Amazing Dog Marriage Proposal Ideas, With Variations


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Do you want to propose marriage to your significant other uniquely and memorably? If so, then you should consider proposing with your dog! You can do this in many ways, and we will discuss some of the best ideas here. Keep reading for more information on how to make your dog a part of your proposal.

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Dining at a Dog-friendly Restaurant

If you’re looking for a unique and memorable way to propose to your partner, why not take them out to dinner at a dog-friendly restaurant? You can both enjoy a delicious meal with your furry friend by your side, and it’s sure to be an evening they’ll never forget.

There are plenty of dog-friendly restaurants across the country, so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your proposal, and you can also create variations. Your partner, when get proposed in, will surely love you.

Put a New Dog Tag on the Dog’s Collar

Put an adorable dog tag on the doggy’s collar, saying, “Marry Me?” Attach the ring to the dog’s collar or puppy tag. Have the dog wear a shirt that says, “Will you marry me?” Put the ring in a box and attach it to your dog’s collar tag. Have your dog hold a sign that says, “Marry Me?” in their mouth. Get down on one knee and ask your dog to marry you. Create the style of tag idea with variations and present it in an adorable way. Your partner would remember the history of how you proposed to her with your puppy friend.

Ring Bearer

Ring bearer dogs are a popular way to propose and can be very creative. Some people have their dog wear a special collar with the ring and pictures attached, while others place the ring on the dog’s nose in a careful way. Either way, it’s a unique and memorable way to propose with your puppy.

Marriage Proposal in the Dog Park

If you and your partner are dog lovers, then what could be more perfect than proposing to them in a dog park? You can propose as simple or as elaborate as you like, depending on your budget and the level of creativity you’re comfortable with. Here are some ideas to get you started with variations in the dog park:

  • Write your marriage proposal in chalk on the ground in a dog-friendly area of the park.
  • Tie a ribbon or string or some soft, loose form material around your partner’s doggy’s collar, with the ring attached. Then, when they go to retrieve their pup, they’ll be surprised by the proposal!
  • Hide the ring in a treat-dispensing toy and let your partner’s dog “find” it when you are in the park.
  • If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could even create a scavenger hunt around the park with clues leading up to the cute proposal!

Whatever method you choose, just make sure that your partner is genuinely surprised and that you have a plan in place in case things don’t go exactly as planned (i.e., the ring falls out of the toy, the dog runs off with the cute ribbon, etc.). What’s important is that you’re both happy and that you get to spend the rest of your lives together!

Hang an Engagement Ring Around Your Dog’s Neck

Hang an engagement ring around your dog’s neck and take him/her for a walk. Then, let your dog off the leash when you get to a romantic spot and propose! Or, hire a professional photographer to capture the moment your dog brings you the ring.

If you’re looking for something a little more low-key, write out your proposal in chalk on the sidewalk or pavement. Include your dog in the photo for an extra-cute touch! If you’re feeling really creative, hide the ring inside a puzzle toy or Kong and let your dog “find” it.

Holding Signs

Holding signs is a popular way to propose, but you can make it extra special for your pup-loving partner by holding a sign that says something like, “I’m not just asking you to marry me. I’m asking you to be my paw-toner for life.” If you want to add an extra touch of romance, write your proposal out in the sand at the beach or in the snow with your dog’s paw prints.

Give Adorable Puppy to Girlfriend

If you want to make a grand gesture, give your girlfriend an adorable puppy. You can even personalize the furry friend by engraving its collar with your proposal. Your thoughtfulness so touches her!

Use A Trail Of Dog Treats

This is a really fun and unique way to propose to your dog-loving partner! Get a bag of their favorite treats and create a trail leading up to where you’re hiding with the ring. They’ll follow their nose right to you!

You could also hide the ring in one of the treat bags, so it’s a total surprise when they find it.

For an extra special touch, include a love note along the way! This is sure to be a proposal they’ll never forget.

If you want to add a little bit of fun and excitement to your proposal, why not try hiding the ring in a puzzle toy? This will definitely keep them guessing until they finally find it.

Photoshoot Proposal With Dog

One great way to propose with your dog is to have a professional photographer capture the moment. You can set up a fake photo shoot with your puppy and then pop the question at the end! This is such a fun and unique way to propose, and you’ll have beautiful photos to cherish forever for talking about in the future.

Pup-Posal At Sunset

Take your puppy for a romantic sunset walk, and when the sun is setting, get down on one knee and ask your partner to marry you. You can even have your dog wear a sign that says “Will you marry me?” for an extra special touch. Or you can get on one knee, looking at

Pup-posal On A Hike

If you and your partner love spending time outdoors, why not propose on a hike at a good position? Again, you can hide the ring in a toy or treat, involve your puppy and let your pup lead the way. Or, you could tie the ring to your pup’s collar and surprise your partner when they come over to pet them!


There are so many ways to make your dog’s marriage proposal special and unique with variations. It all depends on what will mean the most to your partner and what you think will best represent your future together. No matter what you do, just remember to have fun with it!

After all, a proposal is supposed to be a happy occasion. So consider one of these unique ideas and make your proposal unforgettable. You can search more and bring the whole plane on a single page, save time, add a dog tag to your proposal, get married, and take your partner to your home forever.


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