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Pit Bulls

The Real Truth About Pit Bulls One thing that really irritates me is the way that news services have to sensationalize everything. You’ve probably heard the phrase that is supposed to be common in newsrooms, “If it bleeds, it leads.” So if you believe the … Continue reading

House Training an Older Dog

House Training an Older Dog Everyone knows that puppies need to be house trained – they aren’t born knowing where they’re supposed to do their business, and what areas are off limits. Most of us, though, don’t think of adult dogs as requiring house … Continue reading

Dog Vomiting

Caring for Your Vomiting Dog Every dog owner knows that from time to time, they are going to be called upon to clean up a puddle of vomit deposited by their canine friend. Of course, this is not a task that anyone enjoys, but … Continue reading

Dog Talking

What is Your Dog Trying to Say? Dogs can be so good at expressing themselves – a paw resting on your arm or knee means “pet me,” a head cocked to one side means “I am trying to understand what you’re saying,” and of course a … Continue reading

Treating Dog Bite Wound

Treating Dog Bite Wounds(Video) So, the worst has happened. Your dog has bitten. Perhaps he bit another dog, another person, or his veterinarian. Now, your dog is in trouble, and so is the other living creature that was bitten. Bite wounds, even if … Continue reading

Dogs Probiotics

Should You Give Your Dog Probiotics?(Video) You have seen the ads on television and magazines, for various probiotic foods and supplements that claim to help your digestive system, and you may have wondered if there is any truth to the representations that are made. Actually, … Continue reading