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Your Guide to Finding Dog Trainers in Grand Rapids, MI


Oh, boy.

You have no idea what I’ve been through lately: “Ash, can you find me a good dog trainer in Podunk Iowa? In Fartface Oregon? In Dungbeetle Rhode Island?”

What have I set myself up for?

This all started with one simple request for a search for dog trainers in Insert Name of City Here, and then it just exploded!


Just fine.

I do it all for dogs.

Simply for dogs.


So, now it’s dog trainers in Grand Rapids, MI. Fine.

I’ve done my research, and now here are some of the best dog trainers in Grand Rapids, MI.

If you’re looking for dog trainers in Grand Rapids, MI, you’ll probably find quite a few locally. Or, you might have to drive a bit to find one that suits you. Either way, you will find very good trainers.

Mostly, it depends on what you need. If you’re looking for basic obedience training, you’ll find that. If you need something more advanced, you’ll find that too. Essentially, you’ll find dog trainers in Grand Rapids, MI who are every bit as passionate about dogs as you are.

Here are some of the best dog trainers in Grand Rapids, MI.

A Pleasant Dog

This is a training facility that focuses very strongly on communication and positive reinforcement. Head trainer Jenn Gavin is an animal advocate, and she also rescues dogs. She works on behavior modification for all sizes and breeds of dogs.

You can reach Pleasant Dog by calling 616-633-6323 or visiting their website at

Pawsitive Behavior LLC

This dog training facility is located on the north side, and is based in positive reinforcement. In-home service is provided, and the focus is on how dogs think, feel and learn. The facility is operated by Kathy Uzarski, who is a former bank manager (not that that matters!) Kathy has been training dogs for years, and is happy to accommodate clients with busy schedules. You can reach Pawsitive Behavior by calling 616-784-6917 or visiting

Good Little Dog

Good Little Dog is the brainchild of Victoria Swanson, who has many pets of her own and has been training dogs for the past 30 years. She works with dogs who have issues with walking, barking, potty training, separation anxiety and obedience, and she offers a wide range of packages and services.

You can reach Good Little Dog by calling 616-260-1686, or visiting their website at

Kim’s K-9 Training Center

This training center is located near the airport, and offers daycare, as well as boarding and training. The focus is on breaking bad habits and also learning how to be the leader in your relationship with your dog. You can reach Kim’s K-9 training center by calling 616-949-4249 or visiting their website at

Hollywood Doggie Spa

This is a full-service facility that offers grooming, as well as training. If your dog has behavioral problems like jumping on people, not coming when called, and other issues, this is where you can get the help you need. Call 616-446-7507 or check out the website at

Adams K-9

This is a school that offers both boarding and day training to help improve the relationship between you and your dog. They specialize in aggression intervention, so if you have problems with biting, they can help. Call 616-209-5501 or check out the website at

One thing that I really like about this school is that it’s off-leash. So if you don’t like the idea of tying up your buddy while he learns, this is for you.

Christine’s K-9 Services

Christine’s K-9 Services offers puppy training through adult services. It’s been in business since 1999, and offers training and boarding as well. Call 616-868-0057 or visit their website at

Faithful Friends Doggie Training

If you go out north from Grand Rapids, you’ll find Faithful Friends Doggie Training. They hold classes that start with basic obedience and go onto advanced training. Specialty classes are also offered. Phone 616-863-4900 or go to

The Final Word

Basic obedience training is important for all dogs. Some might also benefit from advanced obedience training. With the dog trainers in Grand Rapids MI, you have many opportunities for both beginner and advanced training. So check out your options, and choose what’s best for you and your dog. It might just be that you need help with housebreaking, or it might be that you need help with more advanced issues like socialization. Either way, there are many options available to you with dog trainers in Grand Rapids, MI.

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