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Valentine’s With Dog

11 Reasons Your Dog Makes the Best Valentine’s Date


If Valentine’s Day is not your thing, never fear, loyal reader – you are not alone. I’m not the biggest fan of this holiday myself, mostly because it means restaurants are packed, the roads are busy, and all the good wine is sold out at the grocery store. But last year, I decided to try to get into the spirt and threw Janice and Leroy a little Valentine’s Day celebration. It turned out to be a blast, and I realized that I’d been thinking about this holiday all wrong. I can stomach a bit of cheesy celebration if it means I’m showing my dogs how much I love them. So here are 11 reasons why your dog makes a great Valentine’s Day date, and some ideas for spoiling them this February.

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Reason 1: No Sharing Dessert

Did you know that about 25% of people say that they’d rather spend Valentine’s Day with their pet than a human partner? There’s a lot of us out there, and maybe one of the reasons for this is that when you’re celebrating with your dog, you don’t have to share that decadent dessert you ordered special for this day. In fact, you shouldn’t – dogs and sweets don’t mix well. Even a small amount of chocolate is toxic to a dog’s system. In fact, you can spoil yourself with a pretty tasty meal and not have to worry about sharing with anyone. Your pup may give you the sad eyes, but it’s better for their health if you stick to dog-friendly treats for them.

Reason 2: Dogs Don’t Expect Much

If you are the type to forget special occasions, or you just aren’t great at planning big romantic gestures, never fear! Your dog doesn’t care if you make reservations at a fancy restaurant – in fact, they’ll be thrilled if your plans involve tossing a ball around the yard and then snuggling up for some TV, just like you do every night. All they want is to spend time with you. This also means no dressing up, getting your makeup just right, or buying expensive flowers. Score! This also means you don’t have to worry about having a big budget for Valentine’s Day, or trying to plan a grand gesture that involves taking time off work and planning ahead. Keep things relaxed – your dog prefers it.

Reason 3: Dogs Make Great Wingmen

Hey, if you decide that you do want a little human companionship for Valentine’s Day, your dog will understand. In fact, they’ll even help you out. Meeting another dog lover is way easier when you take your cute pup out for a walk or to the dog park. Your dog will just be happy to be getting attention from you, and if you teach them a few cute tricks, you’ll win hearts and phone numbers. Dogs are well-known chick magnets, and it could be that your four-legged friend has been the missing ingredient in your attempts to find a date. Dogs also make great excuses for laid-back first dates on Valentine’s Day. Got a friend you’ve been crushing on, or a connection on a dating app that you haven’t invited out yet? Just ask if they’d like to meet up at the dog park, or go on a walk with you and your pal. It’s a low pressure way to spend some time with your dog and someone you like.

Reason 4: Romantic Road Trips Are Easier with Dogs

Want to get away from the cheesy Valentine’s crowds this year? Taking a road trip is a fun way to celebrate, and it’s way easier to enjoy the road with your pup. No fighting over the radio or who forgot to ask for directions. You and your dog can just relax and hang out. Be sure to bring along a dog-friendly water bottle and take frequent pit stops – otherwise, your pup doesn’t demand a thing! They’ll be happy if you just roll down a window and have fun yourself. You could go just about anywhere. Be sure to check for dog-friendly parks, attractions, restaurants, and places to stay along the way.

Reason 5: You don’t Have to Worry About Breakups

Valentine’s Day is, weirdly enough, a popular day for couples to break up. Maybe it’s the fact that expectations are running high, or it’s the focus on the relationship that finally makes people realize what they’ve been avoiding for a while. But with your dog, you don’t have to worry about that! As long as you are taking care of your furry friend, they won’t be packing their bags behind your back. In fact, as long as you offer your dog care, shelter, food, and attention, they’ll be the most loyal companion you’ve ever had. No need to worry about cheating, getting bored, or big fights.

Reason 6: Your Dog Gets Excited About Everything

Have you ever planned a romantic gesture only for it to fall flat? Maybe your significant other just didn’t express the amount of enthusiasm that you thought they would, and you felt a bit disappointed. With your dog, you never have to worry about this. All you have to do is walk through the door, or say the word “walk”, and they are jumping for joy. Grab the leash and watch them go nuts with appreciation for you – it feels good to be loved! You can get this treatment every day from your dog, not just Valentine’s Day.

Reason 7: You Never Have to Live Up to Comparisons

Sometimes, people suck. That is never more obvious than when holidays roll around and you feel as though you are being compared to previous partners or others around you. How much pressure do you feel when you’re out for Valentine’s Day and the guy at the table next to you has flowers delivered mid-meal, or hires a violinist to serenade his date, or something equally gag-worthy? With your dog, you never have to worry about being compared. Your dog exemplifies the advice to live in the moment, and is just excited that you want to hang out.

Reason 8: Dogs Are Easy to Spoil

When it comes to your dog, you never have to wonder if you are buying them the right gift. Don’t know her favorite kind of jewelry? Don’t know what he likes other than video games? Aren’t sure if a gift is too racy for a new relationship? Don’t know how to go big on a budget? None of that matters with your dog! Put some peanut butter in their KONG toy and they think you’ve given them the best gift ever. Buy them a new toy, and they’ll think you are the king of the world. Take them for a walk, and they’ll worship the ground you walk on. It’s pretty easy to know what your dog wants and to give it to them.

Reason 9: Dogs Wont’ Forget You on Valentine’s Day

Maybe you hate Valentine’s Day for another reason. Maybe you’ve had bad luck with partners who are a bit absent-minded when it comes to special dates, and you’ve never gotten much attention on this most romantic of all days. You never have to worry about someone ignoring your pleas for attention when it comes to your dog. The second you try to snuggle, play, or hang out with your dog, they’ll be right there with you. Dogs are eager to please and love attention as much as you do, so go ahead and bask in the glow of having a loving friend on Valentine’s.

Reason 10: Your Date Will Always Be the Cutest

Maybe I’m biased, but you never have to worry about your date embarrassing you with sloppy clothes or greasy hair when it comes to your dog. Dogs are always adorable, even when they are covered in mud, and just about everything they do is cute. Dog slobber? Way cuter than human slobber! Dog following you around? Adorable, not creepy. You can show off the cutest Valentine’s Day date by just taking a walk past those fancy restaurants where the diners inside may be regretting their choices already.

Reason 11: Dogs Won’t Judge You for Going Overboard

If you’ve ever had a partner that just wasn’t into Valentine’s Day, or you’ve ever had to figure out how much was too much for a brand new relationship when it came to Valentine’s Day, you know the pain of being judged for going a bit overboard. Hey, your dog won’t mind! Go as cheesy as you want. Decorate the house. Dress up in fancy clothes. Order way more takeout than is necessary and light the candles. Your dog will just have fun hanging out with you, and you can indulge in whatever Valentine’s Day traditions you like. No one will judge you for wanting to watch a romantic movie marathon, or for eating an entire tub of ice cream by yourself while you do it. Whatever you want to do, your dog is there with you, judgment-free.

Ways to Spoil Your Dog (That Don’t Involve Chocolate or Flowers)

Now that you know 11 reasons that your dog would make a great date for Valentine’s Day, how do you go about planning some fun with them?

First, don’t plan on the usual chocolate and flower routine with your dog. Not only would that be a little strange, both chocolates and flowers can be dangerous for dogs. Instead, consider planning a day full of your dog’s favorite thing: spending time with you! You can do that anytime, of course, but Valentine’s Day is especially fun because most of the places you’d go with your dog will be pretty empty. While other people are focused on going to restaurants or romantic tourist attractions, you can roam the dog park or the hiking trails to your heart’s content. Some great ideas include:

  • Trying out a new dog park, or hitting up your favorite park together.
  • Going to the beach, or on a long hike.
  • Scheduling your dog’s wellness check at the vet (good pet care is one way to show love to your dog, even if they don’t agree).
  • Trying out a fancy pet boutique.
  • Giving your dog the spa treatment with some extra special grooming.
  • Buying a new type of treat, or making some homemade dog treats.
  • Scheduling a puppy playdate.
  • Getting your dog a new collar and leash.
  • Sprucing up your dog’s kennel with a new bed.
  • Making a donation to a dog shelter or dog charity.
  • Signing up for a doggie subscription box.
  • Convincing your boss to try out “Take Your Dog to Work Day”.
  • Getting your dog involved with a fun event, like lure coursing or obedience competitions.
  • Taking your dog to a dog-friendly restaurant for a “date night”.
  • Letting your dog pick out a new toy at the pet store.
  • Letting your dog have plenty of snuggle time in front of a movie.

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The Final Word

This post was meant to be a little silly, but there’s something about the fact that dogs love us unconditionally that we could all stand to learn from. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day about appreciating your significant other – not pressuring them to perform up to a certain standard. Our dogs teach us that very clearly, and that’s why I think it’s fun to focus on making them feel loved on this day. Janice and Leroy don’t seem to mind that I have a few extra treats up my sleeves in February, either.

And as you can see, it’s pretty easy and cheap to spoil your dog for Valentine’s Day.  Just spend a little extra time with them, and they are thrilled to death. Plus, you’ll also get some extra exercise and relaxation time yourself – so it’s a win-win for everyone.

What are your favorite things to do with your dog to show them how much you care? Janice and Leroy would appreciate your suggestions!






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