Your Guide to Finding Dog Trainers in Nashville TN


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Well, it really is true that no good deed goes unpunished. Last week, I posted Your Guide to Finding Dog Trainers in Fayetteville, NC, in response to a request from my friend, Rachel, who moved there recently and is apparently incapable of Googling. This week, I was absolutely deluged with requests for recommendations of dog trainers in various cities.

Like, can’t anyone Google? Is it all on me? Apparently so.

I’m not going to promise anything here, but I will try, over the next little while, to offer up a few suggestions for dog trainers in various cities. This week, it’s going to be Nashville, Tennessee. So, if you have a new dog, or if you have an older dog that you’d like to see behaving a bit better, here are some of the best dog trainers in Nashville. This is by no means a comprehensive list – there are probably at least a hundred really good dog trainers in Nashville, but I can’t list them all due to space limitations. I’m leaving many good trainers out, so I encourage you to do your own research and find the best dog trainers in Nashville. Most of them are found right in town, and those that aren’t are on the outskirts.

About Nashville and Dogs

Nashville is home to any number of awesome country singers and bands, and also home to many dogs. If you live in Nashville, and have behavioral problems with your dog, there is no shortage of help. Here, in no particular order, are some of the best dog trainers in Nashville.

Sabra Dog Training

This dog training facility offers private lessons covering both basic obedience and behavioral issues. If you want to have your dog trained in your home, you can do that too, provided that you do not live any father than 46 miles away. The main trainer at Sabra is Avalet Berger, who is a certified trainer, and she’s backed up by Ellen Mahurin, who is an animal behaviorist.

You can contact Sabra Dog Training by visiting their website at or calling 615-450-0358.

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Nashville K-9

Nashville K-9 offers a huge indoor facility and training conducted by qualified professionals. With this dog trainer in Nashville, your dog will begin with basic obedience training, and then, through practice and repetition. Nashville K-9 trains police dogs, so training your guy how to sit, stay and more is easy. You can contact Nashville K-9 via their website at

one number: (615) 438-2602

Dogs and Kat

Dogs and Kat is the brainchild of Kat Martin, who is a dog psychologist and dog trainer in Nashville who can help you to teach your dog manners. If your dog jumps on the leash or otherwise behaves badly, Kat can help. You can reach her at her website, or by phone at 615-712-6083

Dog Daycare Nashville

This is a local daycare and boarding center that also provides obedience training, and that has handled over a hundred dogs and their owners. Dogs can take day classes, or be boarded in. The main factor is communication and teaching people how to work with their dogs. You can check out their website at or pone them at 615-356-6678.

Kip Kirby

Kip Kirby specializes on teaching manners to dogs. If your dog chews, jumps, pulls or doesn’t come when he’s called, you can get help by visiting this dog trainer in Nashville. The website is or you can phone865-548-7655.

Dog Training by Andrea

If you’ve seen dogs in movies, they might have been trained by Andrea. She’s a veteran in the industry, and knows a lot about animal behavior. She also works wit average dog owners, and she is very kind and gentle. You can visit her website at or phone her at 662-313-4110.

Off Leash K9 Training LLC

One of the biggest problems dog owners have when looking for dog trainers in Nashville is making sure that their dog doesn’t run off when off-leash. If that sounds like you and your dog, then this could be the right training program for you. It covers basic obedience, and you can go on to more advanced study. Visit the website at or phone 615-878-3929.

Come Sit Stay

This is a boutique-style training facility that offers not just training, but the supplies that you will need to work with your dog. Your dog will play with handlers and other dogs while you learn how to communicate and bond more effectively. Visit the website at or phone 615-473-7910.

Advanced Canine | Nashville Dog Training

This facility has been in business for more than 30 years, so they have to be getting something right. Training is based on general obedience along with positive reinforcement. There are seven sessions every day, so you can be assured of finding a time that works for you. Contact Advanced Canine by visiting their website at or by calling 615-866-1365.

The Dog Wizard of Nashville

I’m not sure who this “Dog Wizard” is, since a name is not forthcoming. He does, however, seem to have quite a following, and claims to cover basic obedience, behavioral issues, agility training and more. He also offers a free evaluation. To learn more, visit the Dog Wizard’s website at or pone 615-729-0300.

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The Final Word

There are so many great dog trainers in Nashville TN. These are just ten of them. I apologize to all the other outstanding dog trainers in Nashville that I didn’t mention – I am limited by space. And I encourage anyone who is looking for dog trainers in Nashville to Google vigorously, check out reviews, and come to their own conclusions.

Of course you can train your dog on your own, at home, but if you need a bit of help, these are very good places to get it.