Your Guide to Finding Dog Trainers in St. Louis, MO


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There are a lot of dogs in St. Louis, MO and a lot of dog trainers in the surrounding area. I was surprised, though, to find out that there really aren’t that many dog trainers in St. Louis proper; most of them are on the outskirts. The good news is that most of them aren’t any more than an hour away.

I’ve found several great dog trainers in St. Louis. Here they are.


This dog training facility opened in 1988 with the goal of serving all the needs of all dogs in the area. The staff is certified, and highly competent. When you bring your dog to Petropolis, the first thing they will do is evaluate your dog and then create a plan for achieving your training goals. Their philosophy is that every dog is an individual, and in order to help your dog learn, you have to understand his strengths. The evaluation is free, and then Petropolis will work with you to create the plan that is right for your dog.

You can reach Petropolis by calling 636-537-2322 or by visiting their website at

The Watering Bowl.

The premise of The Watering Bowl is that for dogs to succeed, they have to be well-socialized. With this in mind, they offer leash-free and cage-free play for dogs. Although the main focus is on doggie daycare, The Watering Bowl also offers basic obedience classes, intermediate classes and even in-home classes under the direction of Tracy Pritchard, who is a certified professional trainer.

You can get in touch with The Watering Bowl by calling 636-692-6620 or visiting their website at

No Leash Needed

No Leash Needed is operated by a woman who simply goes by the name of Shannon M. She founded No Leash Needed because other dog trainers in St. Louis simply weren’t working out for her dog. Shannon offers private lessons, in-home lessons and group classes with flexible scheduling.

You can reach No Leash Needed by calling 314-395-5900 or visiting the website at

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The Dog House

The Dog House takes as its philosophy the belief that there are no bad dogs – just dogs who don’t understand how their humans want to interact with them. All the trainers are certified and have graduated top of their class. They believe in motivation, consistency and timing, and that’s what informs all their instruction methods.

The Dog House can be reached by calling 636-677-3131, or by accessing their website at

Kennelwood Pet Resorts

Kennelwood Pet Resorts actually has a number of locations throughout the St. Louis area. They specialize in behavior problems like pulling on the leash, disobeying commands and uncontrolled barking, and can be reached by phone at 314-429-2100 or online at

Rosie’s Doggie Day Care and More

As you might expect from the name, you can bring your dog to daycare at Rosie’s. They offer much more than just daycare, though; you can bring your dog in for walking services, spa care and grooming, too. Private and group lessons are available, and will begin with a consultation during which the trainer will find out what your dog is like, and what you expect from training. They also offer post-training support via email.

You can reach Rosie’s by phone at 314-293-9889 or via their website at

Baxter’s K-9 Complex

Don’t let the cuteness of the name fool you; Baxter’s K-9 Complex is very serious about dog training. Founded by Tony Lampert, who began working with dogs at a very young age (even before he graduated high school!), the facility is named for Baxter, Tony’s Belgian Malinois.

Tony offers the “Sit Means Sit” program, and if you think that sounds intense, you’re right; it is. Tony wants your dog to respond instantly and obediently. He wants you to be in charge. And he’ll show you how to make that happen.

Call Baxter’s K-9 Complex at 636-939-3000, or check out the website at

WestIinn Kennels

Westlinn Kennels is mainly a boarding facility but also offers daycare, grooming and training. They base their training methods in positive reinforcement, and they have a number of classes ranging from preschool for puppies to agility classes for adult dogs. You can visit their website at or call them at 636-441-8948.

K-9 Pack Leader

K-9 Pack Leader states as its mission reducing the number of dogs that are euthanized simply because people don’t know how to handle them. They offer obedience training, behavior modification, service dog training, rehabilitation and other services.

You can reach K-9 Pack Leader by calling 314-660-5316 or checking out their website at

Helping Hounds Training

This is another training facility that operates under the principle of positive reinforcement with the goal of creating strong relationships between people and their dogs. If your dog jumps, chews or pulls on the leash, Helping Hounds can provide solutions. Call them at 314-369-6557 or visit their website at

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The Final Word

There are any number of highly competent dog trainers in the St. Louis, MO area. They’re not all located right in St. Louis, but if you don’t mind going a bit outside the immediate area, you’ll find lots of help.

I haven’t by any means covered all the dog trainers in St. Louis, but these will get you started.