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Choosing the Best Dewormer for Dogs


There’s no way around it: dogs are wormy critters. They can end up being victimized by virtually any type of parasite but most commonly to roundworms, tapeworms and whipworms. You’ll usually know that your dog is “wormy” when you see something that resembles spaghetti or bean sprouts in his stool. Trust me; it’s not spaghetti, and it’s not bean sprouts. Your dog has worms and he needs a dewormer.

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Finding the Best Dewormer for Dogs

There are tons of different dewormers on the market, but I have to tell you right out of the gate that the best dewormer for dogs is the one that your veterinarian prescribes. Much of the time, even the best dewormer for your dogs that you will get commercially will only kill the worms – not the eggs. So, once the eggs hatch, you’re right back to square one. The best dewormer for dogs comes from your vet, because it will kill the eggs.

However, if you’re put off by the price of veterinary dewormers (and they can be costly!), there are dewormers on the market that you can use. Just be prepared to use them over and over, because as I’ve just said, they won’t kill the eggs.

I am still going to insist that you should go with a veterinary dewormer, but if you’re determined not to, here are some of the best dewormers for dogs that you can buy without a prescription.

1. 8-in-1 Safeguard Dewormer

If your dog is presenting with vomiting, weight loss, dry hair, diarrhea or a generally poor appearance, chances are that he’s wormy. If you insist on not taking your dog to the vet for worming, then I recommend 8-in-1 Safeguard Dewormer. It’s effective on most types of worms, and it’s easy for your dog to ingest since you just mix it in with his food. Your dog will need to be treated for three days consecutively in order for this wormer to do the job.

This wormer can also be used on any dog over six weeks, and is even safe for pregnant and lactating females. If you feel that you absolutely must use a non-veterinary remedy, this is the one to use above all others.

2. Doggie Detox Cleanse

Okay, I’m going to tell you at the outset that I’m no fan of so-called “natural” wormers. If you absolutely must use one, though, this is probably the lesser of several evils. Doggie Detox Cleanse claims that veterinary wormers are implicated in canine cancer and other diseases. I highly doubt that this is true, but if you do want to keep your dog chemical-free, you could do worse. This product is added to your dog’s water, and supposedly works by means of natural essences and herbs to rid your dog of worms. It contains no pharmaceuticals.

It’s worth noting, though, that Doggie Detox Cleanse has not been evaluated by the FDA. Since it’s totally natural, though, it’s probably not harmful. Whether it’s actually effective could be another thing.

3. Vetscription Sergeant’s Sureshot Dewormer

You might have trouble finding this product, since it’s been discontinued, although I did find Vestscription Seargeant’s Sureshot Dewormer on Amazon. Theoretically, it’s good for tapeworms, hookworms and roundworms. You administer the product by weight. The company recommends that if you have other animals in your household that might have worms, you should treat them all using their product.

Imagine that.

The good thing about this product is that it’s chewable, and dogs don’t seem to mind the taste. You can hide it in dog food if you like, but your dog will probably just see it as a treat and swallow it happily.

4. Pancur

Pancur is one of the best dewormers for dogs if you’re determined not to just get a vet-approved product. In fact, vets recommend this for people who won’t shell out the bucks for veterinary dewormer. It’s good for whipworms, roundworms and tapeworms, and it’s packaged in doses that are appropriate to your dog’s weight.

It’s very inexpensive, but one problem that I have with this product is that the instructions don’t tell you how many times you should administer it. Often, you need to do an initial deworming and then another deworming later on. With Pancur, although it’s very powerful, no one tells you if you have to re-worm. That’s a big flaw in what otherwise looks to me to be a pretty good product.

Best Dewormer for Dogs On Amazon

Click Below To Go To Amazon Rating Price
8-in-1 Safeguard Dewormer
Doggie Detox Cleanse
Vestscription Seargeant’s Sureshot Dewormer

The Final Word

You have a ton of different choices when it comes to the best dewormer for dogs. Unfortunately, unless you’re getting a dewormer from your vet, you’re going to have to do your research. How many doses? How effective is the wormer? Will it upset your dog’s stomach? Will it really work?

From my perspective, although some of the wormers I’ve talked about might be pretty good, I really don’t think that there’s anything that’s going to be better than something I get from my veterinarian. My vet, Stephen, knows my dogs and he cares about them, and he wants what’s best for them. Does a commercial manufacturer of dog wormers feel the same way about my Janice and Leroy as Stephen does? I doubt it, and that’s why I rely on him to tell me what I need to do in terms of worming.

These dog dewormers are probably okay, but I’m still going to rely on Stephen, my vet, not a company that wants to sell me something.

I’ve put out information on these wormers just as that – information. I still think that the best source of information when it comes to worming your dog is your vet. You hired your vet for a reason, so trust him or her when it comes to worming and other health issues when it comes to your dog.

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