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Make A Paper Mache Dog!

The author of Make A Paper Mache Dog! makes the process simple, offering 27 different dog breed patterns for you to follow. Each of these patterns will guide you as you bend wires and create your finished sculpture. By following the patterns, you will create a paper mache dog with the exact proportions you want. You can also change the body pattern to change the dog’s pose. Next, it is time to fill in the armature.

To begin, trace a dog image or picture onto a large piece of butcher paper or cardboard. Then, wrap the armature in chicken wire and stuff with crumbled newspaper. Once dry, apply a varnish to protect the paper mache dog and add shine. Make sure the dog is secure before displaying it. Make sure it is sturdy before displaying it in your home! To complete the process, you can even add a small bone to the bottom of the dog.

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Paper mache is a great alternative if you don’t have the artistic talent or the time to spend on a detailed armature. It’s not about creating beautiful sculptures, but about having fun! You can make a Paper Mache dog that looks like just about anything – from a cartoon character to a cartoon dog. Here are a few tips for making a Paper Mache dog.

Depending On Your Settings

You can use any image or picture you want to make a paper mache dog. Trace the image on a large sheet of butcher paper or cardboard. Once complete, wrap it in chicken wire and stuff it with crumbled newspaper. Apply more chicken wire over the armature to secure it in place. Once this is done, your dog is ready to be painted! You can also make a realistic-looking dog from scratch, depending on your preferences!

If you don’t have a craft glue gun, you can buy white PVA glue. You can also use wood glue or white school glue. Either of these two materials will work. The white glue won’t mold but is stickier. Depending on the size of your project, you may want to try a mixture of white glue and water. Just remember to follow the instructions carefully and follow the instructions.

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To make a paper mache dog, you will need to soak some toilet paper in water. You can also use packing paper. First, cut the packing paper into thin strips and place them over the toilet paper tube. The next step is to make a paste by mixing equal parts of flour and water. Then, mix this paste with a few drops of glue. Add some all-purpose white flour, too, if you like.

Masking Tape

To make a papier-mache dog, you need three pieces of newspaper crumpled into balls. Next, place these newspaper balls on flat sheets and roll them up. The result will be a tube-like shape that looks like a dog. Masking tape is a handy tool for holding it all together. Once the head is secure, you can begin applying the paper mache.

Once you’ve cut out the basic shapes of your dog, you can begin sculpting the face and legs of your pet. Start by folding a piece of newspaper into a sausage shape. Next, twist the paper at each end, using masking tape to hold it together. You’ll want to make the head and legs look like bones, with small scrunches to indicate the bones. After that, you can tape the paper to the body of the dog.

After the wire is covered in paper mache, you can add details to the head and legs. For example, to make the eyes cut a triangle or an oval out of a grocery store box and place it on top of the head of the paper mache dog. Once finished, wrap the wire with masking tape. Make sure all wire parts are covered before you start applying the glue. While the glue dries, you can also paint the animal with acrylic paint.

Age Appropriate If Relevant

If you’re planning a craft activity for your kids this Earth Day, make sure to pick an age appropriate activity. Younger children may be happy to make gooey crafts, but older children might enjoy paper mache and painting. Here are some suggestions for age-appropriate paper-mache dog crafts for young children. Age-appropriate activities for children range from toddlers to teens.

Enhance The Quality

The quality of paper mache dogs varies according to their material and finish. Although paper itself is a major component, paper mache is strengthened further by gluing fabric scraps and dryer lint into the paste. Moreover, dollar bills are reinforced with the fabric fibers of blue jeans. However, some finishes are not available for every specification. For example, a white dog may be made from a blue shirt and a brown one from a pair of jeans.

Deliver And Measure

You can make a paper mache dog out of any image or picture you have. To make one, draw the image on a large piece of butcher paper or cardboard. Then, wrap the shape with chicken wire and fill it with crumbled newspaper. After that, varnish it to add shine and durability. Here are some tips and tricks to make a paper mache dog. Once it’s finished, your paper mache dog is ready for display.

First, you’ll need to get a measuring tape. Make sure the paper mache dog is as large as possible. You’ll have to add some extra room to accommodate it, and then you can use a tape measure to help you with the measurements. You can make the armature with wire or a plastic skewer for extra dimension. If you’re going to make it out of cardboard, you might need a measuring tape.

Once you have the size, you can start building the papier mache body. The best way to create the snout is to use two or three newspaper strips. The strips should be at least one inch thick and 2.5 cm wide. Once you have a sturdy frame, you can start molding the strips. Again, you’ll need a variety of different sizes and shapes for the body. Whether you’re building a dog with the legs, head, or whole body, it’s important to measure carefully, so you don’t damage the papier mache.


Watch several Make a paper mache dog videos to learn how to assemble the armature. After the armature is complete, fill the dog with crumpled newspaper or foil. Next, use hot glue to add crumpled foil and paper to the body patterns. You can also use crumpled newspaper as the dog’s body. After it’s ready, move it to a suitable pose. Once the armature is finished, the next step is to fill in the body.


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