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Prong Collars

The Truth About Prong Collars

Not all that long ago, dogs were almost always trained using chain slip collars, known more commonly as choke collars. Now, there are any number of collars in use. Many dog owners favor the nylon slip collar, which applies a … Continue reading

Dementia in Dogs

Dementia in Dogs

It’s easy to tell when a dog is getting old, because they display many of the same signs that humans do – stiffness in the joints, greying or whitening hair (especially on the muzzle and around the eyes), dental issues, … Continue reading

Dogs Watch TV

Do Dogs Watch TV?

It seems as though there’s a lot of debate as to whether dogs watch TV. Some people insist that they’re not really watching, just expressing mild interest in the flickering images from time to time. My buddy Al insists that … Continue reading