Why Do Dogs Sleep With Their Bums Facing You?


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Laying down for a nap with your dog is always a nice occasion. However, this nap isn’t so sweet when you wake up to your dog’s bum in your face. Your dog isn’t being rude because this is something that happens to most dog parents.

The main reason that your dog sleeps with its bum facing you is that they trust you. This sleeping position shows that the dog feels safe and secure when you’re around. Additionally, the dog may also feel like it’s doing a better job of protecting you in this position.

While trust is the main reason dogs sleep with their bum facing their owners, there are other reasons why they may sleep in this position. On this page, we’re going to cover why you are waking up to your dog’s bum in your face. Keep reading to find out what this sleeping position really means.

Why is My Dog Sleeping With it’s Behind in My Face?

Waking up to your dog’s bum facing you is a positive sign. According to Pet Keen, when wild dogs sleep on their back, they are more likely to be attacked. A dog’s natural instinct is to sleep in a position where its behind isn’t exposed. Your dog believes it is safe with you, which is why it’s comfortable sleeping with its backside facing you, showing you its vulnerable side.

Now, you may be thinking, “If my dog trusts me, can’t they sleep in a different position?

Even though you may have a pampered housepet, your dog still has natural instincts. Its sleeping positions are one way that this shows. While there probably aren’t any predators in your house, your dog may still sleep in such a way that they are protected.

When it crawls into the bed with you, the dog trusts that you will keep them protected if a predator were to come along. It also allows them to act quickly if there was a threat to you.

The Triangle of Safety

Pet Advisers mention that your dog sleeps facing this way because of the triangle of trust. From its point of view, you’ll be protecting its backside while it protects you from the rest of the world. This is a physical sign that your dog is just as concerned about protecting you as it is about staying safe.

If you have a timid type of dog or have recently moved into a new house, you may notice that your dog sleeps in this position more frequently. As the dog becomes more comfortable in the environment, it will likely begin to feel more comfortable sleeping alone.

Take this as a positive note because it’s in a dog’s nature to point their rear end at the person they trust the most. While some people may think these sleeping patterns are crude behavior, your dog’s body language is showing that it values the relationship with you.

Sleeping Dogs Lie This Way to Protect Their Owners

Dogs are pack animals in the wild, and they are always concerned about protecting their pack. Now that you have formed a relationship with your dog, you have become a part of its pack. You may even be the most important member of their pack.

Dogs are very observant, so when other dogs in their pack are sleeping, they will be on guard to know what’s surrounding the area. It’s part of their pack mentality to make sure their family is safe while sleeping. Beloved humans can also be part of a dog’s family.

Why Do Dogs Prefer Sleeping This Way?

While you may prefer to sleep in a position where you can cuddle with your dog, this isn’t a preferred position because most dogs dislike ventral contact. In addition, dogs don’t like sleeping face to face with human beings as it makes them uncomfortable.

You’re likely to notice your dog sleep facing away from you because they don’t want to show their loved ones a threatening pose. But, according to Sir Doggie, dogs feel as though they are being disrespectful when they sleep face to face with their pet parents.

For a dog to be sleeping deeply, it must be in a position where it feels fully calm and comfortable. Even two dogs sleeping together peacefully won’t sleep facing each other. For your dog to get a good night’s sleep, it must be in a position where it feels safe.

Dogs Want to Avoid Eye Contact

Although your dog loves you, they may be avoiding eye contact. Your dog may view eye contact as threatening. This is especially true if the dog is new to you, a rescue dog, or was previously abused. Sleeping chest to chest makes them feel uncomfortable because of the eye contact.

A lot of people don’t think of this when they are admiring their dogs. For example, some dog owners will admire their dog’s nose or markings but don’t realize they are making the dog nervous.

It’s important to make other facial expressions or sounds when you’re admiring your dog’s face. This will help them feel more comfortable and give them a sign that you are not a threat. Humans can

Does My Dog Like Sleeping With its Butt in My Face?

Some dogs like to sleep with their bum facing their owners because there’s a better chance they will get their rear scratched. However, many dogs simply prefer to sleep with their favorite person because they love the affection. Petting, rubbing, and scratches communicate love. This is very comforting to them when dogs sleep.

Another thing you may not consider is that a dog’s behind is more difficult for them to reach. It feels better when a human scratches the area if they have an itch around their tail area. They could be coming back to this position as a sign they want more rubs and continue to sleep facing their back to you to make it happen.

Keep in mind you might’ve encouraged the dog to lay this way. Without even thinking about it, you may naturally rub your dog’s belly or backside when they get into this position. The dog remembers this, so they continue to lay in the position each night you go to bed so it will happen again.

While dogs enjoy sleeping in this position, many dog owners aren’t as thrilled. After giving your dog a good rub or scratch, you may want to get some rest without its bottom end in your face. If it’s bothering you, but you don’t want to kick the pup out of bed, we suggest putting a blanket over their bum.

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Should Dogs Owners Be Worried When Dogs Sleep With Their Bum Facing Towards Their Face?

There are quite a few reasons why your pooch may have their bum facing your face when you’re sleeping. If your dog typically doesn’t sleep with you but recently started, there may be a reason to be concerned.

Your dog likely has its bum facing you because it’s trying to show you something is wrong. Some other signs that you may need veterinary advice are excessive licking or scratching, biting at the rear, or a foul odor coming from their butt.

The top two concerns that dog parents have when this happens are flea infestation and intestinal parasites.

Does My Dog Have a Flea Infestation?

Your dog may put its butt in your face when you’re sleeping because they have fleas. While fleas can take over their entire bodies, they like to bite there are key areas. The dog’s backside is one of the preferred areas of the body for fleas.

If your notice your dog biting or scratching at their backside frequently, take a close look to see if they have red or inflamed skin. Fleas often leave dark specs on the dog’s skin and fur as well. Some other signs of fleas include pale gums and bald spots.

Does My Dog Have a Parasite?

Another worry pet owners have is if their dog has a parasite. Tapeworm is one of the most common parasites to infect dogs. Veterinary guidance will advise you to stay current on your dog’s deworming medication to avoid this problem.

If your dog has a tapeworm, you may notice your pup has a swollen stomach. Some other signs include diarrhea and losing weight.

Can You Train Your Dog To Sleep With Their Bum Facing a Different Direction?

Does your dog sleep with its bum in your face nightly? With some patience and understanding, you can train your dog not to stick its butt in your face. The key is to find out why they are doing this in the first place.

The main reason their back legs are facing your head is for safety. So you need to keep that in mind when you are training your pooch to sleep in a different direction. However, most dogs will still feel safe in a deep sleep state if their backside is facing the wall.

One of the best to make your dog lay, so it doesn’t have its bum facing you is to hug the pup as they fall asleep. Dogs will feel more comfortable if they are cuddled and shown affection, which will help them fall asleep in a different position. This will also help your dog sleep while still feeling safe.

Should I Train My Dog To Sleep Off of My Bed?

You can get your dog to stop sleeping on your bed, but we have to warn you that it’s not as easy to do as it sounds. If your pup has already made a habit out of sleeping with you, they will want to continue this routine. However, you can train them to sleep alone or with your other dogs with positive reinforcement.

The first thing you need to do is pick out a bed that they will love. Try to make their new sleeping area as comfortable as possible. They may appreciate a blanket or their favorite stuffed toy. Use as much positive reinforcement as possible to show your pooch that the new bed is a safe place.

It’s also important that your pooch is tired when it’s time for bed. Help them drain their energy by ensuring they get a long walk, some active playtime, and mental stimulation. This way, they will be too exhausted to play any games at bedtime.

Why Does My Dog Show its Butt Off?

Other related questions we receive are in regards to why dogs show off their bottom ends so much. A fun fact is that this is how they show their identity to other dogs.

There are two sacs in a dog’s anal glands, and one of them contains a fluid that is the scent of the dog identification. For this reason, you’ll notice that dogs sniff each other’s butts any time they come in contact. Your dog’s personality isn’t rude; they are just curious about the new pooch.

Why do dogs do this? Basically, they do this for the same reason you would shake a person’s hand or wave hello when you see a friendly acquaintance. Dogs will sniff each other’s bum as a friendly greeting. Butt sniffing is their way of getting to know the identity of the new canine in their presence.

You will likely notice its tail wagging when sniffing another dog’s butt. This is a sign that they don’t feel threatened, and they are just getting to know the new pooch.

Final Thoughts

Many pet owners didn’t know that their dogs sleep facing their back to them as a sign of trust. The pooch believes their humans will protect them in case of danger. As a result, they are more likely to fall asleep to a REM stage when their backs are protected.

To you, dogs may have some funny habits, but there is always a reason for them. For example, dogs sleep better when their backs aren’t exposed, which is why they are known to point their rear end at the person they trust the most. Additionally, they may also feel safe pointing their bum at the wall in a safe environment.