Your Guide to Finding Dog Trainers in Jacksonville, FL


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It’s never easy finding a dog trainer in any community. You’re going to get recommendations from friends that turn out to be less than stellar, and sometimes also find trainers that just don’t suit you.

I don’t claim to be an expert when it comes to finding dog trainers in Jacksonville, FL, but I do know of a few that are pretty good. For a small community, Jacksonville actually has a lot of dog trainers, many of which operate within the city limits. You can still get a good trainer as little as half an hour away. So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best dog trainers in Jacksonville, FL.

Dog Trainers

Bark Boutique

Bark Boutique has been in business since 2009. They don’t just train; they also offer a grooming salon, and they sell dog-related products like leashes, collars, toys and more. Bark Boutique offers small classes where your dog can learn basic obedience and manners, and also become socialized with other dogs.

You can reach Bark Boutique via their website

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Happy Hound Dog Resorts

If you have a big dog, this could be the perfect training site for you. It’s located in a 15,000 foot space so there’s plenty of room for even the most extensive training needs. Additionally, Happy Hound uses only positive reinforcement training methods. They also offer daycare, boarding and grooming services.

You can reach Happy Hound by calling 902-800-8800 or visiting their website at

Karma K9

If your dog needs a lot of training, he can get it at Karma K9, where your dog can “move in” and work with a trainer 24/7. In-home sessions are also available. Call 902-372-3559 or visit the website at

K-9 Obedience Club

K-9 Obedience Club has been training dogs in Jacksonville since the 1950s. They provide training sessions, seminars and clubs that work to help people with training issues. If your dog has trouble with impulse control or other behavioral issues, this is where you need to be. Phone 902-733-2112 or visit for more information.

Unleash Fido

Unleash Fido’s goal is to help you build a good relationship with your dog, and they do this by providing private lessons and group classes. All breeds are welcome. You can learn more by calling 904-803-4576, or visiting their website at

Sit Happens

I love this name! And I also love the fact that Sit Happens will bring their training skills to you wherever you are. If your dog is anxious or otherwise seems to be untrainable, Sit Happens can help. Call them at 902-248-8309 or check out their website at

Kamp K-9

This is a multilevel training center where the staff has many, many years of training experience behind them. You can board your dog at Kamp K-9 and pick him up fully trained. Call 904-566-7625.

Project Good Dog

Project Good Dog works with all breeds, and specializes in training and behavior modification. If your dog has behavior issues, separation anxiety or other difficulties, then Project Good Dog can help. Call 904-651-1782 or visit


It might sound funny to recommend a retailer when it comes to training, but the fact is that PetSmart actually gets the job done, using only accredited dog trainers and techniques that are approved by animal behaviorists. Personally, I find it very pleasing that a pet retailer actually seems to care about good outcomes when it comes to training.

Jacksonville PetSmart is available by calling 904-724-4600.

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The Final Word

It’s not always easy finding dog trainers in your area. There are any number of pet trainers that claim to know what they’re doing but might not. If you’re looking for dog trainers in Jacksonville, FL, though, these are some of the ones that I would recommend.

You might find other trainers that are just as good, but I think that this will get your started.

One thing that I would suggest, though, is that you might want to consider training your dog yourself. This is because training goes a long way toward forging a bond between you and your dog, and it seems to me that anything that you can do with your dog works to foster that bond. It’s always better to have your dog bond to you than to a professional trainer. So before you rush out and try to find dog trainers in Jacksonville, FL, think about doing it yourself. Your dog wants to bond to you, not to someone else, so keep that in mind when you’re thinking about training.

For that matter, in any location, I think it’s better if you work with your dog instead of handing off the job. I know that I love working with Janice and Leroy, and I’d never even think of asking someone else to do my work; I love my dogs. I love helping them become everything that they can be. I love them. And that means that whatever I can do with them, I do; it’s not someone else’s job; it’s mine.

So, if you absolutely don’t have the time to work with your dog, it’s better to get a trainer than to do nothing at all. But if you can make time to work with your dog, that’s always best.

Just my take on it, of course, and you can feel free to disagree. Leave a comment, and let’s talk about the ways that we train our dogs.