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Dog Food for Whippets

4 Best Dog Food for Whippets


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Does anyone remember, way back in the 1960s (I’m not saying that I do – but I know people who do) when the El Camino was the hottest vehicle around? Then Ford came out with the Ranchero, and people called it “the poor man’s El Camino”? Kind of like, close, but no cigar?

That’s sort of the feeling a lot of people had about the Whippet. People used to call it “the poor man’s Greyhound.” It looked a lot like a Greyhound, but it was considerably smaller, and was frequently kept by people who couldn’t actually afford the larger dogs. Whippets were too small to hunt deer (which Greyhounds could), but they were fine for rabbits. So, if all you wanted to hunt was rabbits, the Whippet was your dog.

Today, of course, dogs are not typically used for bringing down game, so it’s more socially acceptable to have a Whippet – they’re not dogs for poor people any longer.

4 Best Dog Food for Whippets On Amazon

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Fromm’s Four-Star Nutritionals Chicken a la Veg
ACANA Grasslands
Yukon River
Merrick Grain Free

About the Whippet

The Whippet is actually a very old breed, having been recognized by the AKC in 1888. Whippets are known to be affectionate, playful and calm, and they prefer being house dogs. If you invite a Whippet into your household, though, you will have to make sure that he gets enough exercise – about an hour or two in any given day.

Whippets are a bit unusual in that they are not all that well suited to “single dog” households. Although they love the companionship of their humans, Whippets want to be around other Whippets, or at least other dogs of similar size and temperament. They have a high prey drive, and might not do all that well with smaller dogs or cats, but with their own kind, they’ll be in their element.

Whippets are good with kids, too, as long as you work to socialize the children as well as the dog – Whippets are no different from other breeds in that they won’t react kindly to ear or tail pulling, or anything else that might cause them to be hurt or stressed. Teach the kids how to handle the dog gently, and you’ll usually have no trouble with a Whippet.

Appearance-wise, a Whippet is a medium-size dog, usually about 19 inches at the shoulder for a male and 18-21 inches for a female. Whippets of either sex weigh 25-35 pounds.

What Should You Feed a Whippet?

When choosing food for a Whippet, you have to consider, as you would with most breeds, the size and activity level of the dog. With Whippets, you probably don’t have to worry too much about choosing a “size specific” food. Whippets can eat practically any kind of food, although with Whippet puppies, you should choose a good puppy formula at least until your dog reaches about 90% of his adult size.

Whippets are a medium-sized dog so they can eat most dog foods unless they have a particular health issue. So don’t waste your time looking for a dog food that is specific to a certain size.

That said, Whippets are really easy to feed, and will do well on many different types of food.  The main thing you have to consider with this breed is the weight of the dog. Whippets can be prone to weight gain, so if it looks as though your Whippet is packing it on, consider a lower-calorie food, or less of what you’re accustomed to feeding. And obviously, if your Whippet looks thin, up the calories. It really is just that simple.

Health Issues

One thing that you can be very thankful for if you are a Whippet owner is that Whippets are not prone to many of the diseases that can plague purebred dogs. They’re not typically vulnerable to skin allergies, ear infections, digestive problems or joint issues. What this means is that you won’t usually have to worry about giving your Whippet a grain-free diet or consider food allergies to beef, chicken, lamb or dairy. Your Whippet will probably do well on whatever you choose to feed him.

That said, though, a lot of people make the assumption that Whippets are invariably slim, and this is not necessarily the case. Whippets can pack on the weight just the same as any other breed.

I free feed my dogs. But because of the possibility of weight gain, many Whippet owners choose to feed on a schedule.

That said, a lot of the time, Whippet owners over-feed because of public perception. Whippets are naturally thin dogs, and sometimes, Whippet owners cave into comments by people who say “Your dog is too thin.”

Sorry, but they’re well-meaning idiots. If you have a Whippet, he is going to be thin, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Most of the time, a Whippet will do well eating a couple of meals a day, and just as much as he wants at one sitting without leaving food behind.

The Best Food for Whippets

When choosing the best food for a Whippet, you should select a food that contains at least two proteins in the first three ingredients on the list. It really doesn’t matter if it’s whole meat or meat meal – both are good protein sources. Some people will tell you that meat meal is not good, but they’re wrong – meat meal is just dehydrated meat, and actually contains even more protein than whole meat.

You will probably find plant protein in the better brands of dog food, but you should make sure that this type of protein is low on the ingredient list. This is because meat protein is more digestible, and a more natural source of protein.

Fat is also important. Look for recognized types of fat like chicken fat. You might also look for fish oil, but if there is fish oil in your dog food you will also have to check the manufacturing date. Fish oil only holds up for about a year before it goes rancid, and rancid fish oil is worse for your dog than no fish oil at all – rancid fish oil can harm your dog’s internal organs. Even the most expensive dog foods use fish oils, but if they sit on the shelf for more than a year, they will do much more harm than good to your dog.

With all this in mind, I’m going to suggest a variety of foods for your Whippet. Most of them are grain-free, but that doesn’t mean that I’m telling you that grain is bad for your dog. My dogs have always done well on foods that contained grain. Going grain-free is a very personal choice. My take on it is that you know your dog better than I do, and you know what is best for him.

The Best Dog Food for Whippets

I’m throwing out several here. Mostly I’m recommending what other dog owners have told me works best for their dogs. You might find other foods that you like better, but these are my picks.

1. Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals Chicken A La Veg

Fromm’s Four-Star Nutritionals Chicken a la Veg is an outstanding formula containing chicken, chicken meal, sweet potatoes and other ingredients. This is a high-protein dog food (24%) that also has a lot of fiber, and it’s approved for every life stage. It also contains glucosamine and probiotics, and is free of soy, wheat and corn. I think your Whippet will do well on this food.

2. ACANA Grasslands Regional Formula Grain Free Dry Dog Food

ACANA Grasslands is ideal if you’re looking for a high-protein dog food. It has 31% crude protein, mostly consisting of duck, lamb, whitefish and lentils. It contains no potatoes, grains or tapioca, so if you want a really good grain-free food for your Whippet, this is an ideal choice.

3. Yukon River Salmon & Sweet Potato Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Yukon River prides itself on using only local ingredients. This dog food is 31% crude protein, and 76% of it comes from fish. This is a great food for active dogs.

4. Merrick Grain Free Real Chicken & Sweet Potato Dry Dog Food

When you start off with an ingredient list of deboned chicken, turkey and chicken meal and sweet potatoes, you know that you have the ultimate all-stage dog food in Merrick Grain Free. This is another food that uses local ingredients, so you know that the manufacturer stands by its product in a huge way.


Those are my recommendations for food for Whippets.

4 Best Dog Food for Whippets On Amazon

Click Below To Go To Amazon Rating Price
Fromm’s Four-Star Nutritionals Chicken a la Veg
ACANA Grasslands
Yukon River
Merrick Grain Free

The Final Word

Whippets are amazing dogs. The puppies can be a little nuts, but that’s the case with most puppies of any breed. Whippet adults are affectionate and very calm, but also playful. Whippets will thrive on almost any kind of food, but if you’re not like me (generic dog food tossed in a bin) then I think that your Whippet will do well on any of the foods I’ve suggested above. Any of these foods will help to ensure that your Whippet enjoys a long, healthy life with you and your family.

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