Because I just finished babysitting a friend’s Boston Terrier.

I can’t believe how active that little guy was! He was just a little blur of black and white that wore me completely off my feet! I couldn’t wait to get back to my lazy Boxers!

So, having finally returned home and put my feet up, I started wondering about Boston Terriers. What makes them so active? How can anyone keep up with them? Do they ever slow down?

No, they don’t! And that’s why you need toys for these little Terrors – um, Terriers – that won’t wear out before they do.

If I can manage a bit more strength, let’s talk a bit about the Boston Terrier.

3 Best Boston Terrier Toys On Amazon

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Zanies Prepack Dog Toys
West Paw Design 6.5-inch Chew Toy
Rawhide chews


The Boston Terrier was originally bred to be a pit dog, back in the days when dog fighting was actually legal. I know; you’re wondering how that can be, given that Boston Terriers are such little dogs. I guess I just have to throw out that old saying: “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” They don’t get much tougher than the Boston Terrier. They were bred to be absolutely vicious.

Once dog fighting fell out of fashion (Thank God!), the Boston Terrier came to be more of a pet. They’re still pretty territorial, though, and don’t take kindly to other dogs invading their turf.

Boston Terriers are small but sturdy. They’re also very loving, and enjoy snuggling up with their people. Their nature is still that they can be very hyperactive, so they’re best suited to an owner who is happy with vigorous play and long walks.

How Do Boston Terriers Play?

Boston Terriers don’t really require a lot of exercise, but they are quite energetic. Most of the time, they prefer to have their person participate in play.

If you don’t allow your Boston Terrier to be active and playful, he might become obnoxious and start to dig or engage in other annoying behavior. That gets old pretty fast. Fortunately, your Boston Terrier will love chasing balls and Frisbees, so you can keep him entertained easily.

Entertaining a Boston Terrier is even easier in a household with children, as you can allow the kids and the dog to play together, and with any luck they’ll all end up worn out at the same time. Boston Terriers are also typically sociable animals, so it’s fine if the neighborhood kids want to get in on the act as well – you won’t usually have to worry about a Boston Terrier perceiving other children as a threat to “his” kids.

The Best Toys

Because Boston Terriers love to fetch, almost any toy that you can throw will be suitable. Just make sure that you choose toys that won’t go in the wrong direction when thrown.

If you like to play outdoors, remember that your Boston Terrier is vulnerable to too much cold or heat. If you think that it might be too hot or too cold for him to play, bring him inside.

Bad Toys

There really aren’t all that many bad toys for Boston Terriers, but you should avoid toys that have narrow edges; you don’t want your buddy to end up with a chew toy stuck in his mouth.

Final Recommendations

I really think that the best toys for Boston Terriers ae the ones that you find: crumpled up paper bags, boxes, and other things that can be tossed around and don’t cost anything. If you do want to buy toys for your Boston Terrier, though, I like these ones:

1. Zanies 6-Pack Latex PrePack Dog Toy

If your Boston Terrier loves to play fetch, these Zanies Prepack Dog Toys are great. They’re durable, bright balls that stand up in all kinds of temperatures. They’re also easy to locate if they should find their way into tall grass.

2. West Paw Design 6.5-inch Chew Toy

For little athletes, the West Paw Design 6.5-inch Chew Toy is a great choice. It’s small, so Boston Terriers can grab onto it with their teeth. Your Boston will enjoy a vigorous game of tug-of-war or fetch with this durable toy, and in fact, he’ll likely want to play for hours! Even better, these discs work as chew toys, so if you’re done playing, your dog can keep it up for quite some time.

3. Rawhide Chews, Any Brand

I always recommend rawhide chews – the ones that are made of pure rawhide, without any flavorings. The last thing you want is ingredients from God knows where, so if you’re buying rawhide chews, just go for pure rawhide. Dogs love them, and you can also enjoy the play for hours. You won’t have to worry about toxic ingredients, either.

3 Best Boston Terrier Toys On Amazon

Click Below To Go To AmazonRatingPrice
Zanies Prepack Dog Toys
West Paw Design 6.5-inch Chew Toy
Rawhide chews

The Final Word

The thing about Boston Terriers is that they want to play with you. They don’t really care all that much about toys, as long as you’re sharing them, so provided that you’re sure whatever you’re using is non-toxic and has no small parts, almost anything will do – it doesn’t have to be “dog-specific.”Therefore, when it comes to playing with your Boston Terrier, you have a lot of options. This whimsical little creature will happily play with a ball, or with chewies, or with just about anything else, as long as you’re in on the action as well.

Probably all of us could use a little more exercise, so get out there, grab a chewie or a ball or something else, and play with your little buddy. You’ve invited a Boston Terrier into your home, so get to work with him – consider it a “play date” for the whole household!