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Help, I Have a Smelly Puppy!

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I remember when I picked up Janice and Leroy, and took them in my arms for the first time. I just loved the smell! There was nothing better than that puppy smell. I took he two of them down to my local convenience store, where I introduced them to the owner, Chandra. She grabbed onto them and said “Oh, I just LOVE that puppy smell!

So why so people complain about puppy smell

I mean, what’s up with that? Don’t you love puppies? What’s wrong with the smell?

Why would anyone think that puppy smell would be something that would clear a room?

Puppy’s Don’t Stink!

Why would you think that a puppy stinks?

Well, there could be a few reasons, but they’re usually easy to fix. Maybe your puppy has bad breath. This could have a lot to do with what he’s putting in his mouth. Puppies are often curious, and take things into their mouths that the rest of us wouldn’t even consider.

If that happens, you can squeeze the anal glands to express the undesirable compounds. If it doesn’t work, you might have to see your vet. Some vets think that it is not a good idea to squeeze the anal glands.

Bad Teeth or Gums

Your puppy might also be emitting a nasty odor if he has infected gums or dental disease. This is often accompanied by excessive drooling. Usually dental issues manfet in older dogs, but they can also occur in puppies.


Bad breath can also occur when your puppy is teething, and the cause is much the same as it is in adult dogs – bacteria collecting under the gum line. Often, if this is the case, your puppy’s breath will smell like fish. This is not something that should b ignored, so see your vet as soon as possible.


Infected Ears

Another reason that you might have a smelly puppy is that his ears have become infected. If he is shaking his head or scratching his ears, expect an arinfectin

If you smell an unpleasant odor upon entering the room your puppy is present in and you notice that your pup is scratching or shaking his/her head, it could be possible that and see your vet. These types of infections can be incredibly smelly. If you think that your smelly puppy might have an ear infection, don’t bathe him – take him to the vet. Water could actually make matters worse.Infected Ears

Infected Ears


If your dog is passing gas – in other words, and there is no good way to say this – farting, then he’s going to smell pretty bad. Keep in mind that he can’t help it, and it’s not that really big a deal. If your dog farts constantly, though, you might want to consider another type of dog food. What you’re feeding might not be ideal for his digestive system.

Dealing With the Stench

Sometimes, a bath will go a long way to correcting smelly puppy syndrome. It might just be that he has rolled in something nasty and needs to have it washed off. You could also consider brushing or combing more frequently.

If the stench seems to be inherent in the dog, though, take a look at what you’re feeding, make sure that your puppy isn’t getting into trash, and consider a veterinary examination to rule out other causes you might consider dietary and other factors.

What’s So Bad About Puppy Smell?

As I stated before, I love puppy smell. It’s so milky and warm and I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t love it. It’s the smell of newness and birth and innocence, sweetness and love, and to me, it’s the best smell in the whole world. I can’t understand why anyone would think that puppies were “smelly.”

That said, though, not everyone shares my opinion. So if you are troubled by puppy smell, you can bathe your puppy and take other measures to ensure that the suppose “stench” does not invade your nostrils. I’m not here to judge, but my opinion is that “puppy smell” is to be enjoyed. You can feel free to disagree.