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Dogs Rule Internet

25 Dogs That Rule the Internet


I don’t know about you, but every time I open up my Facebook, I’m deluged with pictures of dogs. And it’s not all pictures posted by my dog-loving friends, although for sure they’re plentiful. Those amazing Facebook algorithms just know my passion, and I’m always assured of more than enough beautiful pictures and fun links that if I wanted to, I could probably spend all day just noodling around, and then I’d never get my posts done!

Of course I love other animals too, and often get sidetracked by famous birds, cats, pigs, raccoons and other creatures. My passion, though, is dogs. A while back, I did a post called Famous Cartoon Dogs, in which I told you about the animated canines that I love. I thought, though, that this time I’d give a bit of attention to real dogs that are achieving fame on the Internet. Of course there are many more than just the 25 I’m going to list here, but these are the ones that tug at my heart. So, without further ado, her are 25 dogs that rule the Internet.

1. Denver the Guilty Dog

Of all the Internet dogs, I have to say I like Denver the best. Oddly enough, I assumed that Denver was a boy until I read about her children’s book series. Not that it matters, of course – she’s hilarious, and that’s all that counts! I love watching Denver’s Youtube videos (can you imagine that she’s trending toward 40 million views?). She’s such a fun, mischievous dog, especially when she’s stealing kitty treats.

Denver the Guilty Dog

2. The Pointer Brothers

This is a classic example of rescue dogs making good! These two German Short-Haired Pointers live in Canada, and they’re the stars of some of the most amusing hashtag campaigns, like #PeanutButterSeriies and #IfMyDogWas Human.

The Pointer Brothers

3. Stuff on Scout’s Head

This is another “feel good” story. Scout is another rescue, and before his mom adopted him, he was abused, traumatized, underfed and neglected. Now he makes a career out of balancing things on his head. He and his mom have even published a book!

Stuff on Scout’s Head

4. Manny the Frenchie

Who doesn’t love French Bulldogs, with those adorable bat ears! Manny is cute as a button, and he’s also charitably-minded. He has his own website, his own line of clothing, and raises a lot of money for various causes.

Manny the Frenchie

5. 3Bulldogges

More French Bulldogs! Buddha, Ayumi and Sumo love to spoon, and love to show you pictures of them spooning. They also get up to all manner of other fun activities, which they are happy to share on Instagram.


6. Toast Meets World

This is another “feel good” story. Toast was a breeding bitch in a puppy mill until she was rescued. Now, she’s away from that horrible environment, enjoys a fabulous life in New York City, and works to promote awareness of puppy mills. She’s also a bit of a fashionista, and has designed a tote bag that she sells online. Proceeds are donated to campaigns that raise awareness of the evils of puppy mills.

Toast Meets World

7. Harlow and Sage

Can you picture a huge Weimaraner and a little bitty Dachshund/Yorkshire Terrier cross living compatibly with one another? Well, they can – Harlow and Sage are proof. In between cuddles, they’re working on a book which should be available soon.

Harlow and Sage

8. Sadie Tripawd

The “Tripawd” part tells you what this is all about. Sadie is missing a leg, but for sure she doesn’t let it slow her down. She has a Vine account that is full of sweet, inspirational moments, and is proof that dogs with disabilities can live a happy, fulfilled life.

Sadie Tripawd

9. Hamilton Pug

Can you imagine a site where Pugs get together every week to talk about issues like shedding, food, funny Pug behavior and more? If you can’t, then check out Hamilton Pug’s twitter feed, #Pugchat. Hamilton is an amazing facilitator, and he’s even appeared on Good Morning America a number of times.

Hamilton Pug

10. Corgnelius and Stumphrey

I’m not fond of dressing dogs up, but Corgnelius and Stumphrey seem to love “putting on the dog,” so who am I to argue? They have a book coming out soon, so watch for it.

Corgnelius and Stumphrey

11. Barkley Sir Charles

I’m starting to wonder if you have to be a French Bulldog to be a real star, because here’s another one. Don’t confuse him with the basketball player of the similar name – this Barkley is much cuter, and also considerably more photogenic.

Barkley Sir Charles

12. Larry the Dog

I just love Larry! He’s a true ambassador for a much-maligned breed (see The Truth About Pit Bulls), and anyone who visits Larry’s website is going to see that these dogs are generally sweet-natured, fun-loving and possessed of a great sense of humor. If you have a prejudice against Pit Bulls, spend some time on Larry’s site – he and his human will set you straight. Keep up the good work, Larry! You too, human.

Larry the Dog

13. Marnie the Dog

Marnie is an elderly Shih-Tzu rescue who loves to hang out with celebrities, and works tirelessly to promote the adoption of senior dogs.Marnie the Dog

Marnie the Dog

14. Maymo the Lemon Beagle

Maymo pretty much invented dog shaming. He and his sister, Penny, have appeared on television shows and various websites. He’s not really a bad dog, though – he just likes to have fun with the shaming thing.

Maymo the Lemon Beagle

15. Cooking with Dog

Well, I usually do end up talking about one or more of my own dogs during the course of these posts, so I have to tell you that my Leroy just loves cooking! Of course I don’t mean that he’s helping me chop celery or anything like that, but the thing is, when I’m cooking, he’s fascinated by the whole process – he’s not just hanging around waiting for treats. He can stand by the stove for an hour or more, never get a single thing, and still be totally focused on what’s going on.

Cooking with Dog

Leroy even sometimes asks me to cook. He’ll hang around the stove, wander over to the refrigerator, whimper a bit, go back to the stove – you get the idea. One time, I was upstairs working on the computer, and Leroy started whining and pawing at the front door. Of course, I assumed he had to do his business, so I left the computer and opened the door. He refused to go out. Instead, he ran to the stove, sat in front of it and just grinned. I swear, he was saying “Well, I don’t really have to go out, but since you’re here, how about we cook something?” He was trying to trick me into cooking!

So, you can imagine why Leroy and I both love watching “Cooking With Dog.” The dog, in this case, is Francis, who cooks with a Japanese chef whose name is not revealed. Leroy and I were both sad to learn, though, that Francis passed in November. RIP, Francis; you were a good dog, and we will see you in reruns.

16. Maddie on Things

Maddie is a Coonhound who travels the country with her dad, who takes photos of Maddie. On things. Maddie’s dad, Theron Humphrey, is committed to dog rescue and highlighting the ways that our dogs improve our lives.

Maddie on Things

17. Digby Van Winkle

Digby Van Winkle kind of looks like an Ewok, but he’s much cuter and considerably less obnoxious. He lives in New Zealand, with his brother, Aloysius, and they’re both very photogenic.

Digby Van Winkle

18. Menswear Dog

Can you imagine a dog that actually wears a suit better than most men? Believe me, this dog is stylin’! It’s not just suits, either – he looks great in anything he wears. He has his own book, too.Menswear Dog

Menswear Dog

19. Rosie Pig

Rosie Pig is supposedly half Chihuahua and half pig. From the look of her, if I didn’t know that such a thing is impossible, I’d probably believe it. What can’t be disputed, though, is that she’s pretty funny. Her Vine site is full of fun photos that show her at her best and worst. She’ll make you laugh, and that’s what it’s all about.

Rosie Pig

20. Minnie and Max Pugs

Next to Frenchies, Pugs seem to pretty much own the Internet. Minnie and Max are indisputably stars, having been featured on Ellen, The Tonight Show and Good Morning America to name just a few of their appearances.

Minnie and Max Pugs

21. Trotter Pup

She’s fat. She’s feisty. And she’s got more costumes than Cher. Gotta love her!

Trotter Pup

22. Fifty the Two-Legged Pit Bull

Here’s another Pit Bull ambassador, and proof that even dogs with serious disabilities can enjoy a fun-filled life. Fifty and his friend, Rude Dog, work to raise money for dogs whose people can’t afford veterinary care. Good dogs!

Fifty the Two-Legged Pit Bull

23. Susie’s Senior Dogs

Susie is a senior dog, a mixed breed, who was adopted by Brandon Stanton, a New York photographer. Brandon loved Susie so much that he and his girlfriend set up a Facebook page devoted to promoting the adoption of elderly dogs. Good dog, Susie. Good person, Brandon. Good person, girlfriend.

Susie’s Senior Dogs

24. Tuna

Tuna is not a pretty dog by any stretch of the imagination. He has a shriveled neck and a face that is honestly less than pleasing. But some people (me included) find him adorable. His mom felt the same way, and began posting “Tuna memes” representing him as an underdog, with the goal of encouraging people to rescue. It’s working!


25. Boo

Boo might have actually been the first Internet celebrity dog. His mom works at Facebook, and she made a page for Boo in 2009. Since then, Khloé Kardashian has referred to Boo as “the cutest dog on the planet,” and various other celebrities have linked to Boo’s page. Today, Boo has four books to his credit, and even a Gund toy made in his image.



The Final Word

Yes, I know, I didn’t provide links. That’s because it’s a lot of work, and I’m lazy, and besides, I’ve already verified that if you simply take the header for the description of any of these dogs, copy it and paste it into Google Search, you’ll get to where you need to be and find other useful sites as well.

Some of these sites are just for fun – Denver, for instance. Others can lead you to information that will help you if you’re interested in rescuing dogs, or helping dogs that have disabilities. All of them are proof of the power of the Internet when it comes to disseminating information.

I think what I’m trying to say is that often, dog owners want to get a message out there. And often, they’ll use their dog’s misbehavior or funny appearance to do it. I’m pretty sure the dogs don’t mind, and if dog owners can use the Internet to convince people to rescue, to point out that senior dogs and disabled dogs can still have a very good quality of life, and to bring attention to other issues that affect dogs, then I’m all for it. I salute all 25 of these dogs, and their wonderful, caring owners. So, my friends, get Googling and check out their websites and social media accounts. You’ll have fun, and you might even end up motivated to do something to help dogs in need.

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