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Fromm Dog Food

How much is Fromm Dog Food?


If you are thinking of buying products from this brand, then you may ask yourself how much is Fromm dog food. You’re in luck, as this article will answer that question and give you reliable information regarding the cost of the brand’s most popular products.

Fromm Dog Food Products

Fromm is fully aware of what dogs need in the sense it constantly produces more than a hundred dog foods. The variety of products the brand has depends on a dog’s size, weight, and age. It is even possible for you to find special foods for obese, overweight, sick, and pregnant dogs. The goal of the company is to produce products that will fit the specific needs of a dog.

Also, note that the varieties are specialized based on ingredients to produce a certain health benefit for a specific dog. There are foods designed to address certain health needs of an aged dog. You can also find products from the brand designed to prevent certain canine ailments and any damage that aging can do to dogs. The products are also aligned with your dog’s activity level, making it possible for him to reach and maintain his target weight.

Fromm products include canned wet foods and dry dog foods stored in a kibble. The kibble’s size and shape will be aligned with the size and weight of a dog. Fromm also made a point of producing various shapes of kibble for every dog food product they offer. This is to ensure buyers find it easier to identify each product. If you have more than one dog, then such idea also makes it easier for you to feed each dog the right product.

Also, Fromm’s product line is divided into three major categories – The Classic, Gold, and Four Star. The Gold category provides buyers with a wide range of flavors, including surf and turf, and game. The goal is to provide your dog with numerous choices, allowing him to eat well and in a healthy way. The Gold product line is also meant for dogs considered finicky eaters.

Every dog food offered by Fromm has a label that indicates the type of dog it can cater to. For instance, you can find labels for puppies, large dogs, and older dogs. With such labels, selecting the perfect food designed for the specific needs of your dog will be much easier. Also, the brand offers gluten-free and grain-free products.

They also use different meat varieties, making it possible for you to choose the meat that you and your dog prefer. You can also take advantage of their healthy plant-only dog foods.

To clearly show you what the brand can offer, here are some of its most popular products with their present prices, categorized based on the specific product lines they belong to.

Fromm Classic Dog Foods


(1) Fromm Classic Mature Adult Dog Food

With its real chicken flavor, your dog will love this product from the Fromm Classic product line. It helps maintain the weight of adult dogs. It also works for senior dogs and less active adult dogs. What’s good about this dry dog food is it uses real chicken as its base, allowing it to serve as an excellent source of protein. It also contains white rice, brown rice, and barley –known for providing carbs that are easy to digest.

It is also rich in omega fatty acids designed to improve the health of your dog’s skin and keep his coat shiny. The fact thatit has a delicious chicken taste will also please the taste buds of even the pickiest dog. As for the price, expect the 15-lb. bag of this product to be available on Amazon for $49.97.


(2) Fromm Classic Adult Dog Food

The adult dog food from the Fromm Classic product line is mainly designed for adult dogs that arenormally active. It is designed so your dog will receive a balanced and complete nutrition. It even has healthy levels of fat and quality protein, making it possible for your adult dog to get a good supply of the mentioned nutrients based on what he needs every day.

Aside from that, it is also rich in essential vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids, and cooked carbs. That’s all made possible with the natural formulation used in the food, which comprises real chicken, whole eggs, brown rice, and real cheese. You can also get the Fromm Classic Adult Dog Food from Amazon for around $79.50 for every 33-lb. bag.

Fromm Four-Star Dog Foods


(1) Fromm Four-Star Duck and Sweet Potato

One of the most popular products in the Four-Star Nutritionals product line from Fromm is the duck and sweet potato variety. It makes use of real duck, which is a great source of protein. What’s good about this product is it supports the needs of all sizes and breeds of dogs. Aside from the high-quality protein provided by real duck, it also provides other nutrients derived from fresh produce, as the dog food also contains sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, and cranberries.

With all the mentioned ingredients, you have assurance that your furry friend will receive a well-balanced and rounded nutrition free of unnecessary and unwanted fillers. In addition, it contains Omega fatty acids designed to improve the health of his skin and coat. There is also a good amount of probiotics, which is beneficial for his digestive system. It is available at Amazon and Walmart for around $39.95 and $51.66, respectively.


(2) Fromm Four-Star Lamb and Lentil

Another great choice in the Four-Star product line is the Lamb and Lentil variety. It is grain-free, which is a good thing if your dog has an allergic reaction or sensitivity to grains. It is also made with only minimal ingredients, incorporating only the healthy ones. With that in mind, there is a guarantee it can support the requirements of all dog breeds, regardless of what life stage they are in.

The product is also rich in protein. In addition, it contains fresh produce, including yellow squash, broccoli, and zucchini –designed to offer a good supply of easy-to-digest and high-quality carbs. It is also rich in Omega fatty acids and probiotics. It is sold at Amazon for around $29.89.


(3) Fromm Four-Star Surf and Turf 

You can also feed your dog the surf and turf variety from the Fromm Four-Star product line. It is known for being a grain-free dog food containing wild salmon. The wild salmon serves as its main ingredient, which is the meat used in this dog food. Such ingredient is a great addition, considering it is rich in protein. It also contains potatoes, known as good sources of carbohydrates.

In addition, it makes use of hand-picked fruits and veggies for its ingredients. Other ingredients used in this dog food are duck, chicken, real Wisconsin cheese, and eggs. The food is also known for providing dogs with a good amount of healthy fat, Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, and probiotics. It is possible for you to buy this product at Amazon for $63 per 12-lb. bag.

Fromm Gold Dog Foods


(1) FFromm Puppy Gold

Fromm Puppy Gold is designed for puppies and nursing mothers and pregnant dogs. It has a natural formulation composed of duck, lamb, and chicken –known for providing your dog with a good amount of protein. In addition, it contains oatmeal, which is a good source of not only high-quality carbs but also soluble fiber and protein.

This dog food from the Fromm Gold product line also contains pearled barley, which can supply protein and slow-burning carbs designed to keep your dog’s blood sugar under control. The product also contains real Wisconsin cheese, whole eggs, and salmon oil, which is good for his coat.

The product is available at Amazon and Walmart. A 5-lb. bag costs around $30.95 at Amazon and around $50.04 at Walmart.


(2) Fromm Large Breed Puppy Gold

If your puppy comes from a large breed, then the Fromm Large Breed Puppy Gold is definitely a great dog food option for him. It supports the needs of large breeds of puppies, specifically those that weigh more than 50 lbs. once they reach adulthood. It is prepared using high-quality protein derived from real chicken, duck, and lamb. Such ingredients are also paired with fresh produce, like carrots and potatoes. In addition, it contains real Wisconsin cheese.

All these ingredients make the dog food contain a balanced and rounded nutrition with no fillers. It is good for digestion, considering it is also enhanced with probiotics. The fact it contains no artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors makes it safe and healthy for your dog to consume, too. You can purchase this Fromm dog food at Amazon for around $75 for every 33-lb. bag.


(3) Fromm Adult Gold

This product from the Fromm Gold product line is more suitable for active adult dogs. It is mainly because it comes with a moderately high fat content. It also works well for dog breeds that have a high level of energy, like Boxers and Pitbull. The main ingredient used in this dog food is duck, which means it can offer a good supply of animal protein. It also contains chicken meal and real chicken – both of which can supply sufficient amounts of protein.

Another great ingredient added to Fromm Adult Dog is brown rice. It is rich in complex carbs, which your dog can easily digest provided it’s cooked. There is also salmon oil added to the recipe, making it helpful for dogs who need to maintain a healthy coat.

Other healthy ingredients added to this product are real Wisconsin cheese and whole eggs. It’s also good for digestion, considering it contains probiotics. You can take advantage of all the benefits provided by this product by buying it from Amazon for around $76 per 33-lb. bag.


(4) Fromm Small Breed Adult Gold

This dog food is designed for small breed adult dogs who need help in metabolizing fat. It is rich in fat and protein, which is supportive in fat metabolism for adult dogs of toy and small breeds. It is also formulated in such a way it can handle the nutritional needs of active small breeds, like Chihuahuas and Shih Tzu.

With its natural formulation containing chicken, duck, whole eggs, and chicken, you have assurance this dog food is rich in protein. In addition, it supports healthy digestion with the probiotics present in the dog food. Expect it to be a huge help in maintaining the healthy coat of your dog with its salmon oil content. You can get the 5-lb. bag for around $33.81 at Amazon.

Fromm Dog Food Products On Amazon

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Fromm Classic Adult Dog Food
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Fromm Four-Star Surf and Turf
Fromm Puppy Gold
Fromm Large Breed Puppy Gold
Fromm Adult Gold
Fromm Small Breed Adult Gold

Final Words

Fromm has been in the business of supplying dog owners with high-quality dog foods for several years. That said, there’s assurance it can meet the nutritional needs of your dog. Just be fully aware of how much is Fromm dog food so you can figure out which of its products suits your dog’s needs and your budget.

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