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Dog is Vomiting

My Dog is Vomiting Clear Fluid – What Should I Do? (Video)


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Here is the thing about dogs – they puke. In fact, they puke a lot. And if you love your dog, you probably panic when he pukes. I know I did. My vet, Stephen, probably got totally sick of hearing from me over the years, with my constant calls – “Janice is barfing white,” “Leroy is puking green,” and so on. I can’t begin to tell you how I plagued Stephen with my dog barf issues. Most of the time, it’s just that your dog has a really wonky digestive system. Of course sometimes, though, it does call for action.

If your dog is vomiting clear fluid, it probably just means that he drank too much water too quickly. Other times, it might mean something more serious. So here’s what you should do, and what you should know, if your dog is vomiting clear fluid.

What is Your Dog’s Diet Like?

Are you giving your dog generic, run-of-the-mill food? If you are, and your dog is vomiting clear fluid, you might consider switching over to a special food for sensitive stomachs. These preparations are generally gluten-free, which means that they are free of compounds that might upset your dog’s stomach. They also contain pro-biotics which work to ease a sensitive stomach. Your dog will be less inclined to vomit on this type of special diet.

Is it Really Water?

When your dog is vomiting clear fluid, your natural reaction is to assume that it’s water. It might not be, though. It could be gastric acid, and your dog could be barfing it up because something has irritated his digestive tract. The course of action here is to try to calm your dog and help him through the process of getting the irritating compound up.

The worst case scenario when your dog is vomiting a clear liquid is that he has cancer – when a dog is vomiting clear fluid, it could mean liver cancer or perhaps thyroid dysfunction. If you think this could be the case, then it is very important that you see your veterinarian at once.

It Might Not Be a Biggie

Of course, sometimes dogs just barf. It’s what they do, and it might not be a huge issue. Sometimes, if a dog is vomiting clear fluid, it might just be that he’s having trouble breaking down food in his small intestine. He will puke up watery bile, but it might not mean much. A visit to the vet could still be in order, though, just to rule things out.

Inspect the Vomit

Any time that your dog vomits, you should always take a look at what he’s produced. This gives you important clues as to the dog’s condition. So, are there chunks of food or other things in the vomit? Is there blood? Something else?

What Not to Do

If your dog is vomiting, don’t give him water. I know that this will probably be your first instinct – to replace any fluid that he has lost. If you give your dog water, though, you could actually end up irritating his reflexes and making him vomit even more.

You should also not offer food. If your dog is vomiting, then his food is not agreeing with him, and if you give him more food, you are just aggravating the problem.

Don’t ignore the vomiting, either. The only way to find out why your dog is vomiting is to take him to the vet. If the issue is serious, your vet will know how to help. At the very least, you will know what’s going on and you will have peace of mind.

Dog is Vomiting Yellow

I remember the first time I saw Leroy puke yellow – I was beside myself like you wouldn’t believe. It turned out that it’s pretty normal, though – he was throwing up bile. Bile is a substance that the liver creates in order to help with digestion. Dogs puke up bile when it enters the stomach. It can happen in dogs of any age, but it really doesn’t matter much. If your dog is puking up bile, most of the time all that it means is that he is puking up bile.

Dog is Vomiting Blood

This is a whole other thing. If your dog is vomiting clear fluid, you probably don’t have o worry, but if he is vomiting blood, I would strongly suggest that you get yourself to the vet with all due speed. Vomiting blood can be due to any number of issues – the lining of the esophagus could be damaged, the stomach or intestines could be compromised, or there could be a problem in your dog’s lungs. Best case scenario, maybe your dog just has an injury in his mouth and it only looks like he’s puking up blood.

I really wouldn’t let this one go. It might be nothing much at all, or it could be something very serious. Do you really want to take chances with your dog’s health and well-being? I know what I’d do if it was Janice or Leroy – I’d head off to the vet in a heartbeat.

The thing with vomiting blood is that it can have any number of cause. Whatever the cause, though, the result is that the dog loses blood. Sometimes the dog ingests it and then regurgitates it, and other times he simply swallows it. Either way, there is no good outcome.

If there is blood in the vomit, it may look fresh or clotted, or may have the appearance of very old blood that looks something like coffee grounds. Your dog might also appear to be having abdominal pain or display a lack of appetite.

A physical examination by your vet might also reveal the presence of blood in the vomit, or might show a suppressed heartbeat. If your dog is vomiting clear fluid, it could also be due to an inflamed bowel or a clotting disorder, or even liver failure. Any of these conditions can explain why your dog is vomiting clear fluid.

Given the range of conditions that could be causing your dog to vomit clear fluid, if theis isn’t just a one-off thing, you really need to see your veterinarian. It could be liver failure, or your dog could have ingested a poison, or eaten some sort of plant that could be toxic. There are so many things that can cause vomiting clear fluid, bile.You need to find out what caused the issue, and then work with your veterinarian to correct it.

Your dog could actually be very much at risk for liver failure and other issues. Tests are available to isolate the issues that could cause harm to your dog, but you will only benefit from them if you act quickly. So if your dog is vomiting clear fluid, or yellow bile, or worse yet, blood, don’t wait- get to the vet right away. Your dog’s life could be at stake.

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