Crazy Or Just Plain Dull Things Some People Think About Dogs


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It’s amazing how many crazy or just plain stupid things some people think about their dogs. And these aren’t just people! Some of these ridiculous thoughts are even directed at dog training! Here are some examples. Some people think their dogs can hear their thoughts! But is it possible that they don’t? The following crazy or stupid dog thoughts may make you think twice about your dog! Just think of this: If your dog barks and makes you angry, it’s not a barking problem but rather a serious training issue.

Crazy Or Just Plain Stupid Things Some People Thin

There are many crazy or just plain stupid things some people think about their dogs. For instance, some breeds have naturally blue eyes. If this is your opinion, then I suggest you ask your neighbor if their dog is blind. If so, then he probably has a guide dog or a white cane. If not, then you might want to reconsider your attitude toward dogs. However, most people will probably never admit that they’ve thought of a dog’s color in this way.

Not Just Dogs

You may have heard that some breeds of dogs have naturally blue eyes. However, this isn’t always true. If your neighbor has a dog with a blue eye, you might want to ask them if their dog has a guide dog and a white cane. They might have blue eyes or have been born with them. In any case, you can ask them about their dog’s eye color, and you’ll probably get an answer.

Dog Training

Some people think that spanking their dog will stop it from doing the bad behavior. Unfortunately, this is not the case. By punishing your dog with physical punishment, you are actually doing your dog more harm than good by creating a cycle of bad behavior. Moreover, many dogs will bite back at some point. So, instead of hitting your dog, you should teach it alternate ways to interact with you. You can learn more about force-free dog training techniques at numerous websites.

A common mistake that some people make when training their dogs is that they are trying to establish the “alpha” status. While this may sound like the right way to train your dog, this is simply not true. It only encourages bad behavior in dogs and causes them to develop fearfulness towards their owners. Hundreds of dogs are put down each year in shelters because of fearful biting. Instead of hitting, you should reward good behavior.

Dogs Bark

Those blue-eyed dogs in your neighborhood are just a stereotype, and while some dogs have blue eyes, others do not. If you’d like to know the truth behind this common misconception, you might want to consider the neighbor’s dog, which may have a white cane or guide dog. After all, what’s in a name? You may be surprised at what you find.

Companion Animals

There are some ridiculous, crazy, or even stupid things some people think about dogs. These animals can be starving, thirsty, and exposed to the heat all day. Some states charge owners for leaving abandoned animals in hot cars. Others have no home and are left in vacant buildings or vacant lots. These behaviors can make a dog aggressive or lethargic. But what about those who don’t leave their dogs?

Dog Park

The list of crazy or just stupid things some people think about their dogs is endless, but some of the most ridiculous are based on incorrect assumptions. For example, if your neighbor’s dog has blue eyes, that’s probably not because it’s born that way. But you might be surprised to know that some breeds are able to develop blue eyes without any extra work. If this sounds like you, ask your neighbor if his dog has a white cane or a guide dog.

Human Beings

Dogs have blue eyes. Some breeds have them naturally. If you’re skeptical, ask your neighbor with a dog with blue eyes. Chances are, he has a guide dog and a white cane. If you can’t answer that, move on. There’s plenty of other stupid things people think about dogs. But here are some of the most bizarre.

Aimal Lovers

If you love dogs, you may have a few crazy or just plain boring things in your head. For example, dogs are naturally talkative animals. They’ll exchange personal information and air grievances when left alone for too long. It might even feel as if your dog is sharing your secrets. Here are some examples of some of the crazy or just plain boring things people think about dogs:

Dog’s Mouth

There are some crazy or just plain dumb things some people think about dogs. You should not, in fact, think about your dog in these ways. But unfortunately, this is a common practice among humans and will lead to behavioral problems and possibly even serious medical conditions. So how can you make life easier for your dog? Keep reading to learn more. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most common beliefs and misunderstandings about dogs.

Large Dog

There are numerous interesting, illogical, and crazy, or just plain dumb things some people think about dogs. While it is not possible to know exactly what your dog is feeling or thinking at any given moment, you can get a good idea about what they are up to by watching their body language. Typical dog behavior includes panting when they’re hot, lifting their paws when they’re sniffing something, and yawning when they’re tired. Observing your dog’s entire body language and considering its context is important.

Small Dog

While it is true that small dogs have many unique qualities, they also share some traits with larger breeds. For example, some people assume that small dogs are less obedient and more excitable, and some have even attributed these traits to their size. There is some truth to these stereotypes, however. Researchers from the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna recently conducted a study to investigate these characteristics. The study showed that small dogs were more likely to become anxious, scared, or aggressive when presented with new stimuli.

Older Dog

Older dogs are no longer just a part of the family; their behavior is beginning to change as they age. While most people chalk up the changes to aging or increased pain, there are a few different reasons your dog may be acting out. If you notice these changes, you should take your dog to the vet for a thorough examination. Whether the changes are physical, emotional, or behavioral, the vet can help you diagnose the problem and design a treatment plan.

Many dog owners think that aging is a sign that the dog is developing Alzheimer’s disease or some other disease, but this is simply not true. Many people mistake cognitive changes in older dogs as symptoms of canine senility or canine dementia. However, these changes in behavior can be caused by a variety of different conditions, including mobility problems, dental problems, and other medical issues. Older dogs are also prone to developing specific problems with specific organs, such as heart disease, diabetes, or kidney disease.

Yorkshire Terrier

Some people think that dogs have blue eyes. In reality, certain breeds do have blue eyes. And before you make a blanket statement, ask yourself: “Will it happen to your dog?”

Talkative dogs will not stay quiet for long. It’s like they’re airing their grievances or letting their owners know their whereabouts. If you leave your dog alone for long hours, you might hear it yap. This is because dogs like to talk to people and express themselves. So you’ll often hear your dog bark during dinner, during walks, or at 3 a.m.

German Shepard

If you have a dog, you may have heard some of the crazy or just plain dull things some people think about dogs. For example, most of us hate when people touch our faces, but dogs are different. Many people think that dogs enjoy being patted on the head or slobbered on. However, this is not true for most dogs, even the most obedient and affectionate of family pets. Some dogs might even lean away from you if you do so.

Happy Life

When you leave your dog alone for a long period of time, he will begin to talk, even if you’re not around. Dogs are social creatures and are more likely to talk to one another than to remain silent. This can be very annoying for you and your dog, as your pup may become bored and start talking back. The good news is that this behavior can be corrected.

Two Dogs

Most people like dogs, and this is true. Dogs are bred to be friendly and affectionate, and they seem to desire our approval. However, the truth is that dogs put up with a lot, and a lot of discomfort, just to please us. Sadly, most people do not realize just how much discomfort their dog is experiencing. The following are some crazy or just plain dull things that people think about dogs.

One Dog

Some people think that their dog loves being petted on the head. In reality, this is an untrue belief. While dogs can enjoy being petted on the head, most don’t. They actually lean away from humans when their owners attempt to pet them. If you are thinking of getting a dog, here are some crazy or just plain dull things some people think about dogs. These myths are so wrong that your dog may even be acting out in ways you didn’t expect.

Two Cats

You’ve probably heard some of the crazy or just plain dumb things some people think about dogs. But what’s the truth? You may be surprised to learn that dogs don’t do those things on purpose. The truth is, they just do it to get your attention. Here are some reasons why. Read on to learn more! Listed below are some of the most crazy or just plain dull things some people think about dogs.

Previous Owner

In an August case, the previous owner of a pit bull was cited by Clark County Animal Control for the death of a nine-year-old boy. Derion Stevenson was visiting a friend’s house to pick up candy when he was spooked by the pit bull, who attacked him. The dog attacked Derion in the 6000 block of Duck Hill Springs Drive, near E. Desert Inn Road and S. Hollywood Boulevard. Eventually, the pit bull was euthanized by the Clark County animal shelter. The dog’s previous owner was also cited for the fight in July.

To determine the history of your new dog, ask the previous owner for their information. Ask about any health concerns that the dog may have had. Find out whether the dog is current on vaccinations, worming, and heartworm preventative. If you find out about any health problems or other medical concerns, consult with a veterinarian before purchasing the dog. You should never buy a dog without first ensuring that it will be healthy and well-cared for.

Only Reason

The existence of feelings and emotions in dogs has long been a topic of debate. Classical scientists, however, said that dogs merely acted and did not feel. Instead, they were programmed to snap and flee when threatened. Think about this in comparison: if you slap a dog’s backside, you might yell and scream with pain. Likewise, if you slap a toaster’s backside, you might make a loud sound.

Fresh Air

Providing fresh air for dogs is very important. Generally, the air quality outside is better than indoor air, even on the hottest days. However, even if you live in an eco-friendly neighborhood, you can still be exposed to a variety of indoor air toxins, such as chemicals from off-gassing materials and household cleaners. Fresh air for dogs will greatly reduce your dog’s exposure to these substances. If you do not live in an environmentally-friendly neighborhood, you may want to consider purchasing a purifier for your home.

A room air purifier is a good idea for cleaning your dog’s air, as it can help prevent airborne diseases that can affect your pet. The air purifier will also allow your pet to breathe clean air if it is within a few feet of the unit. However, these air purifiers produce some ozone, potentially harmful to human and animal lungs. Look for a room air purifier that comes with a warranty, as some produce toxic ozone.

Vet Care

If you have a dog, you may have noticed that some of its habits have some meaning. For example, some people think dogs enjoy being petted on the head, which is actually not the case. Most dogs don’t enjoy being petted on the head, and they might even lean away from you when you pet them. In any case, it’s never a good idea to tease your dog for no apparent reason. This can lead to serious behavioral issues.

Special Occasions

The following are just a few of the many dog-related holidays. Pug Day is a great way to celebrate the oldest breed of dog. The Humane Society of the United States holds Puppy Mill Action Week, which begins the Monday before Mother’s Day. National Purebred Dog Day occurs on May 1. Podenco Day celebrates the Spanish dog breed, and the third week of June is Animal Rights Awareness Week. Several other dog-related holidays include National Hug Your Dog Day on April 6, Hug Your Cat Day on May 1, and Mayday for Mutts on May 1.

International Dog Day celebrates all breeds of dogs and is observed annually on August 26. The day also serves to honor dogs in shelters and encourages people to adopt stray animals. International Dog Day also celebrates the birth of the famous detective Scooby-Doo. Lastly, there is National Walk ‘n’ Roll Dog Day, which celebrates mobility-challenged dogs. These pet holidays are all great ways to celebrate the wonderful relationships between humans and their beloved furry companions.

Good Health

Some people think that dogs are only good for fun and play, but the truth is that dogs can detect a range of serious illnesses. Canines have the ability to detect things such as bedbugs, mold, peanuts, drugs, explosives, and ketones on the diabetic breath. They also provide “feel-good” vibes by increasing the release of the “love hormone” oxytocin.

Social Anxiety

Dogs suffering from social anxiety may hide behind their owners, tremble, or poop spontaneously. They may also pant excessively or drool. Some may even become aggressive. Social anxiety is caused by a lack of socialization and can be crippling to both owners and the dog. Therefore, if your puppy is suffering from social anxiety, it’s important to take steps to resolve the issue. Fortunately, you don’t need to give up on socialization completely. Instead, several steps will help your puppy cope with the disorder and become a confident, happy dog.

First, assess the severity of the social anxiety in your dog. Generally, dogs suffering from social anxiety will behave in unusual ways when presented with a variety of new and unfamiliar environments. For example, they may be perfectly fine with your family and friends but act nervous and aggressive when they meet a stranger. When this occurs, it’s important to recognize the symptoms of social anxiety so that you can intervene when necessary. Once you’ve identified the signs, your dog will be able to cope better with social stressors.

Incredible Amount

The insanely high expectations of dog owners are responsible for the crazy things some people think about their dogs. According to Hungary-based dog cognition researcher Adam Miklosi, the terms we use to describe dogs are largely meaningless. They serve as marketing tools more than they do to describe the animal accurately. Using such terms can create unrealistic expectations for a dog and can even damage the dog itself. So why do we use these terms?

Fresh Water

Providing fresh water for your dog is a great way to keep them hydrated. While dogs don’t require much water, they do need a few glasses of water a day, particularly if you go on vacation. But dogs are notorious for drinking salty water. They may even swallow some of their toys in the water and end up vomiting or developing diarrhea. To prevent this, make sure to bring fresh water for your dog whenever you travel.

Some people might think that dogs need to drink large amounts of water every day, but that’s simply not the case. While some dogs know how much water they need, some don’t drink enough or drink too much, resulting in dehydration. Regardless, monitoring your dog’s water intake is important, as too much water can result in organ failure and urinary tract problems.


Some of us may wonder why our dogs show signs of fear or anger when we challenge them. Many classical scientists argue that dogs are simply acting. In reality, they are feeling these emotions. However, classical scientists believe that dogs are simply programmed to respond to threats by snapping or running away. Think about it – if you kick your dog, they would yell in pain. But if you kick your toaster, you would only make a sound.

Next Door

Have you ever noticed that people tease dogs? There are lots of ways that people tease dogs. While it may seem fun to tease a dog, it’s not a good idea, as it can lead to behavioral problems. Here are some crazy or just plain dull things that some people think about dogs. Read on for some ideas on how to stop this bad habit!

Quite Some Time

Dogs are incredibly social creatures that are very eager to please their owners. These creatures are very eager to please their caretakers and participate in social games, like fetch and tug-of-war. However, they also have their own unique personalities, and some people think about dogs quite some time before they decide to adopt one. Here are some of the reasons why people choose dogs over other pets:

People Think

Teasing your dog is a common occurrence among humans. Unfortunately, there are several different ways that people tease their dogs. The most important thing to remember is not to tease your dog for no reason, and this behavior can lead to serious behavioral issues. Listed below are some of the more bizarre and crazy things some people think about dogs. These may seem silly to you, but your dog will certainly not enjoy being teased!


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